Monday, February 6, 2006

Sun, Sun is so much Fun

Just relaxing in the sun, thinking about what to blog about. One problem is that the 'puter is closed. Guess I will just have to think for a while more, or until mum comes home and opens it up.

I gotted outside tonight. No not on my own, but when mum wented outside to get the mail from the box. So it was a bit cool, but not bad for a few minutes. It really wasn't dark out yet, but you could see the moon and mum pointed out a star. She said it was the "Sirius" or the "Dog Star". Humph. Call me when you find the "Cat Star".

Mum isn't sure if I can blog from the kitty spa or not. She thinks most likely not, but you never know.

Mum says it is time to fast forward through the "Puppy Bowl" to see the kittie half time entertainment. This is even better than the game yesterday, I slepted through most of it, but mum was happy about the winner for one of her co-workers wanted the Steelers to win. She said he was in Ireland so probably couldn't even watch the game.


  1. Derby, you look so regal perched in your window!

    I say scratch at the computer until you work it open. Your mom will understand...

  2. What a nice windowseat Derby. My sis used to enjoy sitting on windowsills but I find them a bit narrow for my mighty bottom, I keep falling off them.

  3. Hi Derby, thanks for visitin' us. It sounds like lots of us used the paw trick! We have a nice window to sit in when there's sun, too, but we have trouble sharin' it sometimes.

  4. Oh, you looks so snugly, Derby...... What am that pretty thing round your necky? Can I come over?


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