Friday, November 3, 2006


Yes, I made it to one year of posting. One year ago today I introduced myself to the world outside of my house. The picture above was the first picture I posted of myself. It has been an amazing year with making so many new furiends around the world.

Plus I have done 300 posts as of today, this being my 300th post. Almost one a day, but the party a few weekends ago I didded lots on several days. I never knew I had so much stuff too share about my life with my fellow kitties.

So to celebrate, I am going to take a break here. Mum and Grampie are going to visit Uncle Stormie for fun. But the she thoughted she was also going to go to Connect-a-dot for work too. But that meeting gotted cancelled. Mum says YAY to that. So that means I have to go stay at the kittie spa, but not as long as she first thought. But to keep you entertained here is a quiz about me and the blog over the past year.

1. Who was my furst every commenter?

2. Who were my furst every kittie commenters?

3. What do I have in common with one of those commenters?

4. Who is my special girl kittie?

5. How did she reveal this to me?

6. What is her special name for me?

7. How many medals did I win in the Catolymics?

8. How many honorees did we have at the October Purrthday/Gotcha Day party?

9. Vir-ginger is part of a litter called "The ?"

10. When I losted my collar for over a week, where did mum find it?

11. What is Patches nickname for me?

12. What did I do that cost me one of my nine lives?

13. What do I have a small collection of?

Tie Breaker - What is the
Malayalam word for cat?

You can submit your entries by e-mail from now until Midnight Saturday November 11. Time will be determined by the time they get to my e-mail box.

Mum says she will find a prize to send out to the first kittie/fluffie/woofie/person to e-mail in the correct answers or most correct answers, Don't leave your answers in the comments. My e-mail address is in the comments (so a bot can't steal it).

Plus I am getting close to 10,000 visitors by my blog counter thingy. So if you happen to be that kittie, please let me know in the comments.

Have fun everyone!


  1. E-mail your quiz answers to me at

    If you are my 10,000th visitor. Leave me comment.


  2. Well at least your last picture of you in the litter box wasn't your 300th/anniversary post!!!! That would be embarassing!

  3. I like your picture of you on the table. I like the way you look and have your head cocked. It looks you are very intent on what you are looking at. Hope your visit at the spa will be pleasant.

    Your Mom must be very patient with being with blogger for a year now. Happy Blogiversary.


  4. Happy Blogiversary
    Happy Blogiversary
    Happy Blogiversay
    HAPPP-Y Blogiversary

    We has been reading you since 'afore we started our blog. You were the 2nd blog we efurr readed (after Max) and your blog was one of the ones that 'spired us to start our own blog! Fank you for sharing all of your adventures wif us!!

  5. Oh Derby! It is wunderful you are hafing your first blogiversary! I'm so glad you kept it up for me to finded you. You are one of my mostes fafurite bloggies and one of the firstest my mommy read before she started mine. Yup, we knew you before I efen started blogging.
    Great job Derby's mom! You inspired bunches of us to join in the fun!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! Wow, 300 posts in one year, that is furry impressive. I am trying to get to 100 posts before my 1-year blogiversary!
    Mum says she is too brain-dead on a Friday night to attempt the quiz now but maybe later in the weekend when she has recovered from school a bit...

  7. Oh congratulations on your first blogiversary!

  8. yaaaa happpy blogoversery Derby

  9. Congratulations.

  10. Wow, concatulations! Here is to another great year! We are so glad to have you and your Momma as friends.


  11. Wow, lotsa milestones all close together! Happy Blogiversary and concatulations! We hopes you have a good stay at the spa. You can still teleport over to the party and just be "quiet" if you can sneak away for awhile!

  12. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! looks like a fun quiz - we know a few answers and we'll give it a try.

  13. Happy Blogopurrsery! That is a great picture of you!

  14. Happy 1st blogoversary, Derby. Stay sassy, and enjoy yourself at the kitty spa.

  15. What an exciting day for you, Derby! I don't know all the answers to those questions since I'm a late arrival, but I'm sure glad I met you!

  16. 9,830. Happy Blogiversary, Derby! That's a good pictor of you. I know some of the answers already, but WOW, some are hard. Hope yur Mom has a nice trip an you're ok at the spa. If not, feel free to teleport ofur here.

  17. We'd like to say we knew you when, ah but we didn't so stop by at and we'll introduce ourselves. Nd Louiseugget an

  18. Hi Derby,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad your blog is so successful. I hope you have a short stay at the kitty spa.

  19. Derby,
    I don't know any answers. But I do know that you are one cool cat!
    Happy blog-er-vercy.

    Purrs and head butt for your first year.
    --- Beezer

  20. Congratulations
    you are clever

  21. Congratulations Derby! You've been one busy blogging Cat.

  22. Ooo, Derby I hopes you're not gone long! I hopes they take good care of ya at the kitty spa.

  23. o, Derby, happy blog-o-versary.
    hope u's not be gone too long.
    see u soon

  24. Happy (be-lated) Blogiversary, Derby! It's been a great year - thanx for sharin' it with us!

  25. I love the picture of you on the table. You look so very handsome. Happy Blogiversary Derby!

  26. Hey Derby, concatulations to Bucky Badger! Thanks for the thoughts for Coach JoePa. Mom said his knee thing was a freak accident, it turns out that his leg is broked and he had surgery for it yesterday. He still plans on coachin' this Saturday!

  27. We culdnt win yer contest because we didnt discovur yer amazing blog until late but rest assured on yer second annevursarie we will be able to win.

    Concatjulatshuns on yer 1 year posting anneversarie. Luking forward to many more of the crazy Derby posts!

  28. Oh Derby, congrats on your first year, sassy guy!! Sorry we didn't get a chance to stop by on Friday. Nov 7 is our first year and we thought you'd been blogging for a while before us, not just a few days, but we're happy we know you.

    The Crew

  29. Happy belated first blogoversurry to yoo.

  30. I missed your blogiversary! (I don't think the new blogroll I pestered Mom into doing works all that well or it would have told me!) Anyway, concatulations--I hope you had a good one and I hope you have many many more!

  31. Happy blogiversary Derby :)

  32. [Kukka straps on a banjo and balances on her hind paws. Grabbing a tambourine with her tail, she warms up her voice.]

    Me me me me me me meeeeee!

    [This is less of a vocal warm-up and more an opportunity for her to talk about herself. Suddenly, she launches into a catchy tribute to Derby on his blogiversary...]

    You are my sunshine (twang, twang)
    My only sunshine (shake, shake)
    You make me happy (grin, grin)
    When skies are gray (twang, twang, shake)
    You'll never know, Derb (shake)
    How much I love you (spin and smile)
    Please don't take my sunshine away!

    [For the big finish, she throws down the banjo and tambourine and launches into a magnificent break-dancing routine.]

    Happy Blogiversary, Derby!


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