Thursday, November 30, 2006

One week ago

Last week mum came home and saw this little fevver in our yard. She wented back out and re-checked and yes it was a robin. This little guy hadn't commutted south for the winter.
He even came back by the window so I could see him. But I hope he left sometime in the past week. Because this is what we are getting tomorrow.

Some of our kittie furiends have already gotten snow and ice from this storm. So stay safe. The snow picture is from last year, I will have to get mum to take some pictures of the new stuff once it gets here. Stay warm.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tough A** Tummy Tortitude

My picture is for our little buddy, the beautiful tortie, KC. She is home and feeling better. Mum even gave me a golden paw in her honor.

P.S. I got my Secret Paw assignment. Mum and I are starting to plan. It might be you!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mum's Neato Shirt

A few weeks ago mum wented to the HAWS Shelter for their holiday bazaar. That was the day she broughed home my stuffed tuxie. But she also boughted herself something, a long sleeved T-shirt. Do you like it?


It was back to reality for mum today. The noisy thing by the bed went off furry early this morning. Mum wented off to work with her 'puter and stuff. So I gotted to nap the day away, took some time to watch the birdies outside.

Mum is watching the football game. See if the Packers can play a somewhat decent game this week. Mum says if it gets bad she is going to be early. No need to lose sleep over this.

Maybe my tail was moving a little bit in yesterday's picture. It is rare I am totally still, unless I am sleeping. The plant is artyfical, so nothing to eat and I can't potty in it. But I do like pretending I am sharpening my non-existent claws on the basket.

Plus we need to drop in for the prayer vigil for our kittie and bean furiends in need. Lots to do, so I better go.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


"Like a graceful vase, a cat, even when motionless, seems to flow." George Will

Good news is that little KC is doing so much better after her extra trip to the VET after her lady part surgery. Continued purrs for a speedy recovery.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Fang Shui Friday

Mum gotted a little book in the box with the kittie mat. I am going to be sharing some of the book on Feng Shui. So I will be having a regular feature of Fang Shui Friday's.

The author bio from the book follows:

Catfucious was born in China in the 5th century Meow Dynasty. Little is known of his early life, but historians have confirmed that he was the favored cat of the Emperor and Empress. His inscrutable ways and legendary wisdom drew many to him to learn of his secrets. Of his writings, only this book remains.

Do not think of the box in the corner as a "litter" box. It is your Zen Garden. Tilling the garden before and after planting is relaxing and will refresh the spirit.

If humans do not refresh the Zen garden in a timely fashion, bad ch'i will result. The wise cat should remind them to refresh the garden by planting something where they least expect it.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious. Peter Pauper Press, 2002

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Give Thanks


What am I thankful for? Lots! Mum, having a good furever home, food, treats, toys. All my blogging buddies.

Hope everyone has a safe and sane holiday. Try not to eat too much, it causing a sleeping sickness.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Questions and Answers

I have stored up a few recent questions that some of you have had about me or the blog. So here goes.

1. Yes, I did get ham for lunch yesterday. First I ate what mum gave me and then I wented and gotted a few more little pieces from her sandwich. Today I got some chicken that was left over from her sandwich that she gotted last night when eating out with furiends.

2. A question from some new bloggers up in cold Canada (Fat Eric alerted us to their blog). Ace and Skittles mom bean is from Northern Illinois and they wanted to know where I am. Mum says we are in northern Waukesha County, just outside of Milwaukee. A place called Monotony Falls. Oh, wait, mum just calls it that, she likes the monotony, it is really Menomonee Falls.

3. The Feline Oligarchy asked about my litter box stuff after mum posted my picture of doing you know what. Yes, I likes my litter. It is from Petco and is the scoopable/clumping kind of stuff. Mum says it is less dusty that others, but she doens't want to use the "artificial" litter. The various rugs that are around help catch the extra litter and protect the walls. All gotten at Petco, the colorful ones are called The Perfect Litter Mat by Cat Rules. Then there is this one like astro turf. They sort of get the stuff off my paws before I get up stairs, but I have carpeted stairs from the dungeon to the rest of the house. So by the time I get upstairs any clingon's are gone.

4. Comments on the bed being small. Well, yes but it is like fitting into a box. You just do. Plus it then hugs me and keeps me all warm. Plus it fits nicely into my carrier, so I can be snuggled when I have to go for a ride in the metal monster. So I like it, it keeps me nice and warm.

It is furry nice to have mum home all week. She did spend some time on her work 'puter today. Trying not to have a gazillion e-mails on Monday. But that didn't take long.

Then she wented outside and used the grass eating machine, she says for the last time this year. She also took some of the last flower away and when she came back the metal monster was all nice and clean.

Guess that is all the questions that had been stored up for a while. I want to wish all of my fellow blogging buddies Happy Thanksgiving here in the US. The rest of you have to work, but for us it is a holiday.

I know mum will not be making a big turkey and all, not sure if I will get turkey. Hmmm, I know I got a little last year. We will have to see about this.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sun and Fun

Another super sunny day. This makes three in a row! Not bad for this area at this time of year. I have been just keeping warm laying in the sunny windows, soaking up the warmth and working on my fur tan.
Plus the noisy thing by mum's bed hasn't been allowed to make noise early in the morning this week. Mum says she has vacation all this week. So she has been home most of the day. She has gone out for lunch and stuff with furiends. Today she came home with eyes all wide like mine get when I am all excited. Seems she had been for a checkup on her eyes and the doctor made her eyes all funny. Good news is that she can see just fine. That is good.

Hmmm, she is getting ready to make some lunch. Maybe I can get some ham from her when she open the big cold box door. Bye.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunny Sunday

I had a nice, quiet day today. Mum was only around in the morning. She and Grampie wented to some concert in the afternoon, and then dinner. She lefted the 'puter off so I couldn't get at it.

Thanks for the nice words on my new mat with the kitties on it. Mum says she ordered it from a place called Paragon Gifts.

Yesterday I mentioned we saw a birdie called the red bellied woodpecke. Well Timothy Dickens saw one too. Plus he has a picture of his. Mum couldn't get pictures of our birdie. At least not yet. The birdie we saw yesterday was the Mrs. today we saw the Mr.

Yes she has been furry buzy lately. Says it is that time of the year. Lots of work to get done outside before the snow comes. But I think she is getting this stuff all done, then we can have more snuggle time.

Mum didn't really care who won the football game yesterday, she just was ready to sit and watch an important game. She only worries about who wins if Bucky Badger is playing. Plus I heard the the Slackers, umm, I mean the Packers were quite icky today.

But since mum is home it is time to snuggle now. Gotta go.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mum's Shopping

Something came in the big black box in the front of the house. Aren't they cute?
Mum says this will be outside our front door to show the people coming to our door that we love kitties.

The package had other stuff in it that was kittie related, several small books that I will be sharing soon. You have heard of Fung Shui for humans, how about Fang Shui for kitties. Also a book of Catmas Carols.

Yes, mum has lots of energy for what she calls an 'old lady'. Grampie came over today and mum went on the top of the house, used her wind machine to blow the leaves out of the water catching things.

Grampie wented home and didn't stay for lunch. So mum worked on getting the nyger birdie food for the finches from the big bag into big bottles for easier serving. She put more suet feed out too. We hadded a new birdie that I had never seen before. A red-bellied wood-pecker. Funny but the red I see is on its head not its belly.

Plus mum gotted her act together, put the boxes together for my contest winners, Smeagol and Strider, plus Grr, Midnight and Cocoa. The boxes are on their way guys. Concatulations for winning again.

She made some mud soup, that is what it looked liked to me. Mum gotted some kittie grass seed samples from KC & Missy. So we will tell you how we like them. Mum followed all of the directions on the letter to grow the grass. Yum, I will have some grass to eat soon.Now that she is done with all of her stuff she is watching the big football game.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mum's Crazy, Part 2

She did it again today. She gotted up in the middle of the night and talked on the phone, worked on her work 'puter. She had 4 different calls and did all sorts of stuff on the 'puter. Just when I thought she would be done and we could have a nap together. She wented outside.

Once outside she worked like a mad woman. Got her wind machine out and blew the leaves out of the yard, cut down plants and took them away in the metal monster. Put away the outside chairs, clean the metal monsters room, and got the snow eating thing to work. And feeded all the little birdies. Phew.

She finally came inside and stood in the little room with hot rain on her head. Then she wented out and gotted food to eat. Said she was too tired to cook, duh. But the good news is I gotted a little bit of chicken from her food.

About my little bear and what is on him. Mum says a bison, a cowboy hat and a lasso.
But the one thing mum hasn't gotten the boxes ready to send out the prizes to Smeagol & Strider or Grr, Midngiht and Cocoa. She has the boxes and the stuff, just gotta get going on the actual packing and taking the stuff to the station. Come on mom, the gang is waiting for their goodies.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Addition to My Collection

I didn't want to post on this before the contest ended. Mum broughted me back something last week when she wented to visit Uncle Stormie.

So another little furiend to join my collection.

Monday, November 13, 2006

And the Winner Is.....

Mum gotted all the entries printed out from her e-mail tonight. We only had seven entries, but the contest was furry close. Mum wented through them closely, one point for each correct answer and needed to do "partial credit" for some of the answers.

So our contestants were:

The Crew (George, Tipper, Max and Misty)
Grr, Midnight and Cocoa
Mr. Hendrix
Manx Mnews (Abby, Boo, Gracie, Jinx and Ping)
The Poiland Gang ( Merlin, Shadow and KoKo)
Jack of All Shades & Shadows
The Meezers (Sammy and Miles)

And the winner is........

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, getting 12.5 points on the 13 questions. Lowest score was 10.5 so everyone did furry good. And we didn't need to use the tie breaker question.

Congratulations guys. E-mail me your address, so mum can send out your prize.

Thanks to all to entered.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Answers

Here are the answers to my blogiversary quiz. Mum needs to check the entries and then we will announce our winner. Decision of the judge is final.

1. Who was my furst every commenter? David E. Francis (November 7, 2005)

2. Who were my furst every kittie commenters? The Crew (November 10, 2005)

3. What do I have in common with one of those commenters? Maxwell Smartkitty and I were adopted from the same shelter.

4. Who is my special girl kittie? Princess Mia Bella

5. How did she reveal this to me? Left me an anonymous comment on my blog for Feb 14th signed PMB.

6. What is her special name for me? Derby Sweetheart Cat (July 2, 2006)

7. How many medals did I win in the Catolymics? None, but I did get an honorable mention in speed racing.

8. How many honorees did we have at the October Purrthday/Gotcha Day party? 20 at the party, plus one, Bathsheba the day after. I will accept either 20 or 21 as an answer. (October 21 and 22, 2006)

9. Vir-ginger is part of a litter called "The ?" The Squillions (June 2, 2006)

10. When I losted my collar for over a week, where did mum find it? Under the bedspread, mum's pretty bed blankie. (December 11, 2005)

11. What is Patches nickname for me? Smiley Boy (April 8, 2006)

12. What did I do that cost me one of my nine lives? Breaking mum’s Galileo thermometer. (May 31, 2006)

13. What do I have a small collection of? Stuffed animals, mostly bears, but also one raccoon and one nittany lion. (August 30, 2006)

Tie Breaker - What is the Malayalam word for cat? Pucha (December 27, 2005)

Saturday, November 11, 2006


We had an interesting Friday night. It took mum lots of extra time to get home from work because we got SNOW. Not much but mum says enough to make the roads bad, so she had to drive furry slow to get home safe. Actually she said on the way home it went from rain, to sleet, hail, back to sleet, then snow. And there was lightning and thunder with this stuff. So when she gotted home all we did was snuggle last night. This is the way the yard looked this morning.
But today it was ok to drive around, so mum wented over to Grampies for a bazaar, but the only thing she boughted was cookies. Then later she wented out to HAWS, the shelter where she got me, and went to their bazaar too. She bought some stuff there as well.

Did she look at the kitties? Yes, and she did it, she brought one home.

A tuxie.
HAHAHAHAHA. This kind of new kittie I can accept. I jumped up and said hello right away. Not sure yet if it is a he or a she. No name yet either.
Did mum check out the real kitties? Yes she did. She said lots of kittens, all colors to pick from and lots of families looking at them. Mostly strays but a few with some hard luck stories. A few older kitties as well, one whose owner had died. But what made mum furry mad was one that the reason why the kittie was there was "Owner didn't want".

Mum played with a few of the real kitties, but since she wasn't going to bring a real kittie home she got out of the way of the people who were looking to actually pick out a kittie. So she didn't lose her heart to a new kittie. Phew, I am happy about that.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Snuggles Project

Mum was checking the blogs with me and came across this on Kimo and Sabi's Blog. The Snuggles Project and we found that my shelter, HAWS is part of the project.

Mum is going over there on Saturday as they have their Bazaar and sale. So she will ask about making blankies for the kitties when she goes there. She has made blankies for humans as part of
Project Linus.

I wonder if she will check out the kitties. If she does, she better not bring one home. I like being an only cat!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Late Night Wednesday

Mum has finally lefted the 'puter alone for a while. She has been working on some stuff most of the evening and kept hogging the 'puter, even while she was on the phone.

I got the first two entries for my blogiversary quiz. Other than that I won't say any more. Entries due by midnight Saturday.

We hadded a purrty day, sunny and warmer temperatures. Mum even opened the windows a bit.

Concatulations to Smeagol and Strider, they were my 10,000th visitors last night.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I'm Home!

Yay, mum came first thing this morning and sprung me from the kittie spa. While staying there is nice, I would rather be home.

Fast approaching 10,000 visitors, is it you?

And the deadline for the blogiversary quiz is Saturday November 11th at midnight. I have had comments that you haven't been reading my blog all year. Well, go back and try to find the answers or at least some of the answers. If no one enters, I guess I gets to keep the prize.

Mum and I have been snuggling some today. Plus she wented and voted, got some stuff from the store and cleaned the house. So now it is time to catch up on all of our blogging furiends.

Friday, November 3, 2006


Yes, I made it to one year of posting. One year ago today I introduced myself to the world outside of my house. The picture above was the first picture I posted of myself. It has been an amazing year with making so many new furiends around the world.

Plus I have done 300 posts as of today, this being my 300th post. Almost one a day, but the party a few weekends ago I didded lots on several days. I never knew I had so much stuff too share about my life with my fellow kitties.

So to celebrate, I am going to take a break here. Mum and Grampie are going to visit Uncle Stormie for fun. But the she thoughted she was also going to go to Connect-a-dot for work too. But that meeting gotted cancelled. Mum says YAY to that. So that means I have to go stay at the kittie spa, but not as long as she first thought. But to keep you entertained here is a quiz about me and the blog over the past year.

1. Who was my furst every commenter?

2. Who were my furst every kittie commenters?

3. What do I have in common with one of those commenters?

4. Who is my special girl kittie?

5. How did she reveal this to me?

6. What is her special name for me?

7. How many medals did I win in the Catolymics?

8. How many honorees did we have at the October Purrthday/Gotcha Day party?

9. Vir-ginger is part of a litter called "The ?"

10. When I losted my collar for over a week, where did mum find it?

11. What is Patches nickname for me?

12. What did I do that cost me one of my nine lives?

13. What do I have a small collection of?

Tie Breaker - What is the
Malayalam word for cat?

You can submit your entries by e-mail from now until Midnight Saturday November 11. Time will be determined by the time they get to my e-mail box.

Mum says she will find a prize to send out to the first kittie/fluffie/woofie/person to e-mail in the correct answers or most correct answers, Don't leave your answers in the comments. My e-mail address is in the comments (so a bot can't steal it).

Plus I am getting close to 10,000 visitors by my blog counter thingy. So if you happen to be that kittie, please let me know in the comments.

Have fun everyone!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I Survived

I survivied the little scary people last night. Mum put me in her bedroom and bath area with my food and box. So she could open the door and not worry about me getting out the door. So I had a nice spot to snuggle while mum dealt with the monsters at the door. I didn't have to hide for a long time as most of the scary things come to the door early in the evening.

Thanks for all of your comments on the picture of me doing, you know what. Mum had readed that kitties like their privacy, but I use my box in front of her all the time. She says I watch her all the time when she uses her litterbox. And I have tried to put the bitey on her while she is there and she is not happy about that. HEHEHE.