Monday, October 30, 2006

Privacy Please

Can't I even do this without you pulling out the flashy box thing? ::sigh::

Tomorrow, I am hiding from all of the strange people coming to our door. Mum says that is just fine. The time for all the strange people to come is before she will even get home from work. So she will miss the early ones.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Mum wented outside today and rassled with the leaves that have been falling off the trees. It was furry windy yesterday and lots of the leaves fell off the trees. But she says not all of the leaves are off the trees, so she will have to rassle with them some more in a few weeks.

Plus, where we once had flowers we now have seed pods or just left over stuff after the birdies have eaten the seeds.

Yes, mum loves me and totally spoils me with buying stuff for me. I like my jungle gym, it is a another spot to sit on to watch things from. I can hide inside it and jump out and mum and scare her. Mum throws treats inside for me to dive after.

Plus I am approaching 300 posts and 10,000 visitors. Wow.

Friday, October 27, 2006

My Purrthday Pressie

I didn't expect to get a purrthday present since mum had the big party. But she did get me something. She boughted this months ago and hided it.

She brought it out this past week and putted it together. A kittie jungle gym. I jumped right in and began to play with it even before she had it all putted together.

Thanks mum.

P. S. Mum gotted it at Target.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I don't remember seeing Kukka during the party, did you? But guess what the clean up crew found, passed out under the bar. Empress tiara and all, yup Kukka. Surrounded by drinks, empties, a blender, etc.

Brach must have snuck it to try to rescue her, but didn't work. Sigh, she has fallen so far.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Party Report

From about noon on Friday to the end of Sunday post "Party Over".

Comments on Blogger - 1351

Comments on Live Journal - 112 (approximate -while blogger was down)

Number of kitties leaving comment - 54

Number of inapproporate comments by a non-kittie blogger - JUST ONE. (and mum deleted it really quick, not suitable for general audiences. Although I don't think many of our kitties know German.)

Not bad, hey?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Party Over

Whew, what a weekend. The caterer is just about done packing up. All the food, dishes, tables and stuff are gone. The tubs, slide and trampoline are gone. The tent and all the rest will disappear tomorrow.

Mum says extra water and crunchies still out in case any kittie happens to stop by yet tonight. Thank you all for attending and making the event a success. We all had fun.

I think I am going to take a long nap.

Sunday Morning

Wow, what a fantastic party last night. Some of the kitties partied into the wee hours of the morning! ::YAWN:: We had a good time in spite of the fact that Blogger didn't work for nearly 4 hours. Again a big thank you to the Hot(m)bc group for the live journal site to keep the party going.

However, I found out late last night we missed someone with an October gotcha day. Bathsheba she and her brofur Jake live in Virginia.
I see the caterer has the morning food out for us. Some cats are up and about, others still napping.
Everyone, dig in. Feel free to stay around and teleport home whenever you think is best.

I am tired, it is time to nap some more.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

After Dinner to Nap Piles

Well Blogger sure put a damper on this party. It has been down for nearly 4 hours. Many thanks to the group from Hot(m) BC for hosting an alternate site.

Wow, what a wonderful ceremony and banquet. The band is goint to play until midnight. We can dance if we wants, or just sit and visit.

Plus the snack table and bar are open. Help me keep an eye on the younger kitties so they don't get carried away.

Overnight routine same as last night. This evening has been wonderful, with the exception of Blogger outage.

Honoring Ceremony

Hello everycat, could I please have your attention? Please, would all of the October cats join me here at the head table. Would the rest of the attendees please find a seat at a table.
First , thank you all for attending. I am pleased that so many of our furiends have come to this get together. Now I will have mum be our mistress of ceremony. Mum would like to say a few words about each of our October honorees.

DM: Thank you Derby. First let us all give a short silent purrayer for our fellow kitties who are ill or need to find homes. And a a brief moment of silence to remember those kitties who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge this year. I won't mention them by name, as I don't want to miss anycat.
Thank you all for attending and now on to our honorees for the weekend.

Boo is a charming tuxie cat living in Florida with her family, Abby, Gracie, Ping and Jinx. This is her second home and she has know a short time out on her own with her brofurs. But has responded well to the love and comfort her beans have given her.

Charlie was found as a stray outside a community theater. Officially Charlene Frances Jeanne she was adopted in October 2004 by a loving family in Florida. She shares this with the rest of the Feline Oligarchy, Alberta, Sky and Blackie.

Patches, Mitten and Mistrie three lovely ladies from the Big Piney Woods. CalicoMomToni decide to make things simple so these ladies of the Big Piney Woods have the same Purrthday. Patches and Mittens are calicos, MistrieRose is an outside kittie who share the Woods with her inside sisfurs. Mittens is unable to attend tonight, due to her recent tummy problems. We are honored to have Patches and Mistri here tonight.

Cooper is a fine looking girl ginger who lives with Monkeybunkey in Catifornia. She is just a year old, but turning from a cute kitten to a beautiful cat.

Tilly is one of the Tower Hill Mob. She is a lovely senior catizen and Gorgeous Ginger. She lives with her brofur Toby and beans in Massachusetts.

Bujang lives in Singapurr and celebrated his Gotcha Day on October 6. He is a fine tuxie who lives with his bean and two other kitties. He is a newcomer to blogging and is not in attendance tonight.

Pumpkin was found just a year ago as a very little kittie. He was dirty, hungry and probably just two weeks old. With lots of loving care, he has grown into a fine young cat. He lives in the lovely state of Hawaii.
Tyler and Jagger are from the same litter born just two short years ago. They had the good fortune to be adopted together by their beans early this year when their first owner had to give them up. They are waiting for the arrival of a little sticky one in a few months.

Fat Eric was adopted, along with his sister Hattie, just three years ago. Both were adult cats, but their loving beans have given them a good home in London. Sadly, Hattie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Fat Eric is also the founder of The Gorgeous Ginger Group. He has a floofy coat of which he is very proud.

Victor Tabbycat was adopted just a year ago as a six month old kitten. He was brought in as a companion to his older sister Bonnie. But Bonnie was not pleased. Victor isn’t fazed by this at all. He likes bird watching, snuggling and eating!

Kismet was adopted just a year ago by his bean who originally lived in Whiskconsin. He is now four years old, a fine looking tabby who lives in the big city of Brooklyn, New York.

Punkin is a handsome ginger kittie who lives in Oklahoma with his family of beans and 3 other cats and some woofies. Lots of little woofies. He is about 10 years old and a mix of Maine Coon and other cat. And just a lovely ginger color.Beau Beau was adopted by his beans just a year ago. He is a fine looking tabby over white cat. He works very hard as he is a project manager for the bathroom makeover. He has some hidden talents, but loves to play and run around the house.George is another one of our fine Whiskconsin cats who lives near Derby and myself. He is the oldest of his cat family and has one brother and two sisters. Fine looking grey over white cat, who is now nine years old. He often takes on being the man of his house.Scooby and Shaggy are brofurs who were both adopted in October some years ago. They have a little brofur, Scout. The live way up in Minnesota with beans who like hockey. They are both fine looking cats Tuxie and Norwegian Forest Cat.

Derby now a fantastic three year old ginger over white cat. The love of my life and such a good, if sometimes sassy, companion. You brighten my life and wish you and all of your kittie friends many more.

And to any cat out there who we do not yet know, who was born or adopted in October, we wish you well.

That concludes my comments. Please give a big purr to all of our honorees. And cue the caterer to bring in the food. Let the banquet begin!

Quiet Time

The honoring ceremony and banquet will be starting in an hour or so, about 4 to 4:30 PM my time. This is so Fat Eric can be on line at that time.

This is a period where everycat can get a quick nap in and clean up. Or not!

Outside time

It is a little cool out but lets head outside for now it is not raining. So it is a good time to get outside. The team has set the trampoline up and the slide too.

Plus we can race up and down the hiking path, but beware of the beans and woofies. We don't want to get run over. The beans walk, run and ride bikes and bring their woofies with them.

Plus the tubs are still available for hockey. Or you can sit inside and watch what is going on.

Good Morning Party Animals


Rise and shine everyone. Mum said we were very good with sleeping last night. She said she slept well too. She thinks it was all of the purring. Plus she had a few kitties and buns who snuggled on her bed. And didn't sleep on her face.

Breakfast is served and once everyone gets some food we will start the days activities, tub hockey, cheer clinic, beauty tip sharing etc.
The cheer clinic will be under the tent in front of the house. You have more room to move around.The tub hockey will be in the back under the tent. Mum ordered extra bathtubs. So we can do more than one match at a time, plus a couple for warmup and pratices. So hockey participants, get ready.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Sleepy Time

The caterer has put out the munchies for overnight, with tuna water and water available overnight. The bartender has taken all of the other stuff away for now.

Mum says she will be going to bed soon. Everycat is welcome to stay overnight if they want. Here are the places you can sleep.

Mum's bedroom - we can sleep with her, all she asks that we not sleep on her face.
Guest bedroom - small bed, but no human will be sleeping there.

Office, living room and dining room - Nap piles in any of the rooms OK.

Tomorrow's activities in the AM - tub hockey and other games. For the feminine side, beauty sharing time, cheer clinic. Outside play time on trampoline and slide for all.

Followed by rest period and time for all kitties to get spiffed up for the ceremony

Honoring ceremony for the October kitties, Approximately 4 PM Central Time.

Goodnight, all!

Cocktails/Buffet Time

Good the caterer has gotten out the food. All sort of stinky goodness, seafood, ham, turkey and crunchies too. The bartender has set up as well. He is offering the following: niptini's, singapurr slings, russianless white russians, tuna juice, bloody mousies. Fresh water, running and cool, also available at all times. Please party responsibly.
So dig in everyone, lets just mingle and visit with our friends.
Even lots of special cakes for us too.