Monday, September 14, 2020

Mini-ManCat Monday

If dogs can smell fear, cats can smell stupidity. - Steve Warren

Oh you got that right! Thankfully mum is not stupid, most of her furiends are not stupid either. However, some of the beans on the moving picture box? Sheesh. Specially some who are trying to earn votes. No way will mum vote for them. 

We had an OK weekend. Caturday was wet and rainy, Sunday was not rainy, but it also wasn't that sunny but we did get some sun. So I got some open window time in the afternoon once it warmed up. Plus I occupied mum's lap while she watched some of the feetsball.

Feetsball Report

Yes, officially the feetsball games are back. That makes mum happy. She isn't much into basketball and just a little bit into baseball and the local baseball game wasn't good yesterday anyway.

The Pack - They traveled to Minisoda and beat the ViQueens. Mum says she thinks the place should be called the purple palace with all the purple seats. If fans are in the seats some of them wear white and you always get a few green and gold ones too. So then you don't see the purple of the seats. 

Mum watched bits of some of the other games too, just to check things out. Peoples now playing on different teams, seeing the fancy new place to play in LaLa Land too. 

Quiet week ahead from what I can tell. Mum will need to use the grass eater either today or tomorrow, then get foods for herself too. At least she doesn't have a long list of stuff to get done, just mostly the usual chores. 

Have a wonderful week everyone. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, please wear a mask. 


  1. That is a good quote. Cats don't suffer fools gladly!
    League football has started here again, but fans are not allowed in the stadium. I think they can start going back in October.

  2. I agree with Mark's Mews - fabulous quote. And you were very clever to choose a mum who didn't smell of stupidity.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Ducky, thank goodness for the mute button on the TV remote; political, social security, and fabulous new makeup line commercials are ignored around here.
    Our football team snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the 4th quarter; same as last year, and the year before...*sigh*

  4. Hi Ducky! It's getting really warm here again, which is strange!

    Yep, there's an awful lot of stupid around at the moment, says #1 too.

    Tama and Genji

  5. We always smell a lot of stupid here in the South.

  6. N joy yur week a head two dood ....we think sum kewl iz heer ta stay sew that meenz open paddy oh door !!!

    de gals will bee reddy ta make like bearz soon & hibernatez huh :) ☺☺♥♥


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