Friday, February 17, 2006

I figured it out

Since Max has challenged us to do a haiku about someone else's blog

So here it goes to PMB, my secret admirer.

A secret no more
An adoring Princess
The one Mia Bella.


P.S. Thanks for the hint Patches.


  1. awww, thank you Derby. I love your haiku.

    ::swoons with delight::

  2. You am a furry handsome feller, I always said that! Mine Mom give you chin scritches.

  3. Derby & Princess Mia Belle
    Sitting in a tree
    We stole that rhyme from some other blogger cat we admit it. But it sure fits here! Are you gonna give her a big ring Derby? Or maybe a gigantic tuna? Or a diamond collar. You could consult Gigolokitty for something appropriate.


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