Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Multi Tasking and Talented Cats

I know we kitties have many hidden talents and interests but a few of this I wouldn't have expected.
I see Max's family is making food, or maybe this is the place they eat at all the time, so they named it after them! Max does love it when they bring chick-hen home for him from a guy named Denny, must be the cook here.

Then right by where the you can eat at Max's, you can go next door and look for old stuff with Roscoe. Now supposedly he went off the The Bridge a while back. I think he has taken up making green papers for himself!
Mum is happy tonight, for the first time in 7 years there isn't a snowstorm on December 1. Matter of fact it was over 50 degrees here today and no significant snow in the near future. Mum and I haven't even seen one snowflake yet at this end of the year.

Mum say she also has to start on her Christmouse stuff, mailing labels for her and Grampie, the letters and all. Don't forget my furiends on this too mum! Plus we gotta get our Secret Paw finished. Mum has everything, just need to get it packed up and taken to the station so they can deliver it.


  1. Hi Derby. My Mom is busy with Chrisymas stuff too. She is trying to get cards and letters out. She has most of them done. Have to decorate soon as the mobile home park has a drawing for four homes to get $100 off their rent but they have to have lights on the home in some way by potluck party day. And of course Mom and Dad are hoping they are one of them.

    You sure do look comfy in your bed in the sun spot. Hope it was warm too.


  2. Wow! All those cats have restaurants. Why doesn't someone do a ham place and name it Chey's?

  3. Cool for Max and Roscoe! But don't believe what signs say about Hotties. It's not true!!!

  4. The ends of the years is always busy!

  5. We're getting a little snow tonight, so we're going to snuggle up and drink hot chocolate!

    Connor apparently has a hotel in Jerome, AZ! Cool signs--mama may have been to that antique mall.

  6. Hi Derby - we have been gone for a little while but we are glad to see you! We are glad you haven't had a snowstorm - we hate them. They are saying there will be a bit of snow here tonight - we are hoping they are wrong.

    That is so cool that all those cats have restaurants - no one in our house has one. That is too bad because we could taste all the yummy foods!

    We are getting ready for Christmouse here too - we are very far behind right now! We hope things get caught up soon!

  7. So glad there wasn't a snowstorm, but 50 degrees sounds pretty cold to us.

  8. Our mum has been busy helping us with our cards too. We sent off our Secret Paw on Monday because it takes longer from the UK.
    Mum googled my name and I have got an Irish pub in NJ named after me and some restaurants too.

  9. My secret is out... a place of my very own, where only I get to eat...

    That mighta just been a dream, though...

  10. Hi Derby. To answer your question - we live in Southern California. We're still in the 60's here and dipping into the 40's only at night. I looked at the weather map and noticed you may be in for some snow. Keep warm and stay safe.

  11. Look out Derby & Mum the flurries are getting close to you. We had a dusting last night.
    Enjoyed your video of you in your bed in the sun!

  12. Tel your mom not to worry about the snow, maybe it will be here tomorrow. They are using the s word where I live, maybe it will reach your place too.

  13. We love that sign and the thought that Roscoe and sneaked away to open a little antiques shop for himself. When we lived in America, there was a small place where a real man cat could grab a bite to eat after the game. It was called "Roscoe's Tacos". I always wondered if Roscoe was there making food for the hungry people when I thought he was sleeping in the closet. Where my Mom lives I came across a high end restaurant called "Opus". And like my Opus, it was classy and sophisticated.

    I wonder what type of store you might Derby? I will be sure to keep my eyes open.

    It made me smile to see a post about Roscoe. It warms my heart that his friends still remember him...

    Opus, Ollie and Cyndi

  14. funny how the weather is... here we are in Northern Virginia getting ready to receive the winter snow storm that is just leaving Texas!

    You look awfully comfy and I think your mom will be delighted if you help her with some of her tasks!


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