Thursday, September 29, 2011

Garden Thursday


Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. Virginger here with your weekly tour. Please feel free to biggify any picture to get a better look.

While Mr Fall is here, the daylight hours are shorter, things are still happening outside.
Our pet-unias still blooming, but what is that yellow thing that is blooming. We didn't put that in the box. The fevvers or a squirrel probably planted it.
The side of the house by mum's sleepy room. The ferns are starting to die back now, just a month ago they were all full and lush.
The grapes are ready to go, lots of them hiding in the leaves and we can see the fevvers fly into the arbor to get a snack. Mum just leaves the grapes for the fevvers, something special for them to eat in the fall.
The bath for the fevvers, all clean and full. The fevvers need water to drink all the time, so we need to keep it full.
Our trumpet vine still has a few blooms. We saw hummer birds on Sunday flying around. Mum went to a talk at the library last week on fevver feeding. The guy said you should keep your hummer feeder out for two weeks after you see the your last hummer. We will watch again this weekend to see if they are still around.
Mum thinks this is goldenrod. She didn't plant it and cuts most of it down as we really don't want this in the garden. Or at least not much of it around.
This is another weed, Joe-Pye Weed or the official name is Eupatorium purpureum. Good for flutterby's and such, plus it blooms late in the year. We need more of plants like this.

That is all for this week. I already have some neat pictures to share for next week of some plants that are just down the trail.

Thanks for stopping by. Love, Virginger


  1. Great garden post, again! We luf that you leave grapes fur the fevvers! Haf a pawsome Thursday. xoxo

  2. I think the last weed look so pretty !..It's purrple !!!

  3. Those are some great garden pictures. That is so great that you keep plenty of water for the fevvers.
    Mom has sent you an email about the auction for Annie. She sure would like to hear back from you and her email is if you could ask her to give us a little write. Thanks so much.

  4. I do love your garden Virginer and that you enjoy it so much as well.

  5. The yard still looks pretty good!
    Having grapes is cool!

  6. Your garden is still looking good Virginger and has a nice lot of colour in it.

  7. How nice to share your grapes with the birdies!

  8. Your flowers are still looking good! Most of ours are gone now. Our mom is gonna pot up some mums for the fall.

  9. Good gardening post. Still lots around. Your weed is nicer looking than ours, which are really weeds.

  10. That yellow thing is neat cuz it wasnt planted by beins. We would bet on the evil skwerls. They have "planted" crocus bulbs in strange places all around the yard.

    Dont get upset about Goldenrod. It isnt the thing that makes Beins sneeze so much. Its just that it grows where ragweed (which gots no particularly visible flowers) grows and blooms at the same time. Beins see the goldenrod bloomin when they start sneezin, so they blame the goldenrod.

    Gardener Iza


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