Thursday, September 29, 2011

Garden Thursday


Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. Virginger here with your weekly tour. Please feel free to biggify any picture to get a better look.

While Mr Fall is here, the daylight hours are shorter, things are still happening outside.
Our pet-unias still blooming, but what is that yellow thing that is blooming. We didn't put that in the box. The fevvers or a squirrel probably planted it.
The side of the house by mum's sleepy room. The ferns are starting to die back now, just a month ago they were all full and lush.
The grapes are ready to go, lots of them hiding in the leaves and we can see the fevvers fly into the arbor to get a snack. Mum just leaves the grapes for the fevvers, something special for them to eat in the fall.
The bath for the fevvers, all clean and full. The fevvers need water to drink all the time, so we need to keep it full.
Our trumpet vine still has a few blooms. We saw hummer birds on Sunday flying around. Mum went to a talk at the library last week on fevver feeding. The guy said you should keep your hummer feeder out for two weeks after you see the your last hummer. We will watch again this weekend to see if they are still around.
Mum thinks this is goldenrod. She didn't plant it and cuts most of it down as we really don't want this in the garden. Or at least not much of it around.
This is another weed, Joe-Pye Weed or the official name is Eupatorium purpureum. Good for flutterby's and such, plus it blooms late in the year. We need more of plants like this.

That is all for this week. I already have some neat pictures to share for next week of some plants that are just down the trail.

Thanks for stopping by. Love, Virginger

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday, Smoozeday

Just us hanging some more, not quite totally cuddled up wanting to sit in the same spot. Tonight mum was trying to sit down, Derby ran and got where she wanted to sit. He almost got smooshed.

Having lots of cloudy, rainy days. No sun puddles to nap in. Mr Sun, please come back, we miss you and are tired of the rain. All icky and wet outside.

Monday, September 26, 2011

ManCat Monday

The friendship of a cat is all the sweeter because they are such discriminating animals. - Author Unknown

We did lots of napping on Sunday too. It was a cool and rainy day, but mum broke down and turned the heaty monster on in the dungeon. So it was all nice today to nap and not have to snuggle up for heat with each other. Mum didn't have to wear her jacket in the house either!
Yes mum I see you there with that flashy box. Leave me to my nap please.
See mum's bookmark? It sort of looks like Ducky. Maybe a little bit of longer fur. Since mum has the sniffy, sneazy's she gotted a whole big book read between Caturday and early Sunday afternoon. Then she could concentrate on two things Packer feetsball and crow-shay.
Ducky helping her work on the crow-shay and then when that was all done, we both got to inspect!
It is all done. Well except for the little bit of finishing stuff she has to do for tying up the lose ends where she started a new bunch of yarns.
Hopefully this shows the color good for you. Baby won't be here until probably near Christ-mouse.

Feetsball Report

The Pack -
They won, beat Da Bears. Sorry Katnip Lounge Mum!!

The Colts - playing Sunday night and mum says she will be in bed before the game is over. Mr Peyton is on the sideline.

Grampa Brett - still retired.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


HiYa, Ducky here. We have been having a quiet day. Mum did her usual stuff, getting foods to eat, doing the laundry. Then she fit in a walk, says people in the neighborhood have their Hallow-weeny stuff out already!

Derby and I just chilled, did lots of napping. Mum curled up with her book and did lots of reading. She also has the sniffy, sneezy's, which makes her tired. But she was good enough to grill some chick-hen for supper and give us some to eat. Yum
Just us curled up together this afternoon. Napping and staying warm. Mum has yet to turn on the heaty monster in the dungeon. She is wearing a jacket in the house. Hey, if you are cold, what about us? Even with a fur coat we can get cold.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. Virginger here to guide you through our tour of the garden this week. It is slowly turning to fall here.

Last week week we showed you the hen and chicks in the container. Here they are planted in the ground. Iffin you biggify the picture you can see some bigger parts, which is the hen. Then the little surrounding parts are the chicks. Mum says in time the chicks become hens and have more little chicks.
This is our vine that grows over the gate, an autumn clematis, pretty little white flowers.
Our little maple tree in the back, starting to change colors.
Mum got a shot of Mr Nuthatch at our feeder. Mum had to go buy lots of fevver food this past weekend. The little guys are eating lots of foods. Some of them will be flying off to winter quarters, the rest will be staying here for us to watch during the winter. Mum even went to a talk last night about good ways to feed fevvers. Even though she has been feeding for years, even she learned a few things.
Thanks for stopping by. Love, Virginger.

Monday, September 19, 2011

PirateCat Monday

Cats are the only pets who take all from us without ever surrendering their independence. - Author Unknown

Ahoy all ye land lubbers! Time to join the good ship SassyCat and hoist sail for a new adventure. Batten down the hatches we are ready to go.
Should any of you choose not to sail on the good ship SassyCat, ye will be walking the plank!

The first mate, Dread Ducky the Pirate will be assisting me in getting people down the plank, pronto! If you sail with us their will be plenty of good foods and drinks. Dread Ducky will have the grog waiting for us all.

Feetsball Report

Packers - they won, outscoring the black kittie Panthers. Packers are unbeaten, them Bears are next week.

Colts - did not win, missing Mr Peyton

Grampa Brett - still retired

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Thursday


Hello, Viriginger here and welcome to Garden Thursday. Muumy is making all sorts of bad noise at the puter while she helps me with this. It is typing all wonky and not taking our words at times!
I found a day lily hiding and all in bloom this past week. Not sure how this guy got here and why he is so slow. Next to the house, not in the big garden.
Our sedum plants just beginning to show some pink on them, that means fall is coming soon.
Then mum brought home a chick-hen to plant. Hmmm, I thought you cooked chick-hen and the boys always want a taste. Mum is telling me it is a type of plant called Hen and Chicks. Little plants that grow, the bigger parent ones are the hens, the new ones are the chicks. Strange, but we will have to get a picture of it in the ground.

The hazy, smoky stuff seems to be gone. Been nice and clear and actually has a real touch of cooler weather. Time to snuggle up!

That's all for this week, glad you could stop by.



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Helping Mum

HiYa, Ducky here. Hope all of our furiends are doing well. We have been just been hanging out, the weather is turning cooler again and makes it nice but mum says it is hazy and smokey out from a big fire far, far away from us. Mum says we need to say it is way up north in Minnesota.
Me guarding mum's big bag. It holds all of the stuff she takes with her on the weekend when she goes to play with racy cars. Most times she doesn't need most of it, but prepared with rain gear, extra hats, gloves, warm stuff to put on. Plus a radio to listen on.
Last time she went to play with racy cars she took her crow-shay along to get some work on it. Plus pictures out in the natural light.
Me the other day helping mum work on it. She says I was so helpful, but heavy and warm on her lap.
Here is the last picture taken on the couch. Mum says she is about 70% done, a couple of feetsball games and it will be done. That is when she mostly works on it is during the Packer games. It is for a bean at work who is having a sticky little thing, and she wanted these kinds of colors.

Monday, September 12, 2011

MiniManCat Monday

Is there anything quite as expressive as a cat's tail? Kinked or straight it tells the story of a hundred moods. - Author Unknown

We have good tales to tell of our tails. If your beans pay attention they can tell you how we are feeling!
Both of us eating at the same time and you can see how much Derby is than I am, but I am not scared of him.
Derby invading mums place for her cooking stuff. Derby said he was smelling for mousies! They used to sneak into the spot above this place all the time. Mum was not happy about that but lately our pest man has been keeping them outside which mum likes.

Derby's tail from way back when at a time he wasn't happy with mum. So he was hiding and you could just his tail. You can see the whole series of pictures here.

Me with my tail all poofy! I wasn't happy about something. I think that was when the pest guy was checking out our roof and attic.
Me just hanging out in the kitchen windows waiting for birdies to fly by.

Feetsball Report

Yes feetsball fans, the season has started.

Packers - started out well for us Packer fans. As fitting they started out the season last Thursday, defending Stouper Bowl Champs and beat them Saints guys. Purrfect season, at least so far.

Grampa Bret, well for the first time in recent history the season has started without him. Guess he will have to stay home and play with his grand-kid and mow his lawn.

The Colts - mum's favorite other conference team, though she mainly liked them for Peyton M and he won't be playing anytime soon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Tribute

We just want to set aside some time to purr for Beau. His mum ran off to heaven before him last week and we are sure he is missing her. We hopes Beau finds a loving home until he meets up with his mum again.

It is a weekend to send out comforting purrs to all our beans. Mum says Sunday 9/11 is a day for remembering in Mericky of lots of beans who were innocently killed by people who hate Mericky people. Hating is not nice, let's be kind and love one another.

So sending our purrs to all this weekend. Take care.

Friday, September 9, 2011

MoCats Day

So here is mo' of us!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome again to Garden Thursday with me Virginger. I have lots of stuff to show you today.
Mum worked furry hard last weekend and cut down the weeds and such from the main garden and other flower beds. So it looks all neat again and just the good plants remain. She hopes!
Here is the pile of all of the stuff. Hopefully mum will get a chance to cart the stuff off this weekend. Provided it doesn't rain and get all wet. Mum won't put the wet stuff in the car to haul off.
Our grapes are starting to get purpley. Soon they will be eatable, but mum usually just lets the fevvers eat them.
Our old inside out tire with impatiens in it. Still growing and looking good for the summer. With all of the hots we had, not everything did well, even when we watered them.

Now for our, or at least mum's find. She found some other kitties who can share the outside with me. So introducing left, Dora, and right, Mia. Mum says they can stand in for the boy's sweeties.
Dora is a bit tortie-ish and Mia is a tuxie. Next summer they will get to have flowers inside of them.
Here we all are together. I am happy to welcome these two cuties to my outside fun. We girls get to be outside. The boys are inside! Ha!

That is all for this week, glad you stopped by.