Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Freedom

Whooohooooo. I sneaked out of the house tonight. Mum had just comed home and then the doorbell ranged lots of times. So mum wented to the door and had the outside door open just a bit. She told the guy he was rude to ring doorbells that way. But while that little bit of the door was open, I shot outside!

Mum said a few slightly bad words and came out right behind me. I got to the end of the porch and sniffed at the snow. Then mum put her hand on the scruff of my neck and then picked me up. Then she told the guy that came to the door that she didn't want to buy anything that he was trying to sell.

So I gots a bit of fresh air after the guy left. Mum and I stayed outside for a few minutes. But not for long as she didn't have any shoes on. Socks but no shoes.

Oh, people commented about my sitting on the heaty spot. That is the only place in the house where it is in the floor, the rest of them are at the bottom of the walls but near the floor. So sometimes I just sits in front of them. And I was yawning in last nights picture, not singing or crying. It was time to go to bed.
Plus someone seems to thinks that they can get us to go crazy a do bunch of lists and play tag. That is not how we kitties play tag. We don't just leave a comment and not have a blog. You gotta start it by doing what you ask others to do and then tag some kitties yourself. Plus you see the same thing under different names on different blogs. I am with Scooby, Shaggy and Scout. Ignore them.

Plus I thinks we needs a rest from tags, haiku, pawtrait contests and such.


  1. We just need to do some regular kitty things, like nap and play and eat stinky goodness and snuggle. You can hang out with us too. We don't anything special but regular kitty stuff!

  2. I escape sometimes, but I keep goin' and make Mom chase me all over the place.

  3. we agree Derby - our too many things make our brains hurt a little

  4. Yep, I'm great at napping and snacking and swatting at Mini. 'Sides from that, bout all I wanna do now is look after Mommy -- by nappin on her feet! hehehe

  5. We gotted that tag thing and mine Mom was wondering what is up with that? She is going to ignore it.
    I sneaked out the back door one time and runned like my tail was on fire, around to the front door. Mom said some bad words when I ranned out and she had to go after me with stockings on. I likes to lay by the metal fire box here in the cabin.

  6. Derby, you have a good point there!
    So much to do and so little time.
    It is hard to hicuu and pawtrat and all of that.
    We just want mom to stay off the puter and pet us lots. Course FEED us too!
    Wats the deal. Sheesh!

    We love seeing pictures of you. And many thanks for the snow pics.
    We just have rain now...finally.

    Please come by to read Blackie's story.
    He is very proud that his story is on the blog.
    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

  7. Derby, you shouldn't a scared your mom like that. But nice job guarding her from the salesman. I don't try to get out anymore, but Victor thinks he wants to asplore the cold room where the rolling boxes stay. There's a really big door to outside there, but it's not a good place to go. Oh, and we have the same kind of weird heat vent at our house. No place good to sleep!

  8. Derby, you got to understand your Mum is real concerned that you might get eaten by a bear (or a Wisconsin Badger?) -- humans are funny that way. Anyway, glad you didn't get in too much trouble.

    My humans don't like opening the door to door-to-door salesmen either. Going out in the freezing weather and making no sales... gee, is that what they mean by "cold calls"? ...


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