Saturday, August 18, 2012


Happy Caturday everyone. It is asolutely fantabulous here. Sunny, cool, windows open. Mum home for the weekend too. Heck she woke up this morning and couldn't get out of bed until we let her since we were sleeping and purring on top of her!
 About this time last week she was getting ready to abandon us. About where mum stayed, no we couldn't go along, it wasn't a family house where she was and they charge a penalty for bringing kitties or woofies in the rooms. Or for stinking it up smoking. 
Here is the real house on the property, this is old and mum says "Victorian", you check in here, but the other buildings they have added are made to look like this so they blend in.
Mum's room was the second window from the right, Uncle Flip had the next room but he had two windows, the third and fourth windows from the right.
Here is mum room, yes an extra bed, but they all came with two beds in them but mum says the green papers weren't that much extra for the bed. The overall room was nicer than she had before.
Last time she was there, they got stuck in the back rooms and they weren't as nice, much smaller. One of her cousin's said they were the fisherman rooms.
Mum and Uncle Flip on Sunday at the get together with the cousins. Uncle Flip brought mum a sort of prezzie too. Shoes! But not that she could wear them now, but her baby shoes.
Seems they were on the bottom of the cedar chest that Grampie had and Uncle Flip took back to MerryLand with him two years ago.He has been going through what all was in it lately.
Mum were your feets really that small at some point in your life? Mum is trying to find out how to preserve them. She stopped at the local cobbler today, but he doesn't do that sort of thing.
Look what mum found at the food store today! Cory's cats favorite cheese! Mum will try some a bit later for lunch.

Both of us are having a blast on The Meezer's and Billy's Chick-hen tour. Last day of the tour is Sunday.


  1. Well, we don't think mums should ever go anywhere, but if one's gonna go somewhere guess that would be a nice somewhere to go. Our Lady likes the looks of it anyway. We're glad she had fun but even more glad she's back fur you to lay on an purr on. Have a great Caturday!!!

  2. What a beautiful house that is!

    Meowing Off,


  3. ::twitch::




  4. It looks lovely there. We were forecast a heatwave for today and it was foggy and rained all day!

  5. That looks like a nice place. They SHOULD allow kitties - I think that would make it even nicer!

  6. Ooh, that Tillamook is the best cheese TBT ever had. But we havent had anny. We dont like cheese.

  7. We are having cooler weather too. So nice!!

    It looks like your mum had a good time!!

  8. Very nice that you let your mom take some time off. You are a better kittie than I am as I like my folks right home with me where they belong. Bet you will be glad to have all back together soon.

  9. Good job forcing Mum to have that lie-in!
    Neat place she went, but it's just not a happy place without cats!
    Nice picture of your mum too!


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