Saturday, March 31, 2012


We are waiting on the supposed sun puddles to show up, so far just cloudy. Bah!
We are keeping mum entertained with some wrasslin'. She did the foods shopping and is now resting. Says she has one other small thing to do, then she can rest, the rest of the day. That means naps, reading and crow-shay.

She even came out of the sleepy room and slept in the fevver watching chair last night. She liked it better as she doesn't shift around as much, which means fewer achy parts. The sleeping part is about the same. Poor girl, she needs to nap with us more often.

We hopes you all have a good weekend too!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garden Thursday


Welcome to Garden Thursday. Virginger here.

Spring continues to push its way in, way earlier than normal. We are getting some cooler days. Mum just hopes it doesn't get too cold as it would hurt some of the plants. So here is a rundown of some of what has happened in the past week.
This is the one of our lilacs, leafing out and you can begin to see the flower buds.
Snow in the mountains coming up and filling in by the back door.
The tulip tree from down the road. Looking good.
Hosta's coming up.

Tulips starting to bloom and the daffs are about done.

The four-sythia is done blooming and they hiya-cyths are in full bloom.

That is about it for now. Mum says the grass eater will have to get used soon too. Way earlier, like by a month, than normal.

Mum comes out and rests with me sometimes. Just to relax and all. She looks so tired when she comes home from day hunting. Poor thing, she needs to stay home and nap with us!

So long for this week. Love Virginger.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mum Survived

She made it through the whole day of work. But came home all tired and is just sitting with us nearby purring.

But I miss her coming home routine. I will lay on the floor and show my belleh and want belleh rubs. Mum can't lean over to rub my belleh! I don't like that at all.

I then jumped up on the half wall when she brought the mail in, then I got some scritches and love.

Ducky always helps her change her clothes, so he gets his coming home love then. Mum says she needs a shower and then bed.

ManCat or MeerCat?

When the guy in the blue shorts comes around to delivery, Derby will run from the kitch-hen windows to the living room. Then signal when he gets to the front of our house by going on his back legs. Mum always knows she can then go and check the big black box on the front of the house.

ManCat Monday

Dogs come when they are called: cats take a message and get back to you. - Mary Bly

Welcome to a new week. Guess it will be back to normal this week. We get the house back to ourselves and mum gets to go back to day hunting. We hope it goes well for her.
Derby inspecting the partially empty cupboard. Mum stores some of her extra drinks stuff here, but took them out earlier so that she could get at them. Too close to the floor for her to lean over and pick them up.

Ducky helping mum work on the baby blankie for her upcoming new grand nephew that will be arriving in a few months. She is close to being half way done, the mama to be picked the colors, blues and yellow.

Us napping and soaking up the sun, we hopes mum doesn't miss her afternoon nap today since she will be day hunting. She was getting good at afternoon naps! She learns well.

We will let you know how she does day hunting today.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Garden Thursday


Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger. It has been furry hot here over the past week. Almost like mid-summer and mum feels wilted as she isn't used to this stuff yet. In has been in the mid 80's! Supposed to get cooler but still warmer than normal.
Hard to make out but this is the tulip tree down the street, getting ready to bloom.
Our four-sythia in the front yard getting all pretty. The crocus flowers in the front are already done blooming. They don't last long in the warmer weather.

Our four-sythia is so bright you can see it down the street!

Here are mum's flowers, the wind blew them over. She picked them up and stuck them back in the vase, added more water. Most of them are looking ok yet. Mum says they won't last much longer.

That is all for now, Love Virginger.

Monday, March 19, 2012

ManCat Monday

The reason cats climb is that they can look down on almost every other's also the reason they hate birds. - K. C. Buffington

We are purring for all who have cancer. What an icky thing to have, of any type anywhere on your body. Mum's family doesn't have cancer running in the family, so that is good for us. But things can change too.

Mum is doing well, she is moving around OK and recovering.Mum moved her flowers out of the her litter box room. We have had all sorts of nice weather, so lots of open windows for us. So mum figured it was nice enough to put the flowers outside, then she gets to see them more!
Mum sitting in the fevver chair, big windows that go to the floor, wide open for us.
Ducky purring on mum, inspecting her crow-shay too. Mum working on a blankie for her upcoming grand nephew that will be arriving in a few months.
A good shot of the flowers from the chair, mum likes that she can see them more now, she wasn't in the litterbox room often enough to enjoy them. Plus then she doesn't have to keep the doors closed to any of the rooms in the house. We like that.
I would like to nom the flowers, so now I can't get at them at all. Sometimes I could sneak around mum and get to them for a minute.

We are taking turns purring on mum and resting. She is guessing that in another week she will be back day hunting. The doc will confirm this week. She will miss us, she says, and all the extra cuddle time we gets.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Pat's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone. We will be napping in our field of shamrocks.

A few refreshments as you stop by and
Nip Cupcakes too!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden Thursday

Hi, Virginger here. Sitting the the bright sunshine! It has been warm enough to be more like mid-summer. Mum gives the boys a break and comes out to sit with me and soak up some sunshine.
Can you see the little batches of purples? Yep, crocus up and blooming and more came up after mum took this picture. Some of the white ones too.
Pretty first flowers of the year for us. YAY, spring! Even Mr Chip the Monk as come out of his winter hidey spot!.
See you next week. Love Virginger.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Cooperating!

Mum is doing fine. Lots of sitting, short walks and reading. Napping! Most important napping! So yes we are keeping our eyes on her.
Being very discreet watching mum while she sits in the fevver watching chair. Don't want to disturb her nap!
Or more open watching her as she does stuff on the puter. Not hard work but it has to be done.
Derby inspecting the flowers that arrived today for her from her co-workers.
Mum thought she had a nice spot for the flowers to sit, but no!
Derby thinks he looks better there that the flowers. Plus Derby likes to eat flowers and push vases off the shelf as well. So mum took one last picture, you can see what she looks like :)
Then mum moved the flowers into her litter box room and closed the door. She can enjoy them while she does her business, we can't get at them to eat them or push them on the floor. Mum says it is a win-win situation.

Monday, March 12, 2012

ManCat Monday

Anything cat-shaped is inscrutable - Keith Gunderson

Us soaking up sunshine coming through the kitchen windows. We need all the solar power we can get, we need to purr on mum.
Now mum, well see, she is now home with us for the next two weeks. She went in for her major mechanical overhaul at the end of last week. So she now gets to stay home and rest with us! She calls it re-cooperating.

So while mum can't play hard with us, we gets lots of cuddles. All day and night long, she even is sleeping in our fevver watching chair. So we watch the fevvers, it is nice out so we are getting open window time too.

We gots open windows the whole afternoon on Sunday. Mum slept in the chair, then went outside for a furry short walk and then just sat in the sunshine for a bit.

Life is good.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Garden Thursday


Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday, our first of 2012. It's me Virginger, and mum made me pose for a really nice portrait shot for my posts.
It is a good time to start Garden Thursday as our snow is gone. Totally, completely. Nothing even hiding in the hidey spots under the trees. It was up to 65F(18C), so the stuff just went poof!

Below is what little was left this morning in the front and back of the house. All gone!
So when mum came home from day hunting, we went out to inspect for signs of spring, beyond the snow going away.
Tulip leaves staring to come out of the ground.
The daffy-dils are sticking up even more than the tulips.
Tiny shoots from the crocus as well. Soon we will have flowers again.
Mum brought me inside for a bit. Ducky checking me out, no I don't need my ears cleaned out!
Hey, THAT TICKLES! hehehehehe, Stop that Ducky! hehehehehe.

See you all next week!