Monday, February 27, 2006

Magazine Pictures

Mum spent part of yesterday catching up on magazines that she hadn't gotten read. Many of them it didn't take long to read as they were mostly pictures, like this one. I sort of watched the pages as she flipped through. Said none of those swim suits would look good on her. She said most of the swim suits here are designed for very young and skinny people. She says she is neither young nor skinny!

But I didn't see any kitties in the magazine, so I really didn't care. So do they have a magazine like this for kitties? Mum says there are some magazines about kitties with pictures and articles about caring for kitties. But she doesn't happen to have any of them here
right now.

P.S. Mum hopes she isn't offending anyone with these pictures. She says some people get all uptight about this magazine and the swim suits.

Plus I guess I have been tagged by Mattingly, but this is way to long to do everything. so I am picking one to do -
5 Things You Love


Plus since we have had so many of these lately, I am not tagging anyone else.


  1. The only one skinny & young around here is Scout. Our mom has so many magazines to catch up on it's getting ree-dic-a-lus! And mom says thanks for the quilt info & encouragement!:) -Shaggy

  2. Hi Derby... sorry about tagging you then. I didn't know it wasn't a nice person. It was a very long thing to do. I should have thought of doing part of it or doing none of it at all. That's what I get for not being around my blog for a long time I guess.

  3. Mom is not offended by those magazines, she says - just annoyed. She says they cut and paint the pictures to make the women look like Barbies, even when they look fine how they are. I wonder if they do that airbrush thing in the kitty magazines? Maybe they could add even more fluffiness to my tail...

    ~ moose

  4. I have to admit, I've done some "questionable" magazine spreads myself. While the payment was good (tuna as far as the eye could see), I found it psychologically damaging to pose like that...damaging, that is, for those kitties wishing they looked as attractive as me!

  5. Mom is making me say, "I'm sorry."

    Apparently, she says a lot of kitties are as attractive as me and that I should be more modest.


  6. Mine Mom wouldnt let me do the tag thing. She said it was too long, and she just wondered about it anyway. I like that you picked yur Mom firstest. Way to get points!!!

  7. Can't remember where, but I've seen some websites where the cats are posing very provocatively - kitty-porn, I call it - and it's more than a little disturbing.

  8. I figured if the person tagging didn't have own blog and let me know, I wasn't gonna mess with it. Mom said that was just fine. So I ignored it. She said she saw that magazine when I sent her out for "white" for a white russian-hold-the-russian and that she couldn't fit one leg in one of those swimsuits. I think she'd look awfully funny with a swimsuit only one one leg half way up, so maybe she shouldn't try. I don't know about any kitty magazines like that tho. Maybe it's because we don't wear swimsuits.

  9. Hi Derby! I've started a new club for ginger kitties and you can join if you like! Check out the link to Gorgeous Gingers at my blog! Hope to see you there.

  10. In British-speak you are definitely ginger, Derby - you are welcome to join!

  11. Beau says that magazine is fine but even if they had kittie swimsuit editions Angie couldn't get into one of those bathing suits either!

  12. now if it was a catalog with catnip articles, maybe derby would be more interested.

  13. Maybe he's just getting old, but my human says at this point the beach and the sunshine look even more desirable than the swimsuit models.

    (Or maybe he said that because Mama was in the room...)


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