Wednesday, October 4, 2006

More Boomies

Yes, we hadded more boomies early today. But mum was already awake as it was getting time to go to work. Finally the official weather guy on the talking box says no more boomies. Well at least for a a few days.

My furiends Fat Eric and Sir Sidney wants to know what a Packer is. I forgets I have an international audience and not efurry one knows the Packers.

The Green Bay (Wisconsin) Packers are a Mericky style football team in the National Football League. The team is unique in that they are publicly owned by shareholders, not just owned by a a few rich people. They are also one of the leagues original teams.

But sad to say that they played well in the furst half of the game and poorly in the second half and losted. Mum had gone to bed before the game was over since they weren't playing furry well.

But mum likes Fat Eric's choice of English football teams. Go Blues. That would be the Chelsea Football Club for the rest of you.

And mum says she has a surprise for me tomorrow. Hmmm, I wonder what it could be?


Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yeaaaa, no more boomies! We wur wurried about yoo, Derbsters.

Packers sownds more like peeple who help make biscuits by "packing" them down. Thanks fur the clairifucashun.

Chaotic Cat said...

No more boomies for you, lets hope your weather man is better than ours, he says boomies and we get sun!

I have to agree with rosie & cheeto, hmmmmm biscuits!

Gemini said...

I am sorry you had so many more boomies!
Derby, does this mean you are a cheese head? Here you're an orange cat so you look a bit cheesey too. Maybe you could wear your colors as a mascot!

Eric and Flynn said...

We don't like boomies, we hope yoo don't get enny more.We wud like to wish yoo an erlee happy burrfday. cuz we can't do it at the rite time on acownt that we haf to be locked up in prison.

Merlin said...

I don't like boomies either.

I don't know Packers so much, but my Momma likes football too. We like to watch the team where my Momma went to school but they make her sad a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, a surprise! That sounds exciting.

Junior said...

We had some boomies the other night so I hid under Meowm's big bed! I came out for a little bit, but more boomies happened so I hid again. Meowma told me she would protect me, but I was still scared and stayed under the bed.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady usta enjoy football back a long time ago when she had a life. she sez she's gonna watch it again after the year 2010 when she has sum free time. then she did a big ::SIGH::

by the way, bein owned by a few rich people is a dream of ours.

Rascal said...

American Football = Carolina Panthers. What other team is named for Cats?