Monday, November 30, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

In his castle He is King And I his vassal... - Mildred R. Howland

Yeah I am the King! Mum will cater to my every whim. Foods, napping time, treats, loves and whatever else I want. 

Me and mum had a quiet rest of the holly-day weekend. The only thing mum did that she had to go somewhere in the metal monster was to pick up a very large stash of sunflower seeds for the fevvers. She got four 40 pound bags. That should keep us through the winter for our little fevver guys. 

Mum didn't do much on Sunday. Well, she did get the washing done, then she took a nice nap during the afternoon. When she started the nap it was a bright sunny day, when she woke up it was cloudy!
I napped too, I even managed to nap during the Packer game in the evening. 

I occupied mum's lap duirng the game too, help her with crow-shay. She hadn't done much crow-shay as she wanted to make sure she got that big fat book read. So she made good progress on the blankie today. Over half way done now. 

Mum ate the last of the holly-day meal, but guys, it isn't turkey, it is duck. Much smaller and not so much for mum to eat. Still a little bit of stuffing, taters and corn, but mum can eat those with a slice of ham some other night. 

Puzzle time! We asked super nice and we got purrmission to make a puzzle to post of Dolly from Brian's Home. Hope you enjoy this puzzle! This is the actual phone, they also did an arty form of this pic and we will post that puzzle another day. 


Feetsball Report

The Pack done good playing Da Bears on Sunday night. Team looked sharp, offense and defense. Both  offense and defense were able to score. That makes thing looks good. This is the longest running rivalry in the NFL and The Pack has now won 100 of the 199 games played. ARodg passed 50,000 yards for his career. We saw a bit of a post game interview, the old boy has gray in his beard!

Mum even got a video of one of the scores and me just snoozing in my hammick. 

Have a good week. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear your mask.

Saturday, November 28, 2020


HiYa Ducky here, happy Caturday. I hope all of you had a nice holly-day. Me and mum did. She stayed home like a good purson, well she did go for a walk just nearby. Stayed away from people. 

Here I am getting my little bites of foods from mum's holly-day dinner. It was yummy! She didn't give me much and I didn't get anything else from her plate. 

I did lots of napping the past few days. Mum did her usual stuff. On they holly-days she did watch some feetsball but didn't watch the full game of any of the games. Heck, she didn't even realize the evening game had been cancelled cuz of the virus. So instead of feetsball she watched a woofie show!

Mum was counting birds first thing after she got up this morning. We had a robin hanging out at the bird bath, then it got a snack of meal worms, then off to the tree. A little bit later a second robin showed up in the tree. Those crazy guys still haven't gone south but mum says they have food and water here, so why leave? Cuz it is going to get cold and snowy soon you silly birds! Go South!

Oh yeah, that big fat book you see in the first pic. Mum is almost finished with it, she has less than 100 pages to read. She has an appointment to pick up her new books on Monday. She will get this one done most likely today, but certainly on Sunday at the latest. 

Have a good weekend. Stay safe, stay healthy, wear your mask. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Me and mum want to give you our best wishes on this day. We should remember to give thanks for all that we have, not to wish for all sorts of stuff that we don't need. 

Me and mum are giving thanks for our health, a roof over our heads, foods to eat, friends and our family. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear your mask. 


Monday, November 23, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

A stray cat is a friend I haven't met yet.

If you remember we had a kitten or small cat around a couple of months ago. Haven't seen it lately so we hope it went back home where it would be safe. 

Me and mum had a quiet weekend. Except for one quick trip out to pick up something she stayed home with me. She worked on reading her book, worked on her crow-shay, doing the washing and counting fevvers. A nice weekend for us. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack losted in overtime. They fumbled the ball away lots of times so that didn't help, even though the other team was doing their best to not win the game too. Mum was sort of thinking they might not win this game so she didn't yell as much when they screwed up. She did more yelling when they actually did something right. Next week they get to play Da Bears on Sunday night. 

It is a holly-day week here in Mericky. Mum has our special foods for Thursday already. 

Have a wonderful week. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear a mask. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Hope everyone is doing well today. Me and mum are doing fine. 

Mum did get the last of the yard work done. Last of the leaves in the street, then she used the grass eater to even off the grass. Last thing was to clean out the metal monster room and switch out the grass eater to the snow eater. Not that we are expecting snow anytime soon. 

Mum has been reading her big fat book that she got the other day from the library, so she will be working on that. Right now it is the only books she has out from the library. Sadly due to the virus thing they are back to only having curbside pickup. This book is 700 pages to read and mum is reading it slowly as it is good. 

Me? I will play, mooch treats from mum, nap, help mum watch fevvers. It is fevver watching time now for the university. Heck we are still seeing robins who haven't gone south. Mum swears she even heard the call of sand hill cranes yesterday afternoon. It is fun to sit with mum and just watch the outside. 

Mum got all the goodies for our special meal next week. Same stuff we  had last year when she stayed home cuz of her broked ankle. Lots of good noms!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear your mask!


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Garden Thursday

 HiYa Ducky here. Welcome to the final Garden Thursday for 2020. The garden reports started with the girls in late April on a cold day. Through all the ups and downs during the year. Mum slowly got things going in the garden, taking it easy on her ankle all the while. 

Wasn't long before things got green, bloomed, then fall came and here we are now. Mum did one final use of the blower to get leaves to the street and get some of the leaves out from under the tree. 

The front part of the yard post getting blown off, and below showing the pile of leaves under the tree, the pic is after she blew most of it out. The rest can rot under the tree for nourishment. 

Not a big pile but it is nice to have that off the lawn. Mum wants to mow the lawn one last time either today or tomorrow. It is supposed to be nice for a couple of days. 

So that is it for this season outside. We are waiting for snow but we aren't likely to see any for some time. Supposed to be nice until the end of month! Mum says that it is good the snow can wait until December. Although mum did put the snow brush in the metal monster the other day. 

Me? I will just play with my nip mouse and chill! 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear your mask. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday This and That - For Max

Me and mum are coming to terms about Max, The PsychoKitty heading off to The Bridge. Mum was truly bummed even though she knew it was coming. All of the love that gets poured out to the humans remaining is grate. Mum even went back to read through stuff from back when Derby left us. Needless to say there was lots of leaking eyes. So many people love other peoples cats, even when they never meet them in purrson. 

One of the things was that Max had been one of the Founding Cats for the Cat Blogosphere. There were others, The Meezers, Oreo, The Crew, William of Mass Destruction, but the main one for Derby and mum was Max. Mum had said that when Max went to The Bridge, maybe we should stop blogging. 

Now don't panic, cuz we are not giving up blogging, at least not yet. The other day Miss Megan, one of our frequent visitors and commenters said she loved coming to read the blog cuz it was "uplifting", especially in these crazy times. 

So for Miss Megan and others we will continue for now. 

Also, I have a couple of puzzles for you today, of pics of Max. Farewell dude, we will miss you.

preview100pieceMaxMem preview100pieceMax-laughing

Monday, November 16, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

I never married because there was no need. I have three pets at home which answer the same purpose as a husband. I have a dog which growls every morning, a parrot which swears all afternoon and a cat that comes home late at night. - Marie Corelli

HA! So mum doesn't need a hubby, she just needs me! Well, I guess I might not be able to provide all of the things a hubby could do, but I try!

Mum was home all weekend, doing chores, watching the the moving picture box. Plus we sat and counted fevvers for the first weekend. It got cooler and we also had wind and rain. Mum made sure the windows were shut tight so we can keep warm. 

Mum was doing her usual stuff while she watched sports on the moving picture box. Plus you can see her newest blankie that she has started to work on. The colors are kinda purrty. 

Then mum later watch our former Prez on the moving picture box. Nice to hear him again, a guy that can talk in complete sentences. Mum is waiting for his new book to come out this week. She is one of the top peoples on the waiting list so she can read it. Hopefully she will get it this week. 

Plus mum had a nice phone chat with Darling Millie's mum. They usually send emails to each other time to time, but this time had a chat. Mum had let her know about Max. Just so you know, Miss Millie is doing just fine. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack - it wasn't pretty but they did win. At some parts during the game mum was using lots of bad words. It was like "why you can't you F tackle that guy" or "stop Fing around and catch the ball". Usually mum doesn't yell like that but this was a team that has only one win all year. Mum did give them a bit of a extra hope cuz it was windy which sort of made things a bit wonky at times. 

Plus on Caturday night Bucky Badger played and they did super good winning over the team with blue and maize. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, wear your mask. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020


HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday!  While the weather has gotten cooler we still have been having lots of sunny days. So lots of naps in the sun. 

First of all I want to acknowledge the passing of Max, The PsychoKitty has left us and gone to The Bridge. We know his humans are sad and so are we. Mum has been all leaky eyed after checking Max's blog earlier. Mum says he was like the founder of the Cat Blogosphere. So many kits found Max and then each other. It was just one big party in the early days. I missed most of that, but Derby was right in the middle of it all. 

Farewell Max, party on with the gang at The Bridge. May we meet again someday. Comforting purrs to your humans. 

Mum's fav pic of Max, he is laffing at us!

Mum went out the other day to do a couple of errands, wearing a mask as needed. When she got home I was all stretched out on the floor. Well, there had been a nice sun puddle here earlier and I hadn't moved yet. 

Me and mum are just going to chill this weekend, will watch some feetsball. Both Budky Badger and The Pack on Sunday. 

A couple of puzzles for all of you to enjoy as well. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear a mask. 

preview99piecePuppy preview120pieceNappingDucky

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Garden Thursday

 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Thursday and an update from the garden. 

First our string of really nice and warm weather went bye bye on Tuesday night. Wind and rain came and yesterday the high was just in the 40's, This is about where we should be but so much cooler than what we were having. Mum was OK with it, it was still a nice day with lots of sunshine. 

The village people came by and picked up the leaves on Tuesday. Mum can still put leaves out into the street so she can do a final clean up of the leaves. Mum looked at the trees and they are clear of leaves. The wind sure helped bring the last ones down. 

All clear in both directions. Just a little bit left in the gutter. Mum will get the last bits in the street and they will be back before Turkey Day to pick up stuff again. 

Mum put the patio stuff away for the winter as well. The table got folded up and placed up by the house, the griller machine got tucked away, the big windows that go to the floor got cleaned and closed up. 

Plus one day while mum was working she got to get a picture of the naybors new woofie. She had met him last week with his dad, the one little girl had him out for a walk. He is just 10 weeks old right now. Mum says he is a golden doodle. His name is Maverick. 

A little late for TockTober, but still a cute butt!

Plus a moovie of him sniffing at mum and getting his leash tangled up in her legs. Just so you keep him outside and away from me. Ok mum?

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

When I play with my cat, who knows whether I do not make her more sport than she makes me? - Michel Eygquem, seigneur de Montaigne

Yeah, sometimes I think mum gets a better workout than me. Going to pick up the mousies when I don't bring them back. 

Another nice day on Sunday and we are supposed to have one last super nice day today. So mum will be working outside. She wants to move the leaves out to the street for pickup. 

I will do my snoopervising from the window. Hopefully mum will have the windows open for me to sniff the outside are while I watch her. 

Mum saw this in the newsy paper yesterday, it is the voter turnout for Whiskerconsin over the past 5 presidential elections. Mum wishes it was higher but hey it is better than it has been in some recent years. Mum is happy about the results, hopefully lots less crazy stuff happening with the new guy. 

Mum finished the blankie she was working on, she draped it across her legs so you can see it. Amazing she didn't even start a new one last night. Said she has to be less obsessed with doing blankies. She is even taking a little break from reading so much too. She has been outside as much as she can since it has been so nice. Reading and crow-shay will be there when things get icky outside. 

Plus she has been watching the moving picture box. She watched CrashCar yesterday since the Packers already played on Thursday. This was her view for a while! I am better to look at than those moving picture box stories!

Have a happy week. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, wear a mask.

Saturday, November 7, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here! I hope all you kits are resting when you can. We have had to to extra duty this week with the election that won't end. Mum keeps saying soon. 

Not to worry mum keeps bizzy, keeps the moving picture box off and does other stuff. Reads a book, goes outside in the super nice weather we are having and also met a furiend for an outside lunch. 

More super nice weather to come so mum may do more stuff outside and also just chill for part of the day. 

Yeah mum I thinks we all are tired of hearing all these people talk about elections and such. I will purr on you so you stay chill!

Feetsball Report

The Pack - went off the the left coast for a Thursday night game. They played well and looked good. Yeah the other team had some people missing but a W is a W. 

Mum is including two puzzles this weekend. One of me and one of her groovy shirts!

Stay safe, stay healthy and wear your mask. 

preview108pieceGroovy preview99pieceDuckyWindo