Monday, February 20, 2006

First Day

Mum had a nice first day a her new work. Lots to learn with a big new building and finding her way around. But she said she didn't get losts. Plus she tooked several carry bags of stuff in with her. Plus she gotted home and filled them up again. More stuff to take in

Several kitties had questions on the grass. Mum says this is really not grass, at least not the type that is in our yards. Technically it says on the box that it is OATS. So just the first shoots of plants, if they would grow up and mature you could feed to horses! Mum says woofies would not likely be doing their business here. Mum has seen these little kits to "grow your own" at most of the places that sell pet stuff.

No Patches, there are no crows in cro-shay. Mum says we can't let the birdies in the house if it is cold. These birdies are meant to be outside. Mum used to have parakeets but not any more. She says they are messy.

Finally, a shout out to some new bloggers. Beau Beau and Angie of Connect-a-dot. They said their Dad wants to come and see the Packers. Hopefully by the time they are playing agin it will be warmer and the snow goned. It has started to warm up again but spring can come very soon. Until then I will sit on the heaty spot to get warm. Warm snuggles.


  1. I still don't trust grass. If Hank weren't at the Rainbow Bridge, I KNOW he'd be trying to pee on it!

    I do want the People to try growing some fresh nip agin...only this time not where the rude outside kitties will get to it.

  2. i layed on the heatey thingie all day yesterday too. mine mommy kept trying to turn up the heat 'acause I was blocking it all from making her warm.

  3. Looks like you found a warm place to nap on!

  4. How does your house get warm if you are intercepting all the hot air from the vent?

    I like your technique...I'll have to try it today!

  5. Derby

    You have a great ider' to stay all warmzie.

    My fur keeps me pretty warm. We don't get any of that white stuff on the grounds here in Flo re da. Most of the time it is really nice. Yesterday we had no sun at all so I slept in Mom's lap.

    Zzzzzzzzzzz nice sleepin' weather those dark days are. It's warm and bright today though and my Mom had to go to works. I don't like that. I miss her lap.


  6. Good luck to your mum in her new job, Derby! My mum was stressed out when she got back from work today, the little monsters she teaches had been mean to her all day. I am cheering up her by cuddling her.

  7. Best wishes on the new job, Derby's mum - hope it's lotza fun for you!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  8. Good luck to your mom on her new job! I like your technique for staying warm. We don't have heaty things on the floor like that here, when I want to get warm I crawl under the covers of my beans' bed for a nap. It's the bestest.

  9. Good luck to your mom on her new job.

    I wish we had vent thingies like that in our house. Then maybe I would finally be warm!

  10. Hope the new job works out well! You look mighty handsome in the picture.

  11. Derby,
    You are a smart kitty, resting right on the warm spot. You know what, our coloring is alot alike! Except you have a pretty stripey tail like Nala, and my tail is who knows what pattern because it is FLUFFY. I like our beautiful color, don't you? We do have to work hard to keep it clean, though. (Sometimes I cheat, because my sisters clean me. They started doing that when I was little and stinky. Now I'm not stinky but they still do it. Sheesh. Girls.)

    ~ moose

  12. Derby, what a great place to nap. Who cares if you block the heat, as long as you are cozy comfy.

    You am looking particular handsome in that picher.

  13. More snow coming to Connect-a-dot. Me and Angie want to get warmed up just like you Derby and find our own heaty spot next to Daddies warm stove where all our scratching sticks go.


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