Sunday, October 22, 2006

Party Over

Whew, what a weekend. The caterer is just about done packing up. All the food, dishes, tables and stuff are gone. The tubs, slide and trampoline are gone. The tent and all the rest will disappear tomorrow.

Mum says extra water and crunchies still out in case any kittie happens to stop by yet tonight. Thank you all for attending and making the event a success. We all had fun.

I think I am going to take a long nap.


  1. Derby,

    Thanks for the special recognition. I certainly didn't expect that. I'm just so sorry that we couldn't join in the fun earlier. What a great party and a lot of fantastic cats.


  2. Thank you so much Derby and Derby'sMom for a wonderful party.....the best ever. It was great!!

    The Big Piney Woods Cats

  3. Ooops - we must have dozed off in the guest room. We gotta go. Thanks Derby and Derby's mom for such a great weekend, and it was great to see all the other kitties!

  4. Congratulations on the successful party! Wish I could have made it, but my humans had a family commitment over the weekend.

  5. WOW!! What a great party! Wish we could have hang out wif efurrycat longer....but Daddy haded to werk on the 'puters. Fanks for the great party!

  6. Thanks for the great party, Derby!

    It was really nice getting to play and nap and dance with other kitties that don't hiss at me when I come near them.

    Congratulation again to all the October kitties and thanks to Derby's mom!

  7. Thanks for the grate party, Derby! Momma wuz doing her weekend stuff but me and Bebe and Tiger and Blackie wuz here eating and playing. (We left Quincy at home cuz he likes to bite too much.) It wuz fun running up and down the stairs (we don't have staris at owr howse) and asploring owtside (we don't getz to go owtside at home.)

  8. Yawn, me to. Great party, Derby. Thanks!

  9. Looks like you are getting a well deserved rest Derby!

  10. Thanks for such a sooper party, Derby and Derby's Momma! We hadded lotsa fun. And you're lots welcome for the LJ place while blogger was bein poopy. That's whut it's for. Silly blogger. hehehe Have a real good nap, you deserves it :)
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  11. Derby

    You put on a grrr---8888 party. I wish we could've stayed longer than we did. I wuz so mad at my
    Momma fur werkin'! But yu take some gud naps!


  12. Oh Derby, it was a fine fine party, inspite of blogger trying to take it down! But we showed him we are resourceful cats, didn't we?!

  13. Sounds like you had a great party. We could not come 'cause Meowmie said she had "other" stuff to do. Grrrrff!
    But we were here in spirit. - The 2 Bs.

  14. Partied hard did ya? I am glad fun was had by all! Get rested up and prepare for other parties!

  15. great party! you an yur mom really went all out an efurrybuddy had a wonnerful time - fank you!

  16. Well Derby, The Crew congratulates you (and of course, your Mum) on all the hard work that went into the planning and coordination of your party. It was the best ever and we're just sorry we couldn't stay longer!

    No wonder blogger went down with so many kitties trying to get to Derby's place! Our thanks to Sanjee for keeping things going. And thank you for mentioning me among the other October Honorees. I'm humbled to be among such a fine group of cats.


  17. Great party, dude. My head still aches from all the 'nip and food. Tilly is sleeping after all the excitement. She asked me to tell you thanks for the party and for honoring her at the banquet.
    We are both grateful for our many friends- it was great to meet them all!
    Thanks again and warm headbutts to your Mum!


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