Thursday, August 30, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello, Virginger here. Welcome to Garden Thursday. Firs the boys wanted me to mention that in fact they did get some of the chick-hen before mum put in in the freezy box. Plus mum took some of the skin and got it all hot and crispy and ate it.

Since our summer has been hot and our flowers coming and going so quickly I decided to show you some nice pictures from previous years of our flowers. Cheer us all up.

 Star Gazer Lilies
 Cone flowers with bummbly bee.
 And a couple of flutterbys. Haven't see many of them this summer either.
We all are hoping that our furiends and their beans are doing OK with the hurrycane. That is just way too much water and wind for one place at one time.

That is all for now. Love Virginger.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chick-hen, Chick-hen, Chick-hen

Oh mum bought a big fat chick-hen that was already cooked last week. She needed it so she could make soup. But the other day she took what was left out of the big cold box and worked on it and we snoopervised.
 Here is all the chick-hen all cut apart but still with the bones and skin.
Then mum pulled it all apart into little pieces, tossed out the bones and pulled off the skin and put them on the plate.See the little baggies of chick-hen pieces?
The the four little bags of chick-hen went into the freezy part of the big cold box. Mum have it when she wants to make soup again. She made two big batches of soup, but only one had some chick-hen in it.
Here is the wishing bone. Mum says that bean when they find it will pull it apart and make a wishes. So she held the left side and we right side. So we made our wishes.

Furever homes for all kitties and woofies.

Lots of treats and toys for all of us. 

Loving beans who treat us nice.
We won! The right side is bigger,  we hopes all our wishes come true.

Monday, August 27, 2012

MiniManCat Monday

Nothing is quite as scruitinizing as a cat's stare. - Author Unknown

YiYa, Ducky here. Welcome to MiniManCat Monday. My sweetie Dora teleported back home since her beans came home.  
So since I don't have her to cuddle with, mum's lap becomes the next best place to be. Her lap, her boobities, where ever I can find a place to sit on her.
 Enjoying the big sun puddles coming through the kitch-hen window.
 Yes, this is nice mum, no need to disturb the peace of our naps. Yes you can see our floofy tummies
 Derby too, all stretched out and catching some rays.
 What are we starting at so intently? What has our attention? Mum's dinner plate.
 Yes, we got some! Both on Caturday and Sunday, she fixed grilled chick-hen both days. Sunday was rainy, so we all napped,  including mum. 

We will be joining Brulee's first purrthday party. A circus party in fact.  Stop in and wish the lovely girl happy purrthday.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Caterday Eve

HiYa, Ducky here. Just chillin' out tonight. It has been agood week for me. My sweetie Dora teleported over to visit. Her bean abandoned her and took her to kittie jail. So rather than have her sit in kittie jail, she came to see me.
You may not be able to see her here, but she is right behind me. Yes, Dora, we do make a good couple. Don't worry, mum and the flashy box won't pick you up.
So we have been playing lots together, even with Derby. Mum sort of knows something is up, our crunchies are disappearing faster, more output in our boxes and I haven't been sleeping with her in the sleepy spot this week.

So Derby and I are napping and getting all rested up again.
Come visit again real soon my sweetie Dora.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello, Virginger here and welcome to Garden Thursday. Today we are going far away for a look at where mum was two weekends ago.  She and Uncle Flip stopped by the place where their grandparents are buried. Mum says it is a really pretty place in the spring with lots of flowering trees.

But for us garden people, what is this sign about not putting out live plants to liven up a dead place?! Mum's family has a bit of a rebel side to them, they planted some peonies anyway! So there. They seem to be doing just fine.
In other news, we have had more rain so the grass is growing again. Mum has had to get out the grass eating Monster a couple of weeks ago and is ready to push it around again.

Above is the current drought map. Back when I posted the report on July 26 our part of the state was in the red or extreme drought. Now we are back in the orangey shade or back to severe drought. Not everything is bouncing back. The people next door, their back yard gets sun all day long, it is still looking sad and the grass isn't growing.

Hots are coming back for the weekend, but won't last long. Plus, goodness the days are getting shorter, it gets darker earlier now.

That is it for now. Love, Virginger.

Monday, August 20, 2012

ManCat Monday

A cat will sleep anywhere but in its designated "cat bed". - Author Unknown

Very true. Here we are over the weekend, mum had just finished washing all of her sleepy spot stuff. So it was all soft, fresh, smelling good. Just needed a few furs to make it in tip top shape.

  Mum did spend the weekend home. Doing the washy, plus on Sunday she made some soup with chick-hen in it and we got some of the chick-hen. 

Plus today is the final day of the Meezer's and Billy's Great Chick-hen Caper. We are having so much fun. We are enjoying our time with all of our furiends.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Happy Caturday everyone. It is asolutely fantabulous here. Sunny, cool, windows open. Mum home for the weekend too. Heck she woke up this morning and couldn't get out of bed until we let her since we were sleeping and purring on top of her!
 About this time last week she was getting ready to abandon us. About where mum stayed, no we couldn't go along, it wasn't a family house where she was and they charge a penalty for bringing kitties or woofies in the rooms. Or for stinking it up smoking. 
Here is the real house on the property, this is old and mum says "Victorian", you check in here, but the other buildings they have added are made to look like this so they blend in.
Mum's room was the second window from the right, Uncle Flip had the next room but he had two windows, the third and fourth windows from the right.
Here is mum room, yes an extra bed, but they all came with two beds in them but mum says the green papers weren't that much extra for the bed. The overall room was nicer than she had before.
Last time she was there, they got stuck in the back rooms and they weren't as nice, much smaller. One of her cousin's said they were the fisherman rooms.
Mum and Uncle Flip on Sunday at the get together with the cousins. Uncle Flip brought mum a sort of prezzie too. Shoes! But not that she could wear them now, but her baby shoes.
Seems they were on the bottom of the cedar chest that Grampie had and Uncle Flip took back to MerryLand with him two years ago.He has been going through what all was in it lately.
Mum were your feets really that small at some point in your life? Mum is trying to find out how to preserve them. She stopped at the local cobbler today, but he doesn't do that sort of thing.
Look what mum found at the food store today! Cory's cats favorite cheese! Mum will try some a bit later for lunch.

Both of us are having a blast on The Meezer's and Billy's Chick-hen tour. Last day of the tour is Sunday.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Thursday


I'm back and ready to go this week. Thanks to the boys for giving me a week off to, well, not do much of anything.

Still a boring time in the garden. With the hots flowers don't last long. But we did get our lily to bloom. Plus you can see how dry and brown most everything else is except the weeds!

The neighbor lady calls these flowers "naked ladies" but they don't look anything like mum with her clothes off. Nothing should look like mum with her clothes off, MOL.

Mum says they are also called "Resurrection Lilies" since the green leaves all come up and grow early in the spring, then die. Two months later the flower stalk shoots up and you have your flowers.  Here is another link to tell you about the flowers.

So that is the report for this week from the garden. See you next week.

Love, Virginger

Monday, August 13, 2012

Abandoned and Betrayed

Elebentytwelve,....elebentytwentynien......elebentythirdyfive......Derby, did we count them all? Yep, twice, same count.

Oh, hi everyone. We are mad at mum. Firsted she left shortly after lunch on Caturday with her red travelling bag. Heck she usually isn't gone more than overnight. But NO, not this time. We didn't see her for two hole days!

Second, we check the flashy box and see this! She cheated on us this weekend. She went hundreds of miles to see another cat, when she has us gorgeous ginger mancats to hang with? No she runs away on us.
Sort of cute face, dark tabby, white bib. Name is Brody. Not as cute as us.
Chopped off tail.
Hanging around where mum was sitting and.......
......this guy was cooking chick-hen wings. Mum said the guy was told not to give him any. Sorry bud.

Just hanging out outside.
Playing with mum's camera strap. Hey they is our job buddy!
Yeah, stealing our scritches from mum. Yep, that is her hand, giving the guy some loves.
 Mum says it was a family thing. Yeah right. Mum stayed here and the kittie lives here. Thank cod she didn't bring him home.