Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Thursday


Hello, Viriginger here and welcome to Garden Thursday. Muumy is making all sorts of bad noise at the puter while she helps me with this. It is typing all wonky and not taking our words at times!
I found a day lily hiding and all in bloom this past week. Not sure how this guy got here and why he is so slow. Next to the house, not in the big garden.
Our sedum plants just beginning to show some pink on them, that means fall is coming soon.
Then mum brought home a chick-hen to plant. Hmmm, I thought you cooked chick-hen and the boys always want a taste. Mum is telling me it is a type of plant called Hen and Chicks. Little plants that grow, the bigger parent ones are the hens, the new ones are the chicks. Strange, but we will have to get a picture of it in the ground.

The hazy, smoky stuff seems to be gone. Been nice and clear and actually has a real touch of cooler weather. Time to snuggle up!

That's all for this week, glad you could stop by.




  1. You haf such a lurrvely garden. We didn't know you cud plant 'chickens'. Do kitties grown pots???

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  2. Our sedum is about that color too. We love the way the flowers change colors...

  3. Mom wants to get some of those hen & chicks plants. They neighbor has some and they do real well as ground cover in a difficult place.

  4. Mom's been looking for a hen and chicks plant. We wish she could find one 'cause they sound delicious!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. Our human mom has a hen and chicks, too. And a whole lot of sedum, all of it pink these days with lots of buzzing insects on it. Our human dad is glad to see so many busy bees.

  6. Hello Virginger, Mango says hello to you! Please tell Derby Sweetheart Cat thank you for my lovely birthday wishes. I think about him and Ducky and their beanmom often. Love and purrs to everyone.

    Princess Mia

  7. Hello Virginger. We have never heard of a chick-hen plant, but it sounds very interesting. Most of our flowers are gone now because the rainy cold summer spoiled them. Our Heathers are flowering though.

  8. We've been enjoying a little snuggly here too--when the humans are actually home!


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