Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Iowa Cousins

Well, I guess I have a whole bunch of cousins in Iowa. So there is the rundown on the gang.
Starting with MommaKittie. MommaKittie is furry wild and this is the as close as mum could get to her. Sort of wild but does come in the house. But mum's aunt Mary hasn't been able to get her caught to take her in to be spayed. She had two litters this year. The kitties from the firsted litter were Sassy, Tigger and GG. They all have had their surgeries and mum's aunt wants to keep these guys.

Sassy for now just stays outside. Mum did see her put one paw inside. Mary hopes that once the kittens are gone and it gets cold out she will come inside. Longhair tuxie.
Tigger wasn't real friendly to strangers, so most of mum's pictures are from when he was roaming the back yard. Mum says he is furry handsone and has long hair too.

GG, short for Grey Girl, is the friendliest of the three older kitties and mum thinks she is the purrtiest of the bunch. Mum loves the black nose and she has furry long whiskers. She has a furry soft coat and purrty eyes. She would go outside lots but was inside lots too.

The MommaKittie then had another litter of 5 kitties who are now are nine weeks old. Mum gave them names and helped figure out if they were boys or girls.
This kittie is Boots. She is a tuxie with longer fur, but not real long. Didn't come upstairs much so this is the bestest picture she has. She has four white feet, hence the 'boots'. You can see Grampie sitting behind Boots.
This is Tippi, named as such since the tip of her nose is white. Here she is 'alaxin on the bed in the dungeon. Other than to eat you didn't see her upstairs. She would hide in the dungeon with the MommaKittie.
This is Smudge. He is another Tuxie, but short hair except right on his chest. Mum thought of Smudge since his nose is black. He came upstairs lots to play and he was an adventuresome kittie, trying to climb places.
Then we have two tabbies, both boys. This is Rocky. Mum has the eyes and the tail reminded her a bit of a raccoon. Specially the tail. It has rings, then it long white strip, with the very end tip being black. You can't see the end of the tail on this picture.

Then the lastest kittie is Stripe. Named as the white stripe down his nose is longer than Rocky's. And the end of the tail is just white. Otherwise these two look furry much alike. Stripe is on the left.

Now, mum says had I not been here she mighted have brought a kittie or two home. But since she wasn't and I wouldn't be prepared for new house mates, she didn't bring anyone home. Plus a 6 hour car ride probably wouldn't have been fun for the kitties. The kitties will be going to the shelter in the next few weeks. Mum and I hope that they find good homes. They seem a little scared of people, mum thinks that MommaKittie is scared of humans and so the kittens are a bit scared too. She tried to hold them and give them pets as she could. Mum said that her aunt should try to do that too to get them more used to humans.

Now which two would she have brought home? Smudge and Stripe. They were the most outgoing and upstair the most playing and interacting with the humans. She gotted a good picture of them together.

So greetings to my Iowa cousins. Purrs to all of you.


  1. Very furry cute kittens. Hee hee. It's easy to think they're cute when they're so far away!

  2. Welcome back, Derby! You have some cute cousins!

  3. When mama saw Smudge she said that he was sooo cute. Hmm. Kinda glad he's in Iowa....

  4. Gosh thats "almost" as big of a family as us! heehee

    Sassy is soooooo pretty.

    Purrs - KCC

    PS: Come take a Halloween tour at our place!

  5. I'm glad that your Momma got home without kittens. I'd hate to be surprised like that.

  6. You ahve got lots and lots of cute relatives.

  7. What beautiful relatives! I can see where you get your good looks! I am glad my mama didn't see any of those cute kitties. She would drive all the way to Iowa to get one or two or three. I don't need no more siblings!

  8. GG is a very pretty little girl. And she does look very soft. The kittens are cuties and it must have been hard for you mom to always be checking underfoot to make sure she didn't step on a cat!

  9. You have nice and pretty kitty cousins.

  10. You have lots of purrty cousins! Meowm says I have some, but she will have to get some pictures of them!

  11. wow -- you sure have lots of furry beautiful cousins!

    this is my first visit here -- I found you thru your comment at The Zoo.

    nice blog -- I'll be back!
    meow for now ~ Daphne

  12. Momma kept saying AWWWWWW, over and over......


  13. hi, derbs! glad to see you got sprung! what a fantastic fambly you gots. you should get prepared for housemates--those two little guys would liven up the place just fine! we bet you'd love to have your furry own animated toys . . .

    our mom sez she'd take 'em all if she could, but she kinda likes bein' married to dad, and he won't renew her contract if we gets any more brofurs and sisfurs;-)

    rest up, and we'll see you in the blogosphere later!

    nels, ed, nitro, & xing

  14. Oh Derby, your cousins are just too cute. Your Mum must be very strong. If that had been our Mom, she would've brought back 2 probably!

  15. That is a furry big family!!! The kittens are cute but we think GG is the prettiest. My mum says she bets it was really hard for your mum to leave them all behind. But she did have you waiting at home to give her lots of snuggles...

  16. our Lady's human momma would take Tigger and GG in a second, if she could. they're all so cute!

  17. Solid kitty eye candy. They am all so cute we're besides ourselves.

  18. You've got a LOT of relatives down there in Iowa. And some very good looking ones. Your Mum has a lot of restraint to not have brought one or two home; we have a horrible feeling that our Human would have. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

  19. How funny. We were just hitting the "login and publish" button when we got "beeped" with your comment on Charlie's gotcha day. What are the odds on that happening again? (We won't bet any catnip on it)

  20. Hey Derby, I just saw you are listed as a Cat Lovers Blot on

  21. The cuteness is just overwhelming!

  22. Your cousins are adoryble, Derby. Cuz they's relations of yers, a'course!

    I posted a notice about the October Kitty's Party on the Cat Blogosphere for ya. Well, I maded Mom do it for me. I was bizzy nappin. hehehe I'll mention it again on the CB blog too, so's kitties don't furgets.


  23. how sweet of your mommy to help out the homeless puddins and keep them safe. my mommy wanted me to tell you we voted for you in the smiley boy contest a bunch (we have oodles of emails to use). you are much more smiley than they other kitty. thanks for visitin' me. mr. hendrix

  24. Hi Derby! You have some very cute cousins. Mommy would probably want all of them! Thanks for visiting the blog site! Purrs!


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