Thursday, March 29, 2012

Garden Thursday


Welcome to Garden Thursday. Virginger here.

Spring continues to push its way in, way earlier than normal. We are getting some cooler days. Mum just hopes it doesn't get too cold as it would hurt some of the plants. So here is a rundown of some of what has happened in the past week.
This is the one of our lilacs, leafing out and you can begin to see the flower buds.
Snow in the mountains coming up and filling in by the back door.
The tulip tree from down the road. Looking good.
Hosta's coming up.

Tulips starting to bloom and the daffs are about done.

The four-sythia is done blooming and they hiya-cyths are in full bloom.

That is about it for now. Mum says the grass eater will have to get used soon too. Way earlier, like by a month, than normal.

Mum comes out and rests with me sometimes. Just to relax and all. She looks so tired when she comes home from day hunting. Poor thing, she needs to stay home and nap with us!

So long for this week. Love Virginger.


  1. It's so lovely to see the flowers starting to grow huh? We have lots of pretty blossoms and things growing at the moment. We have had unseasonally warm temperatures of 23 degree's but its going down to 14 brrrr :)

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  3. It was nice having the warmer weather, but mama is already taking allergy medication! However, she does love it when the lilacs start blooming!

  4. Oooo ... nice weather. And, that means gardening.

  5. You have way more spring in your garden than I have in mine. You're so lucky. Maybe I'll have something to show for all my supervisory work in a couple of weeks. Hope so!

  6. Wow, everything is coming up! We're supposed to have a freeze warning tonight which makes us sad because it will hurt all the pretty flowers that are blooming!! Our magnolia tree bloomed about 2-3 weeks early this year!

  7. Ooh, we have Snow On The Mountain too! It is one of our favrit plants. TBT has finally put it in a shady arae where it is protected from the southern sun here an it is doin great.

    TBT: The plants are transplants from New Hampshire where my parents lived 20 years ago. The plants survive, so I keep helping them. I love the way they look.

  8. TBT: Oops, said that wrong. I got the plants from my parents 20 years ago and they are surviving with help, but the parents only left NH 5 years ago.

  9. Spring flowers are so cute & they come up with no help from anyone. They just decide it's time, and up they come.
    Rest easy this weekend Mum, enjoy your kitty loves and nap as much as you want to.

  10. Looking good, our garden is just about the same stage . We love this time of year. FAZ

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