Monday, November 30, 2009

ManCat Monday

If there is a spot of sunshine spilling onto the floor, a cat will find it and soak it up. - J. A. McIntosh

Hope everyone had a good weekend. You can see me soaking up the morning sunshine from Caturday. Mine weekend was busy since mum was around for extra days, which meant extra attention for me!

Thanksgiving Day - mum went and got Grampie, they had a little bit to eat while they watched the Packers beat them Lion guys. Then they went to where Grampie lives to eat turkey. I got salmon and chick-hen stinky goodness for lunch.

Friday - Mum took off, said she needed to get new tires for the metal monster. Enjoyed a lovely sunny day otherwise. Mooched extra treats when mum was around.

Caturday - I managed to get out to the backyard in the afternoon. Mum went out to fix the birdie feeders, she didn't realize I was just inside the door, so when she opened it I zoomed out like I did last month. It was a nice day so mum let me wander around again for a bit. I also managed to scare a bunnie who was hiding by the back of the house. It got furry scared and left so fast I didn't get to say 'hi' at all. I wonder if it was a cousin of Fi and Lando?

Later mum took pictures of me from the inside of what happens if she leaves that door open a bit.
I push open the door and just get inside.
Hmmmm, can I reach the door latch?
Nope, I can't get up high enough to get the latch. Darn, that would be a big surprise if I could let myself out.
I can't see out of here either.
So mum closed the door, I keep hoping it would open up again. Mum, don't you have to go outside again for something? Anything?
I will sit by the door a bit, maybe just take a nap in front of the door.
Sunday - mum left me alone during the afternoon, no watching feetsball with me. Said she had to go visit with some beans who were over to visit with Grampie. Said it was her cousin who is here from Illinoisy.

Noms - ham, grass, salmon & chickhen stinky goodness, turkey, yogurt.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - won on Thanksgiving, they have won three games in a row now. Don't play until next Monday night.

Brett and them Vikings - They beat Da Bears.

The Colts - Managed to come back and win! Still unbeaten.

It is the last day of November, where is the year going?


  1. Derby - you go to go outside!
    Hurrah for that and for all the yummy foods you got to eat!

  2. Derby you are a very good cat to stay in the yard with your Mommy. I ran away when they tried letting me out in the fenced in yard while Fenris was being walked outside the fence. ~Socks

  3. great report! We did not let Billy read the part where you ranned out of the house - you're his hero and he would try to run out if he knows you did. then he would say that you haf a really nice mommy to let you out and our the mom is MEAN to not let him out.

  4. ohh you gots to go outsides! I hopes it wasnt too chillies!

  5. Great report, Derby.....and have a great Mancat Monday.

  6. Sounds like you got some good noms--we got nothing at all! You're so lucky to have a yard; mama says someday!

  7. You got outside! No wonder your weekend was so good! I can't believe the bunny just ran off like that.

  8. Sounds like you had a very interesting weekend with all that coming and going.

  9. I'm glad you had a great weekend and extra mommy time. No sneaking out Derby! What if your mommy hadn't seen you? We would be sad if we lost you.

    i am glad your teams did well! our Bengals won, but they played a "safe" game instead of an impressive game. we love them, but they aren't playoff ready if they can't dominate the Browns. Jeez

    PS that bunny was very rude to run away before you got to say hi

  10. You are a great reporter and you can almost reach to open that door. Hugs GJ x

  11. That was a good weekend. You look very comfy in your sunspot.

  12. You got to go outside. Sometimes we like to sneak too.

  13. That musta been fun to get out and run around the yard, Derby!

  14. You do like we do ... we'll beg at the door, even when it is completely closed. But we're begging to go to the garage and not out back (too many neighbor dogs barking all the time). Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  15. It sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving, Derby. We're very glad. Please do not get lost OUT. It is not fun to be stuck OUT.
    Mrs. Gree Othello

  16. We totally unnerstand dat longing look at da door. So many fun fings go on owt dare speshully if yoo has a rabbit to play wif. Mum did not get to watch da Pack since she wuz feedin all da fambly. We will haf to make up for it soon.

  17. Good for you that you got outside a bit. The bunny adventure sounds exciting.

  18. That is a real special day when you get to chase a rabbit. We also like how snugly you fit in that cat bed. Isn't it a good thing cats don't get tan lines? ;-)

  19. Derby, you are a grand escapista. I would sit by that door too. At one point your mom has to open it...
    Purrs, Siena

  20. Stay inside. believe me I have been outside looking in and inside looking out. Inside is the best and safest. Don't go out.
    Good weekend for the football. The Colts somehow did it. The mom was watching but thought they were playing bad because she was watching so she went to another tv show. When it was all over they won!
    Sounds like you had a good weekend.

  21. Derby-we think you need a bigger that you can curl up in! Maybe you will get one for Christmas!


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