Monday, November 30, 2009

ManCat Monday

If there is a spot of sunshine spilling onto the floor, a cat will find it and soak it up. - J. A. McIntosh

Hope everyone had a good weekend. You can see me soaking up the morning sunshine from Caturday. Mine weekend was busy since mum was around for extra days, which meant extra attention for me!

Thanksgiving Day - mum went and got Grampie, they had a little bit to eat while they watched the Packers beat them Lion guys. Then they went to where Grampie lives to eat turkey. I got salmon and chick-hen stinky goodness for lunch.

Friday - Mum took off, said she needed to get new tires for the metal monster. Enjoyed a lovely sunny day otherwise. Mooched extra treats when mum was around.

Caturday - I managed to get out to the backyard in the afternoon. Mum went out to fix the birdie feeders, she didn't realize I was just inside the door, so when she opened it I zoomed out like I did last month. It was a nice day so mum let me wander around again for a bit. I also managed to scare a bunnie who was hiding by the back of the house. It got furry scared and left so fast I didn't get to say 'hi' at all. I wonder if it was a cousin of Fi and Lando?

Later mum took pictures of me from the inside of what happens if she leaves that door open a bit.
I push open the door and just get inside.
Hmmmm, can I reach the door latch?
Nope, I can't get up high enough to get the latch. Darn, that would be a big surprise if I could let myself out.
I can't see out of here either.
So mum closed the door, I keep hoping it would open up again. Mum, don't you have to go outside again for something? Anything?
I will sit by the door a bit, maybe just take a nap in front of the door.
Sunday - mum left me alone during the afternoon, no watching feetsball with me. Said she had to go visit with some beans who were over to visit with Grampie. Said it was her cousin who is here from Illinoisy.

Noms - ham, grass, salmon & chickhen stinky goodness, turkey, yogurt.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - won on Thanksgiving, they have won three games in a row now. Don't play until next Monday night.

Brett and them Vikings - They beat Da Bears.

The Colts - Managed to come back and win! Still unbeaten.

It is the last day of November, where is the year going?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

To all of my Mericky furiends and their beans. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day, stuff your faces and don't forget some turkey for the kittie.

Provided you don't lose the turkey somewhere in the house. Mum said she will buy a bit of turkey for me to have today, she and Grampie will let his chef cook their fancy dinner.

Mum will fix a light lunch for Grampie, then they can watch the Packer's play feetsball. Mum's work let them come home early today, she I have been mooching treats and generally bugging her. I sit on the back of the couch behind her and flick my tail around her neck!

Have a great weekend one and all. I will be back on ManCat Monday.

Monday, November 23, 2009

ManCat Monday

Cats have an infallible understanding of concentration - and get between you and it. - Arthur Bridges

I want my choice of stuffs from the big cold box but mum mostly says I have no foods in there. I know you always have ham for me, where is it. I will move once you get the ham out!
Then you spend way too much time with the newsy paper, I will just lay on it so you pay attention to me.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - They won, mum said the team looked great, specially in the first half. But some injuries will affect the defense.

Brett and them Vikings - they won.

The Colts - They won and are still unbeaten! Gotta go leave Opus and his mum a message.

The basket that we got isn't really big enough to nap in, it is small and upright. Maybe a small kittie or kitten could fit in and nap, but not me. Right now the stuff that came in it are still still sitting inside it. So not enough room for me, maybe mum will try to see how well I don't fit.

Once the Packer game was done, mum went to the birdie food store and got lots of stuff so we can feed the fevvers all winter long. Then she pulled out her knitting to work on the blurpy blankie.

Mum is looking forward to a short day hunting week. That means she will be home with me!

Happy week everyone.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Caturday Night

Mum has been trying to catch up with things today. Backed up magazine pile to go through, now cut down by half. Plus mum went out to eat with Miss Lynn tonight, but back home snuggled on the couch with me.
She says she will be heading off to the sleepy spot really soon, she says she has a mild 'bug' and her ear is popping like popping corn a lot the past couple of days. But it comes and goes.

Plus mum did not realize when she unpacked her prezzie the other night, that the basket, wasn't just a regular basket. She found a badge on the side saying it was from Peterboro, VT. Guess they make all sorts neato baskets there, so mum says we will need to keep this.

Plus I got my Secret Paws assignment. Mum and I are already plotting what to get my special little furiend. I am excited to be able to do this again this year. I will be sending mum shopping really soon. Stay tuned, it might be you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Prezzie

Mum got home and the guy in the long blue shorts left a box. Mum said she hadn't ordered anything and we weren't expecting anything from any kittie furiends. Mum recognized the return address, we got a box from them last year. It was from mum's company with a Thanksgiving basket.
Lots of paper, shredded paper too, which I wanted to munch on but mum said no, I might hurt my tummy if I eated it.
Here is all of the stuff, a bag of pancake mix. real Vermont maple syrup, razzberry jam (mum loves razzberries), and a little board and spreading knife.
Mum plunked all the stuff back into the basket for now. Thanks Mr Sal, CEO!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Socks, get you furry little butt back home, your mum and dad are worried about you.

And while we are at it, Mr Tigger, we is still purring for you to come back home too. So you get your furry butt back where it belongs too.

That is all.

Monday, November 16, 2009

ManCat Monday

Looking at a cat, like looking at clouds or starts or the ocean, makes it difficult to believe there is nothing miraculous in this world. - Leonard Michaels.OK, I am getting ready to go back to my regular routine. No more mooching treats from mum during the middle of the morning or afternoon. Mum is bummed that she 'has to go back to reality' and get back to her day hunting gig.

We had a good week together. I got my extra treats and snuggles, mum got all of the stuff done that she needed to get done. Our outside is cleaned up and mum had good weather to get it all done.

Mum has been sitting lately with a lap full of yarns. She isn't letting me play with the yarns either. This time it is not crow-shay but knotting, wait, I mean knitting. Mum says she has about 4 months to get this done before the blurpy thing gets here.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - THEY WON! Mum didn't expect them to beat them Cowboys so yippee!

Brett and them Vikings - beat the Lions, I would certainly hope so.

The Colts - playing late on Sunday night.Right now the guys named Pat are winning, but mum will probably head off to the sleepy spot before the game is over.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I got mum to sit down with me for a long enough time to go through her review. Overall OK, she did try to distract me with treats and skritches, but I worked through that to keep on track and be fair. No bribes for a good review, just treats for me being a good kittie. Quantity of Output - Don't post everyday, but then again I don't always have something to tell you everyday. So OK but rates a 3.5 paws.

Quality of Output - very good, mum is good on the quotes and pictures she selects to show what is going on. Rarely any embarassing moments, Just one that I can think of with me on the box, but that has been a long time ago, 4 paws on this.

Client Pawticipation
- Just 3 paws on this, I don't get enough time to leave comments on every blog every day, but can do what I can with the time I have. Others are always free to leave me a comment and mum is good about getting back to people. She doesn't always get my linkies updated fast enough. Matter of fact she said she would do it this week and hasn't yet.

Pawticipation Part II - Oh yeah!!! I party with the best of them. Purrthdays, weddings, just for the heck of it parties. I try to drop in at least for a few mintues. Heck I have taught kitties how to walk on the ceiling, Billy Sweetfeets to do shots, binkied with the bunnies!

Client Satisfaction - Very good, most of you have commented on how nice she was to send the green papers to the shelter. I think she has an ulterior movtive for saving green papers from the tax man, but she has a good heart and I think she would do it even if it weren't for the tax man.

Overall Rating & Commnets & sugestions for improvement - The only true improvement would be more time to read and comment, maybe a few more posts. But overall gets a 3.5 Paw rating.

I guess I'll keep her around for another year!

My most recent photo from this week, mum got a good shot while I was waiting for a treat from her. Happy weekend.

Secret Paws

If you are a new kittie to blogging since last Chrisymouse, lots of us in the Cat Blogosphere pawticipate in an exchange of gifties. It is easy to do, doesn't cost much,

So you see Skittles picture above, she and her mum, WW, are this years organizers. So go here to find out more and sign up. You gotta sign up by Caturday November 14. That's tomorrow gang.

Just do it gang, the more the merrier.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PurrFurMance Review

We kitties have to give a review of our beans. This makes sense, I know mum gets review at her day hunting job.

Gotta have this done by the end of the month. Maybe this week is a good week to get it done. Mum isn't day hunting this week so I should get her sat down and get this done.

Of course that means she needs to be inside the house. She has spent more time outside in the yard, clearing things up, taking the stuff off to the compost place. Then after she is all done, she just sits outside for a while, until it gotted all dark. We still are having all nice weathers so mum is happy that she had nice stuff to work outside.

Comment-A-Thon Update

We got a card today in the mail thanking us for our donation, we got a nice card with a ginger cat on it. They must have known!
Some nice words from the mobile adoption team Cassie and Lisa. Last names smooshed out so they can be private from the blogosphere.
And a little note on the back of the card. Yes, we kitties miss it when our beans go to heaven, just like you miss us when we go to The Bridge.
Plus a nice letter with the card too. Oh, and mum and I didn't come up with the idea to give this, it was on the shelter wish list.

Monday, November 9, 2009

ManCat Monday

Experience is valuable in most human endeavors, but the problem of getting a cat down out of a tree is new every time it arises. - Francis Duffy

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It continued to be really nice weather wise, so continued open windows for me on Sunday. Plus mum let the sleepy room window open just a little bit all night long. I love it when she does that. I know that these days won't happen much again soon, so happy we have a couple of really nice days.
Mum brought Grampie over on Sunday afternoon. The watched some feetsball, then went outside to enjoy the day. Firsted Grampie held the ladder, then mum climbed up and went walking on the roof! Blowing leaves out of the rain gutters so that the rain, snow ice can drain out better in spring. Then mum dragged the chairs out so they could sit outside and enjoy the day. While they were out lots and lots of geeses kept flying over and making lots of noises. Mum says they were looking for a place to sleep for the night, probably in the corn fields that aren't too far away from us.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - They, well, are...need a word that is isn't on the bad word list. Hmmm, pathetic should work! They lost, they look bad and the QB is sitting on his 'tocks and does not know when to throw the ball away! You can see how I reacted to the game. Just hide my head. Mum and Grampie watched but they both agree that the Pack needs help, specially the O line!

The Colts - continue to win and so far have won all 8 games they have played.

Brett and them Vikings took the week off.

The Bengals - Mr Hendrix's team, they keep doing well too!

Happy Week to all.


Mum's noisy box by the bed didn't go off this morning. I decided to NOT wake her up. When she did wake up, she wasn't upset. Seems she is taking the week off to stay home and play with me. And, well maybe do some other stuff too, but mostly just to hang with me. I have already mooched treats twice this morning.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fresh Air!

It is a beautious day today, sunny and warm! Very warm for this time of year. Mum opened up a few windows so we both could get lots of breaths with fresh air.

Mum did some work outside and cut down lots of plants that have frozen up and died. It took two car loads of stuff to the community compost to get rid of it all. She has more to do, but not much. She says that can wait for another day.

So now she has got to get all of the inside stuff done, the washing and drying is going in the dungeon. Plus she just got out the sucking monster too.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog Blast for Peace

Purring for Peace, Today and Everyday.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Comment-A-Thon Results

OK, mum has finally added it all up. I had 109 comments on my purrthday post on Oct 20 and 22 comments on the next day's post. I counted those too as PoppyQ said, she shouldn't be penalized for living in the future. Mum says that comes out to 65.5 green papers. Do they make half a green paper?

Now she said she would add in green papers for all of the tocks pictures. But then she had problems keeping track of them all. Plus do you just count the picture or how many tocks in the picture?

So mum made an executive decision and will be donating enough green papers so that my shelter, HAWS, can buy this!
A Show Shelter POP UP Double Mesh Door in earthy tan color found at for the MOBILE ADOPTION UNIT. Hey, if you can't get to the shelter, the shelter will come to you, or at least nearer to you.

Mum wrote out the paper checky thing and sent it off with a note how to use the green papers. She had talked to them to make sure this would work out for them.

Thanks to everyone who made a comment or posted a picture, we loves you for it and kitties at the shelter will love you for it too. Mum says she needs to go out and take pictures of the shelter as the building expansion is about done!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4th Blogoversary

It is my 4th blogoversary and I figured I would repost my firsted ever post. I got no comments, it took about a week before a few of the other kitties who were blogging stopped by. Since then I am on post #931 with nearly 82,ooo visitors. Wowie, 82,000 is more than twice the number of beans who live in our town!

Stop by tomorrow for the comment-a-thon results!

Hey, my human mum (hu-mum?) has left the computer on. Now is my chance to leave my message. I'm Derby, just your basic cat. But mum says I am one sassy cat.

I live with my mum in a lovely house with lots of windows. That way I can watch all of the birdies outside. My mum even puts special food out to bring them around for me to watch.

I just turned two a few weeks ago. My mum says that is like my being a teenager. She says I even have acne like a teenager. Whatever acne is, she even washes my chin for me. Doesn’t she know I can do this myself?

Monday, November 2, 2009

ManCat Monday

The cat has always been associated with the moon. Like the moon it comes to life at night, escaping from humanity and wandering over housetops with its eyes beaming out through the darkness. - Patricia Dale-Green

Full moon tonight everycat, so prowl the house and keep your beans awake. They are probably all screwed up anyway with the time change. I hoped you remembered to find the hour in the clock this weekend.
I had a quiet weekend. Caturday mum shoped, cleaned and did stuff inside. When the sticky little people showed up after dinner, mum put me in the sleepy room for about 2 hours. The noisy door bell didn't ring much, mum said we only had 17 sticky things show up looking for treats!

We had a sunny Sunday so I spent lots of my time working on my furtan in the windows. Mum went outside to move the leaves around. We had windy days that brought lots of leaves down last week so mum moved them out to the street so they get taken away. Plus now I have a nice, clear view of the back yard, mum put all of the outside furniture away!

Feetsball report

The Pack and The Vikes - losted to #4 at Lambeau, the Pack did not look good, the QB spent too much time on his 'tocks, stoopid mistakes that gave the Vikes extra chances in the first half. Mum yelled at the moving picture box a couple of time early. But then she just watched and they did play better in the second half. Mum says the Pack needs consistancy, which they don't have. If they would play the whole game good, things would be different.

The Colts - Came back to win over SF, they were behind a lot of the game. The Colts are still unbeaten.

Happy November, we have a new month to work on. For my buddy Parker, we are telling all of you that it is Diabetes Month.