Saturday, June 30, 2012


Just a lazy day for us so far. Mum has been bizzy with her chores, but we can nap the day away while she shops and cleans.

She also has to go through our pictures or videos to find our entries for The Games that are coming up. We think we might enter the following.

High jump - Ducky

Counter Surfing - Derby and Ducky

Balance Beam - Ducky, maybe Derby

Synchronized Snoozing - gotta be both of us.

If you want to see the whole list of events, go here!

May the best cat, or woofie win!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garden Thursday in Honor of Ducky's Purrthday


Hi Virginger here. Welcome to Garden Thursday and today, we will have a short garden tour. Then we will party away in honor of my little buddy Ducky.

 Some of the daylillies are starting to open up, plus lots more flowers to come. These are out front of the house.
 It has been furry dry here, can't remember the last time we got a good rain shower. So you can see the grass is getting all brown and crunchy. Plus mum has the garbage out and ready for pickup!
Good for bees and butterflies, but mum can't remember the name right now. She says it is too hot to think. 

It is Ducky's purrthday today, so we can't let this wonderful day go unnoticed and unremembered.

Yes, that is Ducky sniffing my ears, later he sniffed my rear!

Doing the Q, he is furry good doing this. He even won the prize a couple of years ago.

A nice formal face shot of my little bro. Wishing you much happyness and and many, many more years with us here at the house with mum. Casa de Mummy!

So on to the goodies. Help yourself to whatever you wants. Lots of fun foods, ham for sure, some chick-hen too. Drinks, ask the help for whatever you want. Oh, and kittens, remember you only get milk, water or tuna jooce.

Nip cakes to finish it all off. Thanks so much for stopping by and cellybrating with us. See you next week for Garden Thursday.

Love, Virginger

Monday, June 25, 2012

ManCat Monday

Just because you provide food, shelter and medicine for your cat, don't dare to expect any gratitude. - Author Unknown

Yes, it is Monday again. The little runt has has the past two Mondays, it better be my turn again. This used to be just MY blog, now I have to share. 

Here I am telling mum I want to go outside. So just open that other door and let me go! 
 But no, when she opens that other door, she pulls the other door almost closed, so I can just barely get my face through. Mum is nice and does not slam the door on my face.
 But since I didn't get out, I showed her the back of disrespect.
 Plus I snoozed a lot too this weekend.
 Yeah, the run was around, he likes this spot by the back. This is where mum can usually find him.
One thing we need to do this week is check out all of the interesting things we could compete in for the PetLympicGames or something like that. See what we are good at and what we can enter. Some cases we would be up against woofies!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Garden Thursday


Welcome to Garden Thursday. It has continued to be hots here, so not much happening. Just trying to take it easy and not get heat stressed. 

 Some buns looking for fresh grass to eat, it is getting sort of brown in spots. Mum says it get scratchy under her feets.
 See the temperature thingy, this is later in the evening too, it was hotter during the day.
 But mum sends out water to the flowers in the planters, so the are doing OK.
Me, I just have been sitting around looking cute! I am really good at that. That is it for this week. Join me next week to cellybrate Garden Thursday and Ducky's purrthday!

See ya, Love Virginger.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

International Box Day

Today is box day, and we do like our boxes.
Mum always keeps a few around the house, just in case she needs to pack something up. We hope you all have a change to play in boxes today.

Monday, June 18, 2012

MiniManCat Monday

Obviously cats are superior to dogs - cats would never deign to roll over on demand. - Author Unknown

Yes I get two weeks in a row for MiniManCat Monday. That's cuz Derby was a bad cat. More on that later. 
Me, sitting so nice for mum in front of the moving picture box. Telling her it is time to go to bed.
 Me on Caturday night, just chillin' in the open window before we all headed off to bed.
Me loving the nip nanner, all stretched out on the floor. Furring it up some more, cuz mum got out the sucking monster and took all of our floor furs up. 

Plus we had a visitor this weekend. No not one of mum's furiends, but a little Black Kittie, just about my size. Mum managed to get a quick pic of it Thursday evening.
She went outside to try to see if she could say hello up close, but it ranned away. Derby managed to slip through the door before it closed. So mum had to grab him before he took off. He got as far as where the one little table is and nommed some grass. Mum picked him up and said "BAD DERBY".
Plus on Caturday night, Black Kittie dropped by again. The front window was closed, but he crawled along the ledge in front of the window. Mum noticed BC as it walked there. Above is a pic from winter, the our bad boy sitting watching outside. 

He ranned off again before mum could go out and say hi or take his or her pic again. 

That's it for now. Happy Monday.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Farewell Sweet Momo

Farewell sweet lady, MoMo. You were a special furiend, we like you living in the future down under.

Have fun at The Bridge. Purrs.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hi Virginger here. We have been lazy this past week, so not much to report. It was hot, now cool and the hots are coming back. Little rain, so stuff is slowing down and not blooming.

So me and mum were just resting and enjoying sitting and seeing what there is. We deserve a break, you do too. Remember, stop and smell the roses, and other flowers too.

See you next week.

Love, Virginger.

Monday, June 11, 2012

MiniManCat Monday

Cats are the most cunning - what other creatures would we allow to destroy our furniture and still love? - Author Unknown

HiYa, Ducky here. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did! The hots showed up for a few days, so we did lots resting and just hanging out with mum. She didn't do much this weekend either. 
I did do my part to keep the nasty bugs out of the house. I got a fly and my mum saw me jumping after it. I got it by jumping from the floor to the height of the birdie sticker on the left side. Mum says that is pretty good for a tiny boy like me, she calls me her jumping fool!

Then I rested, mum was taking a nap on Sunday, so I decided I needed to nap on her as well. Keep her company.

Even though it was hot outside, mum cooked outside and we got a taste of grilled beast. 

Stay happy gang.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Thursday


Happy June, the start of summer and more neat stuff in the garden.  Our orange-ish colored poppies, popped open this past week. These are the best pictures mum has gotten of any of the poppies this year.

 June, if you were not aware is considered rose month. While mum doesn't have many roses, some were here when mum moved in. Some years they put out a few blooms but not many. This year, they went nuts! Look at all of the flowers!
 Deep red by the house, climbing up with bracket, and up above the ferns.

 The little bush on the lot line, just full of cute little pink flowers!

Hope you enjoyed the highlights from our garden today. See you soon.

Love, Virginger

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A New Award

A new furiend to us Nerissa, gave us this award. Wow, thanks. We didn't know we was illuminating. We had to ask mum what that big word meant.

Here is what mum found from Mr Webster. Seems like a lot, guess it means we are bright guys!



Definition of ILLUMINATE

transitive verb
1 a : to enlighten spiritually or intellectually
b (1) : to supply or brighten with light (2) : to make luminous or shining c archaic : to set alight d : to subject to radiation
2 a : to make clear : elucidate b : to bring to the fore : highlight illuminate how interdependent we all are>
3 : to make illustrious or resplendent
4 : to decorate (as a manuscript) with gold or silver or brilliant colors or with often elaborate designs or miniature pictures
il·lu·mi·nat·ing·ly adverb
— il·lu·mi·na·tor noun

Examples of ILLUMINATE

  1. the part of the moon illuminated by the sun
  2. A university study has illuminated the problem.


Middle English, from Latin illuminatus, past participle of illuminare, from in- + luminare to light up, from lumin-, lumen light — more at luminary
First Known Use: 15th century


Synonyms: bathe, beacon, emblaze, illume, illumine, irradiate, light, lighten
Antonyms: blacken, darken, obfuscate

Monday, June 4, 2012

ManCat Monday

Everything that moves, serves to interest and amuse a cat. - F.A. Paradis de Moncri 
We are resting up after Truffle's Deb Ball. So much dancing and merryment. A wonderful time. Thank you to her mum for putting together such a wonderful day for her.  

We will be napping the day away again today. Resting up from all of the excitement.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Party Time

We are off to party the day away with the dessert girls, Truffle and Brulee. It is Truffle's first purrthday and her mum is having a neat party for her so she can come out.

So we will see you there!