Sunday, February 19, 2006

Catching up

Mum has had a busy past week with work, her birthday and all. So she didn’t give me much time to work on my blog and let everyone know what was going on. So I finally have a chance to read the rest of the kittie blogs and let you know what is happening here. Mum hadded a busy birthday. First she worked and we had a bad snowstorm that day. She got home late from work but was very happy when she gotted here. One of the neighbors had used their snow machine to clear our drive way. Mum did have to do a little bit of snow removal but not much. She said coming home to have most of the snow cleared was the bestest birthday purresent she got. We didn’t get the special dinner for her birthday until last night. Then we had her left over filet and she did share. Yum.

It gotted very cold here. Mum said her thingy said 17 degrees BELOW zero on Saturday morning. Yikes. The high was 3 above and this morning it was 7 below. Now about 15 above. Our nice milder winter went away.

When we firsted got up on Saturday none of the birdies had come out to eat. But a little later they started to come. I was doing my usual job watching and then one of the little birdies didn’t get up and fly away. Mum came to watch and said the birdie had gone to the rainbow bridge for wild birdies. Mum says most likely the bird was old and the really cold weather wasn’t good for him. So later she went out and moved his body away from the feeder and covered him with snow.

Mum did go out in the really cold weather yesterday. She went shopping and such but was bundled up like Nanuck, whoever that is. Plus she shoveled the snow from the patio. For all of my friends in the south, here is a picture of what my backyard looks like now. Much different from a week ago. But inside it was nice and warm in the sun so I worked on my fur tan.

I guess that PMB and I are now an item, but we are really just good friends. We had a great time at the nap-a-thon talking with each other. We like each other, Mum says we live a very long away from each other. Guess we have to teleport to see each other.

Plus several have asked how I became, and how they can become a chick magnet. My advice, just be yourself. If a girl kittie likes you fine, if not, why waste your time trying to get someone who doesn’t dig you.

Thanks for all of the nice words on my haikus. Mum helped a lot and we got carried away. She even came up with another one for all of us.

Plenty cats who blog
Great fun to participate
More fun on the way.

Mum grew me some cat grass. I have been eating at it all day. I like it, so keep it coming, mum. We are spending the day watching the Daytona 500 and the ‘Lympics.

Mum working on her cro-shay. Looking very nice. Plus she says it keeps her lap warm. Since I am not much of a lap kitty, that is ok with me.


  1. wow Derby, you hadded a busy week. It's been cold here, but not as cold as where you live. Our mommy loves the cold weather, so she is loving it right now. Efurry time she opens the door, we run and hide 'acause it's too cold.

  2. My People got me some grass like that once, but I didn't want to eat it. I used to look out the windows and I saw what Hank the Dog did n the grass, so there as no way I was putting that in my mouth!

  3. I like to eat grass too, but sometimes it just doesn't want to stay in my tummy. My humans just hope I don't wait until going back inside to get rid of it!

  4. 17 degrees below zero! no wonder that poor birdie died. maybe you should let them come inside and get warm??

  5. Derby, where did your Mum get your grass? I might want to try some 'cause I've been throwing up this weekend - delicate stomach, you know.


    P.S. A long-distance relationship might be very hard to do.

  6. Derby, thanks for the advice. I will follow your words of wisdom. I like the look of that grass. Maybe Mom will get us some. Hmm, maybe Meezers' Mom should get them some so they won't be scared of grass anymore? :-)

    ~ moose

  7. Nice picture of you by the grass Derby! You look all sleek!

  8. How sad about that birdie... Stay warm out there Derbs! Oh and tell your Momma happy a'lated purrthday :) With Grammie's purrthday, we gotted so busy we forgotted to check on everyone's blog!

  9. Derby, a question for you.

    Am there crows in cro shay? I mean the black noisy birds that are fun to eat? If there am, you better catch them.

    Yes, you be a chick magnet (I liked to all along) and great boy. You make your mom proud.

  10. Hi ya Derby, Daddy and Mommy want to check out Wisconsin, (that's coz Daddy likes the Packers) can't be too much more snow than the 21" we got here last week... I think Mommy better get us some grass too. Might help us digest some of that insulation we keep gettin into.


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