Friday, October 20, 2006

Sleepy Time

The caterer has put out the munchies for overnight, with tuna water and water available overnight. The bartender has taken all of the other stuff away for now.

Mum says she will be going to bed soon. Everycat is welcome to stay overnight if they want. Here are the places you can sleep.

Mum's bedroom - we can sleep with her, all she asks that we not sleep on her face.
Guest bedroom - small bed, but no human will be sleeping there.

Office, living room and dining room - Nap piles in any of the rooms OK.

Tomorrow's activities in the AM - tub hockey and other games. For the feminine side, beauty sharing time, cheer clinic. Outside play time on trampoline and slide for all.

Followed by rest period and time for all kitties to get spiffed up for the ceremony

Honoring ceremony for the October kitties, Approximately 4 PM Central Time.

Goodnight, all!


  1. those are some great places to sleep. we will has to find a nap pile somewhere, 'acause Sammy will sleep on your mommy's face if he's in the bedroom. Maybe a nap pile in the small bed? - Miles

  2. Kimo, yes you can keep the penny. Do you want to raid mum's penny jar? I can show you where it is! Plus she has a bunch of quarters that have special pictures on them too.

    Miles, you can sleep where you think best. Mum isn't used to having kitties on her face. Sammy might get launched!

  3. Mom wants me to teleport home for the night, so I will see you all tomorrow! Night all!! (Waves paw bye and leaves.)

  4. Kimo: We've to go back home first to help Mommakitty with the laundry before they leave town.

    Sabi: Ooooh - I love laundry!

    Kimo: We'll have to sneak back in early tomorrow morning - see you tomorrow!

    Sabi: See you guys tomorrow - Bye Beau!

  5. Frisky, nap piles are the bestest!! Come on, lets start one! - Miles

  6. oh no Frisky, you won't gets hurt. We loves to snuggle and cuddle, not biteys or nofing like that.

  7. hopefully you won't get homesick wif us here, but if you do, that's ok. see? snuggling is fun and comfy and warm, and i'm getting really sleepy - Miles

  8. ok - we'll pile up here on the little bed - night all!! - Miles

  9. Frisky, if you gets homesick you can teleport home at any time. But if you get to sleeping, you won't be homesick. I am going to go snuggle mum to sleep. Then I may join you out in the nap pile.

    Good night all.

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  11. We can all sleep with your Mum???? Brave woman. I think I'll head home though. My Mom would miss me if I was gone all night. Hopefully I'll see everyone tomorrow.

    Oh, and good night for Catzee too. She's already gone home and crashed behind Mom's computer moniter, where its nice and warm.

  12. We just came to say good nite to all yoo wunerful kitties. We hassa snuggle mom and dad or they can't get to sleep. See you in the morning sometime.

  13. Patches tiptoes in looking for Mistrie and Precious, waves a paw at Derby and whispers to him, "Precious and Mistrie need to come home. I have been staying with Mittens. I don't think she will be up to coming tomorrow, but the three of us will try and make it. I hope Precious behaved herself. Come on you two."

    Precious yawns and stretches and Mistrie rubs her eye, as Patches helps them teleport home.

  14. nite nite! we'll be back fur more fun tomorrow! great party Derby!!!

  15. Kimo & Sabi tiptoe in at 7:22 am (EST).

    Kimo: [Kimo whispers to Sabi] Shhh, Sabi. Everybody's still sleepin' - let's go to the guest room.

    Sabi: [Sabi whispers to Kimo] Here's a good spot, let's snuggle up buddy. Wake me when the party starts again. [yawn, purrr]

    Kimo: [purrr]

  16. I knows I is an early bird...errr poodin, but I wanted to wish efurryone a furry happy day today. Momma is gotta leaves early dis mornin' and she won't be back until it is furry dark. She said she would try to let me come back later on so Boo could come join da fun since she is an Oct baby. But, I hopes efurryone has a gr-88888 time and I will be finkin of efurryone.

    Abby & Boo

  17. Hi everyone! Mom said I had to help her around the house today, but I will be here, I just won't be able to comment much cause I don't want her to know...


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