Monday, June 25, 2012

ManCat Monday

Just because you provide food, shelter and medicine for your cat, don't dare to expect any gratitude. - Author Unknown

Yes, it is Monday again. The little runt has has the past two Mondays, it better be my turn again. This used to be just MY blog, now I have to share. 

Here I am telling mum I want to go outside. So just open that other door and let me go! 
 But no, when she opens that other door, she pulls the other door almost closed, so I can just barely get my face through. Mum is nice and does not slam the door on my face.
 But since I didn't get out, I showed her the back of disrespect.
 Plus I snoozed a lot too this weekend.
 Yeah, the run was around, he likes this spot by the back. This is where mum can usually find him.
One thing we need to do this week is check out all of the interesting things we could compete in for the PetLympicGames or something like that. See what we are good at and what we can enter. Some cases we would be up against woofies!



  1. That first pic looks like a purrfect balance beam entry!

  2. Well, you can teleport over and enjoy our little back garden, you know we have a high security kitty-safe fence. :-)

    Happy Monday!

  3. We think you have a lot of balance beam pictures you could definitely enter for the Cat-O-Lympics.

  4. ha ha Derby you give your Mum what for...they need to be kept in line or they go all wonky!

  5. Good thing you didn't get your face squashed in that door, Derby.

  6. It would be great to see you guys compete in the PetLympicGames, what a fun idea! Here is a video of my kitty friend Jane who told me she wanted to be left alone to bath, hehe -

  7. We would have shown her the back of disrespect too.

  8. We are glad she doesn't slam your precious face in the door!


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