Sunday, February 26, 2006


The Calico Girls mom gotted a new quilt for the bed, a log cabin type quilt. Mum has a lob cabin type quilt too. Mum picked out the fabrics and colors and her mum maded it. Once all of the squares were done, they xperimented on the exact design of the blocks. As you can arrange them in differnt ways to get squares or diagnonal lines. It is very special to mum as the quilt was the last big project that her mum did before she died. So it gets treated very nice, but it does get used. Mum thinks it makes no sense to have nice things but never have them out or use them.

But there does seem to be one thing missing from this bed. Yup. ME. I use this spot a lot to nap on and mum doesn't mind. It is her bed but she will share it with me.

Now, if you will 'xcuze me, I will take another nap. Snuggles.


  1. Big yawn - you must have been very tired!

  2. that's a beautiful quilt, the colors are very pretty and it looks comfy!

  3. That is such a beautiful quilt! It's so nice of your Mum to share that with you! Thanks for your comments on my last post. Oh by the way, you've been tagged!!

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    6) 5 Random Facts About You
    7) 5 Things You Want To Do Before You Die

    Then tag 5 more!

  4. Hey Derby, those quilt colours go so well with your fur! It's almost as if they designed it to enhance your good looks. Methinks I would look pretty good on it too - all right if I pop over some time to try it out?

  5. Oh, mine goodness, Derby....this am just too beautiful. Purples is mine Moms favorite color too. She just loves it and it looks the bestest with you on it, might I add. Thanks for the picher!!!

  6. Will you join the anti-bath protest?

  7. Very nice quilt Derby. Our Mom needs a new bedspread for her bed, maybe she will consider a quilt. It has to have rose & greens in it though. Bet that quilt is good for lots of great nappings.

  8. Nice. Never let them forget who's FURniture it really is. Uh, Derby, what's with the toilet paper roll?


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