Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Tribute

We just want to set aside some time to purr for Beau. His mum ran off to heaven before him last week and we are sure he is missing her. We hopes Beau finds a loving home until he meets up with his mum again.

It is a weekend to send out comforting purrs to all our beans. Mum says Sunday 9/11 is a day for remembering in Mericky of lots of beans who were innocently killed by people who hate Mericky people. Hating is not nice, let's be kind and love one another.

So sending our purrs to all this weekend. Take care.


  1. We have been thinking of Beau too. He's been through a lot with his mom being sick and suddenly she was gone.

    You're right, hating is not nice!

  2. We are sending loving purrs all over the world today because the world can go with more love.

    And we are saddened over the passing of Beau's Mom. He must be missing her so very much.

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  3. We will miss Cathy so much and as usual we wish we had done more. Cathy was such a wonderful person and she had so many behind the scenes friends, and we were glad to be one of them. We worry about Beau, because we know Cathy would. WE hope he will be happy in his new home with her sister and that he understands he will see his Mom again one day when it is his time.

  4. We were so sad about Cathy. I think after the next round of people come wandering through the house we will put up our own tribute...

  5. It is a weekend with much sadness and introspection. We didn't really know Beau and Cathy but are nevertheless sad thinking of Cathy going to heaven so soon and leaving her Beau behind.

  6. Such an easy concept to luf one another. But so hard fur so many to follow. We are sending many purrs and pawsitive thoughts out this weekend. xoxo

  7. Mom talked to her 8 days before she passed away. She sounded optimistic that the new meds she was on would help, but she was really tired.
    She mentioned dying, but only in reference to Beau and being worried about his welfare should she die. It was in her will he go to her sister, but she was worried about that because he always hissed at her when she would come over. From the note her sister Teresa wrote for us she does have him and he is doing well. She lives in Atlanta, so he has had to adjust to moving also. Poor fellow, he's 12 years now and he & Cathy were together since he was 6 weeks old.

  8. We are hoping that Beau settles in to his new home well and doesn't pine for Cathy.
    We are thinking of all those who lost their lives on that terrible day 10 years ago and all their friends and families too.
    Those murderers don't just hate Mericky, they hate the whole of the Western world.

  9. We are purring for Beau too...we know how much he loved his mom...and she loved him too...


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