Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Twin?

Mum wented shopping and came home with this little thing. Hmmm, it isn't quite the the correct color, but it isn't going to be a play thing for me.

She says she is going to put it outside in the front flower bed in the spring. Of course, spring has to get here first. Right now that little thing would be rather cold and wet sitting in the snow.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Magazine Pictures

Mum spent part of yesterday catching up on magazines that she hadn't gotten read. Many of them it didn't take long to read as they were mostly pictures, like this one. I sort of watched the pages as she flipped through. Said none of those swim suits would look good on her. She said most of the swim suits here are designed for very young and skinny people. She says she is neither young nor skinny!

But I didn't see any kitties in the magazine, so I really didn't care. So do they have a magazine like this for kitties? Mum says there are some magazines about kitties with pictures and articles about caring for kitties. But she doesn't happen to have any of them here
right now.

P.S. Mum hopes she isn't offending anyone with these pictures. She says some people get all uptight about this magazine and the swim suits.

Plus I guess I have been tagged by Mattingly, but this is way to long to do everything. so I am picking one to do -
5 Things You Love


Plus since we have had so many of these lately, I am not tagging anyone else.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


The Calico Girls mom gotted a new quilt for the bed, a log cabin type quilt. Mum has a lob cabin type quilt too. Mum picked out the fabrics and colors and her mum maded it. Once all of the squares were done, they xperimented on the exact design of the blocks. As you can arrange them in differnt ways to get squares or diagnonal lines. It is very special to mum as the quilt was the last big project that her mum did before she died. So it gets treated very nice, but it does get used. Mum thinks it makes no sense to have nice things but never have them out or use them.

But there does seem to be one thing missing from this bed. Yup. ME. I use this spot a lot to nap on and mum doesn't mind. It is her bed but she will share it with me.

Now, if you will 'xcuze me, I will take another nap. Snuggles.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Medical Test

HA, HA, HA. Mum loved this, specially since she works for a company that makes scanners.
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Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Freedom

Whooohooooo. I sneaked out of the house tonight. Mum had just comed home and then the doorbell ranged lots of times. So mum wented to the door and had the outside door open just a bit. She told the guy he was rude to ring doorbells that way. But while that little bit of the door was open, I shot outside!

Mum said a few slightly bad words and came out right behind me. I got to the end of the porch and sniffed at the snow. Then mum put her hand on the scruff of my neck and then picked me up. Then she told the guy that came to the door that she didn't want to buy anything that he was trying to sell.

So I gots a bit of fresh air after the guy left. Mum and I stayed outside for a few minutes. But not for long as she didn't have any shoes on. Socks but no shoes.

Oh, people commented about my sitting on the heaty spot. That is the only place in the house where it is in the floor, the rest of them are at the bottom of the walls but near the floor. So sometimes I just sits in front of them. And I was yawning in last nights picture, not singing or crying. It was time to go to bed.
Plus someone seems to thinks that they can get us to go crazy a do bunch of lists and play tag. That is not how we kitties play tag. We don't just leave a comment and not have a blog. You gotta start it by doing what you ask others to do and then tag some kitties yourself. Plus you see the same thing under different names on different blogs. I am with Scooby, Shaggy and Scout. Ignore them.

Plus I thinks we needs a rest from tags, haiku, pawtrait contests and such.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Give Up

Mum helped me finish up the pawtraits entry and send it in. If you are playing the deadline is Saturday, Feb 25 at 8 AM Eastern Time. So our left coast buddies better finish tomorrow night or plan on an early wake-up on Saturday.

So now I can nap in peace knwoing that we sented in our entry. I kept wanting to use the same picture for more than one kittie. It just seemed to fit more than one. I bet we don't even have half of them correct. So it will be interesting when Finny and Buddy post the answers. Mum has kept our list of how many we changed.

It's getting late, so good night and good luck.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I made mum go through all of the blogs and made her make sure we had everybody linked. We gots a long list.

Plus I have to get mum going on the Pawtraits. Mum says we are guessing at lots of them even with hints.

So I 'pose I better give one of my own. Hmmmm. Two paws and two toned.

Monday, February 20, 2006

First Day

Mum had a nice first day a her new work. Lots to learn with a big new building and finding her way around. But she said she didn't get losts. Plus she tooked several carry bags of stuff in with her. Plus she gotted home and filled them up again. More stuff to take in

Several kitties had questions on the grass. Mum says this is really not grass, at least not the type that is in our yards. Technically it says on the box that it is OATS. So just the first shoots of plants, if they would grow up and mature you could feed to horses! Mum says woofies would not likely be doing their business here. Mum has seen these little kits to "grow your own" at most of the places that sell pet stuff.

No Patches, there are no crows in cro-shay. Mum says we can't let the birdies in the house if it is cold. These birdies are meant to be outside. Mum used to have parakeets but not any more. She says they are messy.

Finally, a shout out to some new bloggers. Beau Beau and Angie of Connect-a-dot. They said their Dad wants to come and see the Packers. Hopefully by the time they are playing agin it will be warmer and the snow goned. It has started to warm up again but spring can come very soon. Until then I will sit on the heaty spot to get warm. Warm snuggles.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Catching up

Mum has had a busy past week with work, her birthday and all. So she didn’t give me much time to work on my blog and let everyone know what was going on. So I finally have a chance to read the rest of the kittie blogs and let you know what is happening here. Mum hadded a busy birthday. First she worked and we had a bad snowstorm that day. She got home late from work but was very happy when she gotted here. One of the neighbors had used their snow machine to clear our drive way. Mum did have to do a little bit of snow removal but not much. She said coming home to have most of the snow cleared was the bestest birthday purresent she got. We didn’t get the special dinner for her birthday until last night. Then we had her left over filet and she did share. Yum.

It gotted very cold here. Mum said her thingy said 17 degrees BELOW zero on Saturday morning. Yikes. The high was 3 above and this morning it was 7 below. Now about 15 above. Our nice milder winter went away.

When we firsted got up on Saturday none of the birdies had come out to eat. But a little later they started to come. I was doing my usual job watching and then one of the little birdies didn’t get up and fly away. Mum came to watch and said the birdie had gone to the rainbow bridge for wild birdies. Mum says most likely the bird was old and the really cold weather wasn’t good for him. So later she went out and moved his body away from the feeder and covered him with snow.

Mum did go out in the really cold weather yesterday. She went shopping and such but was bundled up like Nanuck, whoever that is. Plus she shoveled the snow from the patio. For all of my friends in the south, here is a picture of what my backyard looks like now. Much different from a week ago. But inside it was nice and warm in the sun so I worked on my fur tan.

I guess that PMB and I are now an item, but we are really just good friends. We had a great time at the nap-a-thon talking with each other. We like each other, Mum says we live a very long away from each other. Guess we have to teleport to see each other.

Plus several have asked how I became, and how they can become a chick magnet. My advice, just be yourself. If a girl kittie likes you fine, if not, why waste your time trying to get someone who doesn’t dig you.

Thanks for all of the nice words on my haikus. Mum helped a lot and we got carried away. She even came up with another one for all of us.

Plenty cats who blog
Great fun to participate
More fun on the way.

Mum grew me some cat grass. I have been eating at it all day. I like it, so keep it coming, mum. We are spending the day watching the Daytona 500 and the ‘Lympics.

Mum working on her cro-shay. Looking very nice. Plus she says it keeps her lap warm. Since I am not much of a lap kitty, that is ok with me.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Haiku Crazy

Mum helped me and we didded a whole bunch of haiku.

Charlie is ginger
A special BritCat is he
Take that Pandora

Brach is my buddy
White and buff tigers are we
Soul twins in our hearts

Tux gang has limits
Rest of us can't ever meet
We are still special

Chick magnet am I
Never believed it could be
A special blessing

Dear Dolce baby
In need of special caring
A bad VET to stop

I am a pretty cat
There is no doubt of that fact
Wisdom in my eyes.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I figured it out

Since Max has challenged us to do a haiku about someone else's blog

So here it goes to PMB, my secret admirer.

A secret no more
An adoring Princess
The one Mia Bella.


P.S. Thanks for the hint Patches.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Purrthday Mum

Mum says that ladies don't need to disclose their age, just a little younger than dirt she says. She is celebrating the (mumble and whisper) anniversary of her Sweet 16th Birthday.

Birthday Calculator says for mum:

You were born on a Monday,
under the astrological sign Aquarius, in the Chinese year of the Snake.

In the year she was borned

there were approximately 3.6 million births in the US.
the US population was approximately 150,697,361 people, 50.7 persons per square mile.
in the US there were approximately 1,667,231 marriages (11.1%) and 385,144 divorces (2.6%)
in the US there were approximately 1,452,000 deaths (9.6 per 1000)
In the US a new person is born approximately every 8 seconds.
In the US one person dies approximately every 12 seconds.

Your birthstone is Amethyst
The Mystical properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is used to increase spiritually
Your birth tree is Cedar, the Confidence

Of rare beauty, knows how to adapt, likes luxury, of good health not in the least shy, tends to look down on others, self-confident, determined, impatient, wants to impress others, many talents, industrious, healthy, optimism, waiting for the one true love, able to make quick decisions.

Yup that's my mum! Purrs, sandpaper kisses, love you.

P.S. Does this mean extra treats and such for me too?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Secret Admirer

Oh dear. One of the comments on my Valentine's Day blog was the following.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Derby. purrrrr

Your Secret Admirer

I have been through the blogs and don't find a match that seems to come to "PMB". Is it one kittie or a group of kitties, the kitties mum or dad. I have some ideas but they don't fit completely. Thank you to whomever you are, don't be shy. A picture of my rose for you. Purrrrs.

This may be harder to work out than Pawtraits.

Plus, me and Timothy Dickens is getting beaten by a woofie for the Calvin & Hobss Pet of the Month for February. Come on everyone, we can't get beat by a woofie!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Snuggles, headbutts, purrs and sandpaper kisses to all. Mum founded a funny card that we gave to Grampie for Valentine's. Courtesy of Hallmark.

Note that the little "gift" is heart shaped. HEHEHE.

Yes, mum did bring home a kittie bag from her dinner out, guess I was just so interested in her flower that I didn't worry about that. It is still in the big cold box, mum says it is filet minion. Whatever that is, sounds fancy.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


My friends of the Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South think snow is funny. But they don't think they have ever seen it for real. So to give them a small taste of our winter, which hasn't been very wintery.

Here are a couple of pictures from this afternoon. Mosted of what we gotted was melting from a bit of sunshine. Mum couldn't really get a picture of me looking outside, the flashy thing don't work well when shooting close and far objects. But you can see my ears.
This one is looking just outside through the very long windows that come to the floor. This looks out the back of my house with birdie feeding stations and the end of the garden.
Also if you check back on by blog of January 21 you can see really nice bright snow of about 4 inches. But if you really want to see deep snow, head on over to "it's all Good". You can see the three cats out in about a foot of snow today. Mum is glad we don't have that much snow.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Deja Vu

In the tag game it asked about the fifth sentence. That was written the evening before Thanksgiving back in November. Well, that sentence could apply very well today as we did get a little bit of snow again today. Just enough to cover the grass. The Whippy Curly Tails laugh about me writing about a little bit of snow. Maybe any snow is a big deal for you in the South, but this type of snow to us in the North is nothing. It will be gone tomorrow if we gets some sun.

Tonight I gotted to meet another one of mum's friends. Her name is Barb and she was kittie mum to Bandit. She was nice and friendly to me, giving me scritches and letting me walk around through her legs. I sniffed at her purse, jacket and shoes. I didn't smell any other kittie. Mum says Bandit wented to the Rainbow Bridge many years ago.

They wented out to eat tonight and mum broughted home a pretty red flower. The place they went to eat was giving flowers out to all of the ladies who ated there tonight. Mum says lots of early Valentine dinners plus some very cute teenagers who had a special dance tonight. This was a special treat from mum to Barb since she is getting married soon.

So as soon as mum putted the flower into a little glass thing and sat it on the table, I decided I had to see how it tasted. So I chomped part of the leaves off. That did not make mum happy, so now she has the flower where I can't get it. You can see the leaf here where I tasted it. It was OK, but mum keeps watching me to see if it will make me sick. Nah, but my dinner dish could sure use a few crunchies. (hint, hint) I am hungary, you gotted lots to eat tonight, so come through with the goodies.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Another Game of Tag

Les Trois Chats tagged me with the following

Here are the rules:

1. Go into your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Post the fifth sentence (or closest to it).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

We got a small amount of snow today.

So I tag Oscar, Edsel, Bonnie & Victor, Kelly & Callie , and Boni.

I hope I didn't duplicate any kittie that might have been tagged by someone else.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


If you asked my mum she would say I have way more toys than I really need. But I like them all and play with them as needed. Tonighted we had a good time. Mum finished cleaning the box and then raced me upstairs. I won!

Then we played hide and seeky around of the cubes. Then mum gotted out my most favorite toy the little flyer thingy.
Now if you pull the little red thing the orangey thing on top goes flying across the room and I go flying after it. Mum is good she can get this thingy to fly almost all the way from one end of the house to the other. I just chase, I don't chase and return. So mum is gotta walk back and forth to get it and make it fly again. This makes her gets some exercise too.

Then after she tuckered me out we just snuggled on the couch and she did some really good chin scritches. They were so good I just rolled over on my back and purrred. Keep it up mum.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Pause for Paws Pictures

Hey everybody, Friday is the deadline to get into Buddy & Finny's contest. They are having a paw contest, you gotta match the paws to the cat. This should be fun. I've sent my entry in and it will probably be the only one I can match. I wonder if we gets hints.

Since I don't want to give anything away, my picture will be of my, ummm.... ear.
Plus mum says I am more that living up to my sassy cat nickname. She hadded to make a phone call tonight and I gave her a big nip while she was talking. Well, she gave out a big ouch. She hadded to explain to the other person on the phone what happened.

Plus mum founded out today that she gets to start her new job on February 20th. So mum says that is real soon. Plus she wishes she could do a Vulcan mind meld to teach the new person all that she knows. She was quiet when she came home as she hadded to talk so much at work today.

Patches, my dear, what is around my neck is my collar with two tags, one from the VET to show I hadded my shots, the other a heart with my name on it. Which you can see on the picture that is up at the Calvin & Hobbs Photo of the Month contest. Vote for me, please, purrrrs. Or vote for Timothy Dickens. We gotta keep the dogs out of the running.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Sun, Sun is so much Fun

Just relaxing in the sun, thinking about what to blog about. One problem is that the 'puter is closed. Guess I will just have to think for a while more, or until mum comes home and opens it up.

I gotted outside tonight. No not on my own, but when mum wented outside to get the mail from the box. So it was a bit cool, but not bad for a few minutes. It really wasn't dark out yet, but you could see the moon and mum pointed out a star. She said it was the "Sirius" or the "Dog Star". Humph. Call me when you find the "Cat Star".

Mum isn't sure if I can blog from the kitty spa or not. She thinks most likely not, but you never know.

Mum says it is time to fast forward through the "Puppy Bowl" to see the kittie half time entertainment. This is even better than the game yesterday, I slepted through most of it, but mum was happy about the winner for one of her co-workers wanted the Steelers to win. She said he was in Ireland so probably couldn't even watch the game.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Close But no Catnip

Nice to see the system is up, mum tried but couldn't get any thing posted yesterday. She is pretty good at tech support but it kept saying "forbidden". Plus most of the rest of the blogs were not working either. So mum said we had to do other things. So we played, napped (me) and cro-shayed (mum).

Man, I justed missed being Max's 100,000 visitor, I was 100,002. Oh well, congrats to the winners, Oreo, Bonnie & Victor, and Bill. I hope Bill is a kitty or at least a kitty dad.

I maded it to "Honorable Mention" on the blogging contest. Mum says that is very good for our first time. Thanks to whomever nominated us, we don't know. If we hadded more voting family that might help. Guess mum's gotta e-mail everybody she knows and tell them to vote for us next time.

We had a very nice and sunny day. Mum gotted a piture of my shadow as I looked out the window this morning. Otherwise she has been very busy cleaning today. Plus getting some extra kitchen things together to donate to someone who losted their stuff. Says we have more than enough

Mum also says "thank you" to all who wish her well on the new job. She is 'cited about it, but they have to figure out the exact starting date. Mum hopes sooner versus later. The one thing she warned me about is that I might hafta go visit at the Kitty Hotel sometimes. Plus because of that, no I won't be getting a companion cat. One is enough to send to the spa.

Well, about time for the "Stupor Bowl". At least this is what mum feels like if you watch EVERYTHING, stupor. Mum avoids all of the pre-game gab, we will tune in for the game and the commercials. May your favorite team win.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Mum's News

I founded out tonight why mum is so happy. She came home again tonight very happy and with a nice folder with a special letter in it. She is gonna have a new job at work!

That is where she wented on Monday after we had lunch together. She went to talk to people about this new job. She officially found out today and it's official, as she signed the letter accepting. Last night they had told her they would do this, but she didn't want to share it with me until it was a done deal. Good job mum!

So we spented the evening celebrating. She made a nice simple dinner and shared a bit of the fishy thing with me. Yum.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

I Got Nominated!

Wow, mum wented to check out the voting at Blogging Out Loud. We had seen on a few blogs that some of our gang had their blogs nominated. Well, we gotted a surprise. Somebody nominated ME.
So, thank you to that person or furry friend who did that.

But I will let everyone decide on their own which of the many blogs they want to vote for. But you get three votes. Voting ends on February 3. That is tomorrow, FRIDAY.

Otherwise, mum came home from work in a wonderful mood. I got lots of scritches when she gotted home, treats, a big hug. Hmmmm, wonder what happened that she is so happy. She hasn't shared anything specific with me. When I find out I will keep everyone posted.

So off to get some snuggle time while mum operates the 'puter so I can catch up with the gang.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often

Just to let everbody know, mum entered me in the Calvin & Hobbs February photo contest.

I know I am runninng against my buddy Timothy Dickens. But I think I should be Mr. February!

So I am kindly asking for your votes. Purrrrs to all.

Mummy's Home Tonight

For the first time this week mum made it home from work on time. Last night she didn't getted home until her bedtime. Seems there was a dinner out because of work. But she broughted home foods and tonight I sampled a tiny bit of what mum called 'chicken paremsan'. Not bad, just plain chicken is fine by me.

So we have had time to catch up reading everybody's blogs and catch up. Surprising what all can happen in just a few days.

Since mum is home, I gotta go get my snuggles, play time and treats. See ya.