Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Give Up

Mum helped me finish up the pawtraits entry and send it in. If you are playing the deadline is Saturday, Feb 25 at 8 AM Eastern Time. So our left coast buddies better finish tomorrow night or plan on an early wake-up on Saturday.

So now I can nap in peace knwoing that we sented in our entry. I kept wanting to use the same picture for more than one kittie. It just seemed to fit more than one. I bet we don't even have half of them correct. So it will be interesting when Finny and Buddy post the answers. Mum has kept our list of how many we changed.

It's getting late, so good night and good luck.


  1. Nighty-night, Derby. You may have done better than you think. Don't forget your bedtime snack! Which reminds me - go see what's in the fridge at Diva Kitty's house!

  2. our mommy sented in our a couple of days ago - she gave up and started putting names anywhere.

  3. Mine Mom did the same thing Meezers.......she was guessing all over the place on the pawtraits. Derby, what a cute picher. You am such a handsome boy!!

  4. Yes, yes...our Mom had a terrible time with the paw contest. Poor thing. What will she do with the tail contest that someone suggested? That'll be even harder.

  5. Derby, you almost look like you're crying in that picture!! Have a good weekend...

    turtle, moose & nala

  6. You've been tagged!

    1) 5 Things You Can’t Do
    2) 5 Things You Can Do
    3) 5 Things That Scare You
    4) 5 Things You Love
    5) 5 Things You Hate
    6) 5 Random Facts About You
    7) 5 Things You Want To Do Before You Die

    Now tag 5 others! :)

  7. I think it looks like you are singing! Brach likes to sing (late at night when mom is ready for bed).

    Maybe you can do a duet!

  8. There's that tag again. We thinks it a bogus one. It's popping up on all the blogs with different names attached to it, names no one knows. It's from a stranger...beware. Put the hair up on your back & growl at it. Get some catch up sleep Derby buddy.

  9. Derby, we just put our paws down.
    We said MOM no pawtrats, no, no, no.
    She said OK and gave all 3 of us big brush downs with the wire brush thingy. She is a good mom!

    We hope you win pawtrats and we hope you saw our hints.
    We tried to help!

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South


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