Thursday, September 24, 2020

Garden Thursday

 Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. Plus welcome to the autumnal season, better known as fall. We are seeing signs of fall here and mum took some pics near home to show that. 

This is a tree that is near where mum has to turn to get to our street. Just showing a bit of red. The tree below is on the corner where mum has to turn to get on our street. 
Then one tree on the other side of the street on the corner as well, we don't have trees that turn nice red colors, more golden. 

When mum went to get the paper outside the other day she noticed a robin egg on the ground. It is hard to see in the first pic as it is near some of the fallen leaves. 

Closeup and you can see it now, so mum took a pic of the nest and you can see that something has gotten at the egg. Mum thinks it might be a sqwerl. 

Mum decided it was time to get the nest down for good. She found the egg that was in the nest on Sunday was now down on the ledge of the stone on the house. 

Mum got out one of her garden trowels so she could reach high enuf to loosen the nest from the light and the siding on the house. So you can see it is gone. Mum needs to clean out the inside of the light fixture as there is a bit of dried grass inside by the light. 

Mum set the nest on the ledge by the metal monster room. Not sure what she will do with it, it might just get added to the compost pile. 

That is it for now. Stay safe, stay healthy and please wear a mask. 


  1. Lucky you with autumn ahead - we're in spring now, of course, and I'm NOT looking forward to summer at all. (I don't like the heat or humidity.)

    Sydney, Australia

  2. It is late for eggs, but maybe it was an old one that didn't hatch and had been left in the nest.
    Because we had a mostly very cool and wet summer the trees are holding on to their leaves and not changing colour.

  3. I too have wanted to hold onto abandoned/old birds nests...but then didn't know what to do with it! I wonder if any insects overwinter inside such things? I'll have to do some research!

  4. hay ewe galz; we noe itz bout time for ewe all ta hibernatez again...summer seemed ta flash bye huh...knot manee treez R startin ta tern heer, may bee one ore two heer N ther... but de flowerz haz all fried for now ~~~~~

    happee week a head ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  5. We do like the fall colors, they are usually so bright and cheerful!


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