Monday, September 28, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

The internet was invented specifically for displaying pictures of one's cat.

You got that right! Not very many people would know me if there wasn't the inner webs for mum to show me off. Plus Derby who came before. Plus I wouldn't know any of you guys either. 

Mum says thanks for the nice words on her blankie making. It helps keep her out of trouble! Plus I like to sit on her lap to get my loves and in the second pic you can see  her latest blankie she is working on now. Good she had it to keep her hands bizzy during the feetsball game. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack - WooHoo! The Pack beat down the Saints in NOLA and are unbeaten. Scored another 37 points but for the first game didn't get over 40 points. So this week we played on Sunday night, next week we get to play on Monday night. Mum is happy she doesn't work so she can stay up and watch the games. 

Mum has a sort of bizzy week. Meeting with her money man today to discuss green papers. Also going to meet up a long time furiend for lunch this week too. Otherwise, more crochet and book reading. For me, sitting on mum, getting treats and naps. 

Have a great week! 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. VOTE!

Saturday, September 26, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here, happy Caturday! Me and mum are looking forward to a nice weekend. The weather guessers have been doing OK so nice weather for having open window. So at least one more nice day, then a chance of rain on Sunday. Next week the cooler weather will be back. Mum won't mind, she likes it cooler. 

Mum has been working on crow-shay and buying more yarns. Sheesh lady, don't you have enuf? Heck you didn't even have enuf room in the closet to put the new stuff you bought inside it. Me doing the quality control on this blankie. Finished blankie shown below. 

Me inspecting the closet, you can see some of the completed blankies waiting to be taken to the food pantry to give out. Plus the bags of hats are behind me. 

Here is her stash, plus a bunch more in a bag laying on top of the blankies. Oh well, it keeps her out of trouble and entertained while she stays home for the most part. She can't read all day long either. 

Here is the finished blankie. Lots of people like mum's pic on FaceBooks, really liked the colors. First time mum has used this brand and color of yarn. Oh noes, she  has another store to raid for yarns.

Just chilling on the tower, nice place to be since the big windows that go to the floor are there and when open you get a nice breeze and fresh airs. At least today should be quieter, the naybors had the tree guys in yesterday to take down a huge tree. Took them all day and it was noisy. 

The Pack doesn't play until Sunday night. Mum will have to find stuff to do on during the afternoon. Guess she can read like she normally does, or maybe watch a moovie. 

Have a good weekend everyone. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Garden Thursday

 Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. Plus welcome to the autumnal season, better known as fall. We are seeing signs of fall here and mum took some pics near home to show that. 

This is a tree that is near where mum has to turn to get to our street. Just showing a bit of red. The tree below is on the corner where mum has to turn to get on our street. 
Then one tree on the other side of the street on the corner as well, we don't have trees that turn nice red colors, more golden. 

When mum went to get the paper outside the other day she noticed a robin egg on the ground. It is hard to see in the first pic as it is near some of the fallen leaves. 

Closeup and you can see it now, so mum took a pic of the nest and you can see that something has gotten at the egg. Mum thinks it might be a sqwerl. 

Mum decided it was time to get the nest down for good. She found the egg that was in the nest on Sunday was now down on the ledge of the stone on the house. 

Mum got out one of her garden trowels so she could reach high enuf to loosen the nest from the light and the siding on the house. So you can see it is gone. Mum needs to clean out the inside of the light fixture as there is a bit of dried grass inside by the light. 

Mum set the nest on the ledge by the metal monster room. Not sure what she will do with it, it might just get added to the compost pile. 

That is it for now. Stay safe, stay healthy and please wear a mask. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

Your secret is always safe with a cat.

Ooooh, secrets! Yep, me and mum have some, but I won't tell! Neither will she! Nice to know we got each others backs!

Nice weekend, lots of good naps. here I am in the late afternoon. Our sunshine is good but at times it gets sorta filtered out by smoke from the fires. You can sorta see the orangey color on the bed and me. It has been a cooler weekend, so lots of warm naps, sitting on mum and even sleeping with mum. 

Mum got a fishy fry on Friday as she was going by the place on the way back from dropping off more of the yard waste. She said it was good and it has been a long time since she got a fishy fry. 

Yes, mum shared some with me! I loves getting fishy fry fish when mum has it. Just a few bites here and there, mum ate the rest of the fishy and saved some of the fries. 

Showing off some of mum's crow-shay hats. She counted up all that she made in the past year. It doesn't take her long to make a hat. Usually can get done in one evening. So if she sits to watch a game of basey ball or feetsball, she can get a hat done. She used up all of her excess yarns to make the hats. Now she has to work on blankies so she has yarns to make hats again. 

Wanna know how many hats she made in total? 86! That is a lot of heads that will be warmer this winter. Mum will drop them off at the food pantry soon so that they can give them out if people needs something warm for their heads. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack - done good again this week. They started off slow but came on like gangbusters later. Scored over 40 points again this game. That is good! Mum thought it looked weird with no peoples in the stands. No girls in bikinis, no guys with their beer bellies hanging out. Piped in cheers, but still strange. 

So a good week ahead, so you all have a good week too. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear your mask. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Caturday - Pirate Day

 HiYa Ducky here, Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day. Arrrgh, ye better be minding yourselves or you will be walking the plank!

A pick of Angel Derby with his pirate patch. He was a mighty fine pirate cat and the captain of the good ship Sassycat! 

Aye, we be sailing in calm waters today. Nice to enjoy ourselves and have a bit of grog and enjoy ourselves on this day. 

Aye, I be doing my bit to find the treasure or at least few extra treats from mum. I know she will be easily purr-sueded to hand over the treats and not wanting to walk the plank!

Be like a pirate, wear your mouth patch and stay healthy. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Garden Thursday

 All of us are enjoying the weather. The only thing is we aren't getting bright sunshine cuz lots of smoke in the air from the fires out west. 

Mum has been trying to keep the fevvers happy. She always keeps some foods out all year long but not lots but this time of year as the natural foods gets less. So cuz of that we are seeing more fevvers. 

First is the goldyfinches. First the boy goldy fevvers are showing it is fall. They are molting over to the winter color. 

Here you can see one little guy around the head and back getting all drab from the bright yellow. Mum usually doesn't catch the fall change over, but she catches the spring one as it is one of the sign of spring coming. 

Here is a whole bunch of goldy finches on the feeder sack with nyger seed. Mum had a bunch from afore stored but they didn't eat. So mum tossed all of it and got some fresh. Now they are eating. Guess the other stuff got old. 

Then we got a visit from Blue Jay. We often hear them but during the summer they usually aren't at the feeder. Now they are back and mum feels she can put out the big in the shell peanuts. 

Now that is has cooled off mum needs to get cracking at the garden shut down. Start early and get it over with for the year. Hopefully not mishaps like last year with breaking an ankle. 

By next week fall with officially be here, feeling like fall now. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

If dogs can smell fear, cats can smell stupidity. - Steve Warren

Oh you got that right! Thankfully mum is not stupid, most of her furiends are not stupid either. However, some of the beans on the moving picture box? Sheesh. Specially some who are trying to earn votes. No way will mum vote for them. 

We had an OK weekend. Caturday was wet and rainy, Sunday was not rainy, but it also wasn't that sunny but we did get some sun. So I got some open window time in the afternoon once it warmed up. Plus I occupied mum's lap while she watched some of the feetsball.

Feetsball Report

Yes, officially the feetsball games are back. That makes mum happy. She isn't much into basketball and just a little bit into baseball and the local baseball game wasn't good yesterday anyway.

The Pack - They traveled to Minisoda and beat the ViQueens. Mum says she thinks the place should be called the purple palace with all the purple seats. If fans are in the seats some of them wear white and you always get a few green and gold ones too. So then you don't see the purple of the seats. 

Mum watched bits of some of the other games too, just to check things out. Peoples now playing on different teams, seeing the fancy new place to play in LaLa Land too. 

Quiet week ahead from what I can tell. Mum will need to use the grass eater either today or tomorrow, then get foods for herself too. At least she doesn't have a long list of stuff to get done, just mostly the usual chores. 

Have a wonderful week everyone. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020


 HiYa, Ducky here, Happy Caturday! Going to be another rainy day today. We had a tiny bit of sunshine yesterday morning but not for long. The weather guessers are saying next week will be better with more sunshine. 

I want to bring to you attention a yearly event here on the blogoshpere. Peace Day or Dona Nobis Pacem. Mum says that is Latin for Give Us Peace. Peace in our lives, in everyone's life and in our world. If you want to see our previous globes you can see a link to them just to the right. This event is run by Miss Mimi and you can go to her blog to get more information. Theme this year is Peace in the Time of Quarantine. I hopes you join in on November 4. 

So mum is acited as feetsball starts tomorrow for The Pack. She did watch some of the game the other night but not all of it. It will be strange to watch games with no fans to see or cheer. So Go Pack Go!

Me from another year will my team colors all painted on my furs. Or maybe I will just do lots of cheering!
Yeps, I plan to have fun this weekend. You all have a wonderful weekend. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Garden Thursday

 Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. We are dealing with cool and rainy weather which is a change from our long string of warm and sunny days. 

Not much to report this week. Mum did get the grass eater going and mowed the entire lawn last weekend. With the rain she won't be able to do it again until next week when it is supposed to get nice. 

For an added treat we will give you Ducky purring. He was sitting on mum and purring really nice. So she got out the movie camera and just put the microphone by him to catch his purrs. She also caught her ticky-tock clock which is furry loud! Turn up your sound on the puter. 

That is all for this week. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Monday, September 7, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

There is no "cat language". Painful as it is for us to admit, they don't need one! - Barbara Holland

Happy Holiday Monday! Hope everyone is having a good extended weekend. 

I did start using my cat cup again. Mum actually picked me up and set me down inside the cup, at which point I promptly left it. But then a little bit later I decided it would be a good spot for a bath. Now I am back using it every day again.

Yesterday was rainy, then sunny and today is a bit icky too. That is OK, mum has books to read and yarn to crochet with so she is good. I will nap, bug mum for treats and play time too. 

I didn't mention it on Caturday but it was Derby Day, the day the horsies run for roses. Well me and mum watched the races and mum even picked a few winners in the early races. She picks her horsies by the names and doesn't actually bet green papers. One had to do with drinking and the other one was about Whiskerconsin. Cool huh. 

Mum got her bed blankie out and washed it and put it on the bed as it will be getting cooler when she will need a blankie again. Yeah, the much cooler weather is coming and we say boo. 

That is it for today. Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Saturday, September 5, 2020


 HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday and happy Labor Day weekend  here in Mericky. Me, I am not planning on laboring much. Mum does have to get the grass eater out to make things neat outside. It is supposed to be rainy next week. Plus the weather has been super nice. 

Mum has been bizzy working to use up all of the little bits of yarns into hats. She makes these kid size as she figures they would be more happy to have a funky mash-up of colors. She isn't quite done using all of the extras but should be in a few days. 

While mum was sitting and doing stuff on the puter I was behind her and decided to practice my flying. I did good on this too! Can you fly? 

Mum finally showed off her new metal monster the other day. It is bright, it is blue! Mum likes it furry much. Been a long time since she had something new for her wheels. I have't been for a ride yet and I hope I won't anytime soon. The only place I usually go is the stabby place for my annual exam and that isn't due until next year. 

So everyone have a safe weekend. Don't try to do too many chores and amember to relax and enjoy live. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Garden Thursday

 Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. The weather has changed and it is oh so nice out these days. Warm but not humid and cool clear nights. We are all loving it! Mum can do some work outside without getting all hot. 

Today mum plans to haul the pile of weeds, tree pruning and such off to the community compost pile. It is supposed to be windy so hopefully that won't affect her plans. 

Our flowers are starting to ease off. Mum knows she should get some more flowers that bloom late into the fall. She looked at mum last weekend but didn't think they were quite good enuf to buy for the price they wanted. 

One thing that is blooming is our Joe Pye weed. They should rename this, it isn't a weed! Plus we had a nice butterfly come around as well. From a distance mum thought it was a monarch but it is not. 

Mum isn't 100% sure of exactly what butterfly this is. Mum tried to search the webs and came up with fritillay specifically the great spangled fritillary. Well maybe, we guess. Whatever it is, it is pretty!

With the nice weather Ducky can sit at the big window and we can all catch up again. Sure is nice to do that. 

That is it for the garden this week. Stay safe, stay safe, please wear a mask. 

Lover Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.