Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often

Just to let everbody know, mum entered me in the Calvin & Hobbs February photo contest.

I know I am runninng against my buddy Timothy Dickens. But I think I should be Mr. February!

So I am kindly asking for your votes. Purrrrs to all.


  1. I voted for you already Derby! Every times I go there I makes a vote for you and me ;) Shmaybe you could just vote for me once? Shmaybe??
    Grammie says your picture am very cute. Methinks she voted for you too!

  2. I think I will have to vote for the both of you...You's just too dang cute to choose!! :) Have you voted at Bloggin Outloud yet? You can use all 3 of your votes for my bloggie...if you wanted too.. :)

  3. Oh, Derb.......we will hurry on over and vote for am my buddy!!!

  4. Lemme go vote! You and Timmy are both awfully handsome, so it makes it kinda hard to pick who to vote for. Maybe if I close my eyes and just stab at the screen that'll work? Maybe not. I might accidentally vote for a d-o-g then and that wouldn't be good. Oh well, I'll figure it out!


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