Sunday, February 5, 2006

Close But no Catnip

Nice to see the system is up, mum tried but couldn't get any thing posted yesterday. She is pretty good at tech support but it kept saying "forbidden". Plus most of the rest of the blogs were not working either. So mum said we had to do other things. So we played, napped (me) and cro-shayed (mum).

Man, I justed missed being Max's 100,000 visitor, I was 100,002. Oh well, congrats to the winners, Oreo, Bonnie & Victor, and Bill. I hope Bill is a kitty or at least a kitty dad.

I maded it to "Honorable Mention" on the blogging contest. Mum says that is very good for our first time. Thanks to whomever nominated us, we don't know. If we hadded more voting family that might help. Guess mum's gotta e-mail everybody she knows and tell them to vote for us next time.

We had a very nice and sunny day. Mum gotted a piture of my shadow as I looked out the window this morning. Otherwise she has been very busy cleaning today. Plus getting some extra kitchen things together to donate to someone who losted their stuff. Says we have more than enough

Mum also says "thank you" to all who wish her well on the new job. She is 'cited about it, but they have to figure out the exact starting date. Mum hopes sooner versus later. The one thing she warned me about is that I might hafta go visit at the Kitty Hotel sometimes. Plus because of that, no I won't be getting a companion cat. One is enough to send to the spa.

Well, about time for the "Stupor Bowl". At least this is what mum feels like if you watch EVERYTHING, stupor. Mum avoids all of the pre-game gab, we will tune in for the game and the commercials. May your favorite team win.


  1. There's a kitty hotel fairly close to our home, but I don't think your mom has Colorado in mind. If she does, perhaps ...

    What makes today sort of "Stupor Sunday" is that 4 hour pre-game show, which gets boring real fast, like in the first 15 minutes. By the time it's game time, you're too bored to watch. We think we'll work on a catnap during the game. Plus, we'll be checking on that crystal ball of ours. May be it'll tell us when we'll have some special fishy meal.

  2. We don't understand American football here. The Stuporbowl is on TV here but it's bedtime here so we're not going to watch. My mum wants the Seahawks to win though because she's been to Seattle when she went to the US of A and she had lots of fun there. (And it is my Uncle-Si-in-Montana's team)

  3. we are watching the 'mercials mostly. mommy is the only one in her family rooting for the birds, efurryone else is rooting for the "stillers" - she says that's what efurryone on pittsburgh called them when she lived there. she always roots for the opposite of her family.

  4. Congratulations to both you and your mom.

  5. Mom and Dad went to watch the sooper bowl with the girl (their daughter and her family). They wuz rootin for the hawks cuz Washington is only 70 miles from A State of Winter. They wuz gone all day! They left us home all alone!@! I am furry upset!!! I met them at the door and told them!!

  6. Congratulations! I got an honorable mention too. Congrats to your Mom on her new job too, sorry you gots to go away sometimes. Will you be able to blog from jail?

  7. Congratulations to both of you! My brother's sweetie pea goes to the cat spa sometimes, and she says has fun there. I want my mom to *start* a cat spa!

  8. I slept through the entire Super Bowl...just as I planned.

    In fact, I'm overdue for my mid-mid-morning nap right now!

  9. Mom & dad went to a stupor bowl party. Mom said she ate so much she came home in a stupor!


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