Saturday, February 11, 2006

Deja Vu

In the tag game it asked about the fifth sentence. That was written the evening before Thanksgiving back in November. Well, that sentence could apply very well today as we did get a little bit of snow again today. Just enough to cover the grass. The Whippy Curly Tails laugh about me writing about a little bit of snow. Maybe any snow is a big deal for you in the South, but this type of snow to us in the North is nothing. It will be gone tomorrow if we gets some sun.

Tonight I gotted to meet another one of mum's friends. Her name is Barb and she was kittie mum to Bandit. She was nice and friendly to me, giving me scritches and letting me walk around through her legs. I sniffed at her purse, jacket and shoes. I didn't smell any other kittie. Mum says Bandit wented to the Rainbow Bridge many years ago.

They wented out to eat tonight and mum broughted home a pretty red flower. The place they went to eat was giving flowers out to all of the ladies who ated there tonight. Mum says lots of early Valentine dinners plus some very cute teenagers who had a special dance tonight. This was a special treat from mum to Barb since she is getting married soon.

So as soon as mum putted the flower into a little glass thing and sat it on the table, I decided I had to see how it tasted. So I chomped part of the leaves off. That did not make mum happy, so now she has the flower where I can't get it. You can see the leaf here where I tasted it. It was OK, but mum keeps watching me to see if it will make me sick. Nah, but my dinner dish could sure use a few crunchies. (hint, hint) I am hungary, you gotted lots to eat tonight, so come through with the goodies.


  1. Mmmmmm, a flower! You should have tasted a petal while you had the chance, Derby. Delish!

  2. Dude! I have suggested a game of blogtag on Secret Paw - whaddyerfink? Could be fun...


  3. Yummy leaf snack. We have tried this before and found our kitty food better. You look so nice with the red rose...very handsome kitty!

    We did giggle about the snow...cuz we have never seen any snow, that we remember!
    Please take pictures of it, maybe one of you looking out the window and the fluffy stuff!

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!

  4. Low-hanging plants and flowers are just too tempting. Poor Mom used to like fresh flowers. She says her Heather never ever ate her plants. Mom has a fern and an ivy plant with a bunch of holes in their leaves. Hmm. I think Nala or Turtle must've gotten them. It wasn't ME. I'd never do that. Nuh-uh. Why is Mom giving me the arched eyebrow look??

    ~ moose

  5. Ignore the plant and spill the vase of water - that tastes better. Mom has all but given up on leaving flowers on the table. Moi?

  6. Derby, I tag you......this is a new game we started at DK&F...Charlie tagged Patches, Patches then tagged me and told me to go tag you, and I have structions for where you go to tag someone else at the comment section of the latest post)
    So, hop on over there and see who you are supposed to tag, tag them, and go back to DK&F and choose someone else. Good idea to leave these structions, can be confusing for us poodins.

  7. What! She went out to eat and didn't bring home anything for you in a kitty bag?

  8. Our sweetie, Cafe', was very good about not eating plants (only the odd nibble), but our neighbour, Smoke (very clumsy), knocked a cactus into the chichis cages and they ate it! Mum was very nervous, but in their native home, chichis eat cactusus! Me, I'd rather have agood old banana, or an apple, and Cafe' agreed!


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