Friday, October 13, 2006


Yes, we have made it to the weekend. It is still cold out, but the white stuff isn't blowing around in the air. At least it is not on the ground.

Some questions came up and all , so here we go.

Rascal mentioned that I gotted a comment about my blog at About Cats. That was furry nice, thank you.

Aunty Mary's older kitties are not available, that means Sassy, Tigger and GG are off limits. Only the little kitties will go to the shelter for adoption. I about drove mum crazy just going to the spa/jail last week. I meowed lots. I doubt she could have listened to little kitties for 6 hours. Which means, no little monsters here.

The Feline Oligarchy
asked about my getting graded on my stay. If you are really bad, they won't take you back. Below is pictures of my report card.

And yes, they have failed both dogs and kitties that are not welcomed back. Mum is proud that I have gotten an "A" both times. Then she knows I am doing OK and while she misses me, that I have a good place to stay when I can't be at home. Plus I am less lonely when I go there.

Then some our our new blogging buds, the Taylor CatSSSSS (they live in the same city as my uncle Flip) readed about my teleporting. Well all of us kitties can do it, you just might need a bit of practice. It is how we kitties get together to visit and have parties. To teleport you find a quiet spot, think 7 times where you want to go, the boom, you are there. So start with moving from room to room in the house, then maybe to a furiends house nearby. When you really want a challenge, then you go to the other end of the country or around the world.

Guess that is about it. Cold outside, snuggle time.


  1. my Mom used to have a kitty named Kirby who needed to go to the groomer 'case she was part himalayin. they told my Mom "you know, there are other groomers...." 'cause Kirby wasn't very good. so you should feel real proud of your good grades.

  2. I think I would get a good report, cuz I am a good girl, but not Mittens so much cuz she is a scairty cat. Precious is just too little and a royal pain in my butt!!


  3. I'm proud to admit that I would probably be one of those cats that would get an F and not be invited back. I'm a homebody and don't want to go somewhere else when Mom and Dad leave. I'm glad they hire a pet sitter because I'd be all stressed out at the prison spa.


  4. How neat, Derby! I've never been to one of those cat spas. I want my mom to open one so I don't have to get into the troll box to get there.

  5. Wow, weeve nevur been graded on a report card befour. The next time we are away we are going to be vary gud, just like yoo, so we can get ALL A's!

  6. Wow it sounds like a very nice place this spa.Great report card.

  7. Derby those are some pretty high ratings. A PERFECT PET!!! If you ever want to, you can stay with us. We love perfect pets. Go snuggle up some where nice and cozy.

  8. our mommy saided that she knowed you would be a purrfect boy in the kennel, 'acause you are always so well mannered and polite.

  9. Your report card sounds more complicated than mine at shows ... good thing you get "A's" ... I don't and they only judge my looks.


  10. I don't do grades! I would put the bity on grades!

    But I do wanna do that telleport thingy. I could terrorize the world and put bitys on efurthing if I learn to teleprot!

  11. I've never been given grades, but I've never been to a kitty spa either. I've had to stay overnight at the vets though. I always act like a perfect angel to all the nice vet ladies so they pet me lots and look at my human funny when she tells them I'm an unholy terror!

    Hi Derby! thank you for coming by my blog!

  12. I think its really neat you got an A Derby. I have never been graded, but the V-E-T said I was a good boy. Don't they know when you are talkitive that you are visiting with all the other kitties there. Maybe even some woofies. I would think it wouldn't be so lonely when you do that, even though you miss your Mom.

    As far as teleporting. "Beam me up Scottie." Don't have the slightest idea what that means. Heard Mom say it a time or two.


  13. Congratulations on your puurfect grades Derby. Your mommy must be really proud. Good for you!

  14. We didn't need your report card to know you're a good guy...we knew that all along!! But congrats on getting A's anyway!


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