Thursday, August 30, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello, Virginger here. Welcome to Garden Thursday. Firs the boys wanted me to mention that in fact they did get some of the chick-hen before mum put in in the freezy box. Plus mum took some of the skin and got it all hot and crispy and ate it.

Since our summer has been hot and our flowers coming and going so quickly I decided to show you some nice pictures from previous years of our flowers. Cheer us all up.

 Star Gazer Lilies
 Cone flowers with bummbly bee.
 And a couple of flutterbys. Haven't see many of them this summer either.
We all are hoping that our furiends and their beans are doing OK with the hurrycane. That is just way too much water and wind for one place at one time.

That is all for now. Love Virginger.


  1. These are beautiful flowers! I'm starting building up my own garden, it's hard work. Do you know any plants that need low maintenance?

    On a side note, whilst I was researching garden tips, I came upon these garden cruises I didn't know such thing existed!

  2. Thanks for the prettiness, Virginger!

  3. hey Duck and Derby and Virginger! We is glad yall got some chick-hen. Them is purrty flowers too.
    Purrrrrrrrs Sanjee
    (and George the Duck)

  4. We were a little startled to see tulips in August! But they are lovely!

  5. Mom had very little success with her flowers this year.
    You need to do us a favor and post those again in January!

  6. The flowers are pretty. Most of our Stargazer lilies rotted off this year because it has been so wet.

  7. Those floser did cheer us up! Thanks!!


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