Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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Yep, mother nature is giving us our biggest whap of snow tonight. Mum will call in and see if they close their office tomorrow, she is hoping yes. Then she can do a little work from home but still go outside and use the snow eating monster. We will get a picture in the morning.

Mum came home late the past two nights after day hunting and not because of the snow. Monday night she stopped by Grampie and gave him his Christmouse letters after she printed them out a work. Tonight she went food hunting for Grampie so he won't have to go out with the senior bus on Wednesday AM. She didn't want him to have to go out in the snow.
Here is me is with mum's ear muffs. They are all soft, mum says they are foxy fur, so real fur to keep warm. Yep, we kitties know how our furs keep us warm!

For all the other kitties in the snow area, you and your beans stay safe.

Udated Feetsball report.

The Pack - they won, beating them Raven birds. Mum says it was a sloppy game, lot and lots of penalties. They play Da Bears next Sunday.

Brett and them Vikings - hehehe, them Cardinal birdies beat them, yay.


  1. Keep warm and dry, you guys... oh, and our human staff says "You Can Call Me Al" is a good song, and liked seeing it tonight on Jeter Harris's comments.

  2. You have lots of snow already. Keep warm indoors. Maybe you could borrow those ear muffs. Are you tempted to have a chew on them? We probably would.

  3. We had the snow and freezing rain last night. Then all back to rain so we don't have the white stuff on the ground. Sure glad to be an inside kittie and I bet you are too!
    Need you to do me a favor. You see I am at the CB VSquillion Shelter today doing paper work for the adoptions. I need to know what name you are going to call your 2009 Snowflake Squillion, also I assume the adopter is you Derby, if too you could leave me your email address when the paper work is done I can send to you. Thanks.

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