Saturday, October 14, 2006

Buzy, Noisy Day

I sented in my story to Max and his mum for our kittie story book. It is good as I can do and I hopes that my fellow kitties put a story in too, if they could.

Mum wented out to do stuff this morning and theses guys show up an start walking on the top of the house and making lots of noise. Mum got home and was talking to them and taking pictures. It was furry noisy for a short time. Mum says that they didded all but a little bit of the roof last weekend and I should be happy I was at the spa last weekend or it would have been very noisy here for two days. The good thing is that they are almost done, they have to put the rain gutters up this next week.

What did mum go out to do? Shop, what else and for stuff with kitties on it. Do you like?

Plus mum has been working on all of the stuff for the party next week. Just so efurry ones knows, we borrowed a picture of each of the October kitties.


  1. Dearest Derby,

    Did you know that a "tan and white" is a Guinness and Cream????

    Good stuff.

    Luv ya!

    Skittles, Tex, Georgia, Haley, and
    Wrigley at:


  2. Our Mom has a cup that says that. Good thing our 'beans know to appreciate the hair we leave behind. ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO

  3. Love the apron and pot holders.

  4. The saying on the apron is right on!!

    What day is the party, Derby??


  5. The apron is very cool! Looking forward to the party. I think my mum might have bought me a purrthday present already because I caught her hiding something in my cat cupboard and she wouldn't show me what it was!

  6. We love that apron! Maybe our Mom will get some kitty stuff when she goes away next weekend to Newport RI. They has lots of stores there she says.

  7. At least you are going to have a real good roof for the winter and it's good getting it done before it comes. You won't get rained on. Even snow drips. Just maybe it might be worth the time at the spa/jail. Mom says she loves the apron cause she says it speaks the truth. She does not like it when we get on the kitchen table, but ha, she isn't awake at night!!


  8. Nice apron!

    Hey - don't forget...Oct. 15 is ALL CATS DAY!

  9. I love your mommy's apron and mitts. She has puuuuuuuuurfect taste!

  10. love the apron - mommy cannot eat food unless it has cat hair in it.
    we sented in our story to Max too. We are shur that your story will be wonderful!

  11. What it says on the apron? I've been trying to convince my mom of that FOR YEARS!

  12. Ooo Derby you mum gotted good kitty stuffs. Was you worried about the noise????

  13. That's great about your story! I never could get Mom do to anything about that. Noises on the roof must have been nerve racking. I hate any noisy things like that and always have to go take a deep sleep to comfort myself.

  14. we has poems we wanted ta send in, but we aren't brave enuf. ack-shully, our Lady isn't. we're furry disappointed in her.

    yur Lady's got sum kinda great shopper - she finds good stuff! we love the apron!!

  15. We gots lots of cat stuff in this house too. It is really cool.

  16. Derby

    I don't knows if you know that my sisfur Boo is an October baby too. I don't fink she was on dah list.


  17. Oh that's a nice apron and pot holders. Momma laughed and said it was true!

  18. Meowmy needs that apron. People need to accept it, cats get everywhere!

  19. Hi Derby,
    Thanks for leaving a comment at Purrchance To Dream!
    I hope to see you again soon, and I'm gonna have Not The Mama add you to my linkies as soon as he gets a chance.
    Hope that's okay!
    Meow for now ~ Daphne

  20. Oh we definitely agree with the apron. With 4 of us here, there's no shortage of cat hair.

    Our Mom thought about you this weekend when she was a Kohls trying on new slippers. They have ones that look like Derby heads!

    Since your party starts on Friday, we'll be able to come for a few hours.


  21. how furry nifty that apron is!! has you seen the pome that henry catterton has on his bloggie? it's about cat hairs!


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