Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Pause for Paws Pictures

Hey everybody, Friday is the deadline to get into Buddy & Finny's contest. They are having a paw contest, you gotta match the paws to the cat. This should be fun. I've sent my entry in and it will probably be the only one I can match. I wonder if we gets hints.

Since I don't want to give anything away, my picture will be of my, ummm.... ear.
Plus mum says I am more that living up to my sassy cat nickname. She hadded to make a phone call tonight and I gave her a big nip while she was talking. Well, she gave out a big ouch. She hadded to explain to the other person on the phone what happened.

Plus mum founded out today that she gets to start her new job on February 20th. So mum says that is real soon. Plus she wishes she could do a Vulcan mind meld to teach the new person all that she knows. She was quiet when she came home as she hadded to talk so much at work today.

Patches, my dear, what is around my neck is my collar with two tags, one from the VET to show I hadded my shots, the other a heart with my name on it. Which you can see on the picture that is up at the Calvin & Hobbs Photo of the Month contest. Vote for me, please, purrrrs. Or vote for Timothy Dickens. We gotta keep the dogs out of the running.


  1. Hi Derby! I do that summersault thing a lot, actually, like when I rub my stink on Mom or Dad. I was only upside down for less then a second, then I got Smeagol back! I'll post another picture where you can see that I kinda look like you. I also nip at Mom at the perfect times! --Strider

  2. Derby - how sneaky of you to take a nip when she couldn't do much about it... I gotta learn that one.
    ~ moose

    Good luck with the new job, Mum!!
    ~ tammara

  3. Oh Derby....*blushing......I will most certainly vote for you!!!


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