Saturday, November 11, 2006


We had an interesting Friday night. It took mum lots of extra time to get home from work because we got SNOW. Not much but mum says enough to make the roads bad, so she had to drive furry slow to get home safe. Actually she said on the way home it went from rain, to sleet, hail, back to sleet, then snow. And there was lightning and thunder with this stuff. So when she gotted home all we did was snuggle last night. This is the way the yard looked this morning.
But today it was ok to drive around, so mum wented over to Grampies for a bazaar, but the only thing she boughted was cookies. Then later she wented out to HAWS, the shelter where she got me, and went to their bazaar too. She bought some stuff there as well.

Did she look at the kitties? Yes, and she did it, she brought one home.

A tuxie.
HAHAHAHAHA. This kind of new kittie I can accept. I jumped up and said hello right away. Not sure yet if it is a he or a she. No name yet either.
Did mum check out the real kitties? Yes she did. She said lots of kittens, all colors to pick from and lots of families looking at them. Mostly strays but a few with some hard luck stories. A few older kitties as well, one whose owner had died. But what made mum furry mad was one that the reason why the kittie was there was "Owner didn't want".

Mum played with a few of the real kitties, but since she wasn't going to bring a real kittie home she got out of the way of the people who were looking to actually pick out a kittie. So she didn't lose her heart to a new kittie. Phew, I am happy about that.


  1. BRRRRRRRRRRR - looks cold over there we don't get that whitey cold stuff where we live, only in some other places a long drive away.
    Don't you goes outside nevers ever?
    Is that cos of the Vishus deers we keep reading about on some kitties blogs?
    We likes your new friend, goood to play fight or snuggle to if you are cold.

  2. Wow, yer new frend is vary pretty and vary stowic. That was nice of yer lady to make run fur peeple who want to take home the kitties. My lady cant go to thowse places cause it makes her sad. She nows she can't have anothur one of us so she gets a little sad. At leest thay have eachothur.

  3. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, mommy doesn't like snow. I hear is it cold too and my paws are delicate (the claws however...)
    Don't worry about a mommy's heart, they are so big they always have love for everyone! You already haf all of hers though.

  4. Brrr, that snow looks COLD!! Keep inside where it is warm, Derby! It is quite chilly here but also sunny, still, I have been spending a lot of time in my fleecy bed next to the radiator, cosiest spot in the house! I like your new friend but I hope all those real kitties at the shelter find furrever homes soon...

  5. We misseded the snow yesterday. But we hear we won't miss the snow tomorrow!

    Your new friend is cute, and just the thing for a one cat house!

  6. Yuck, snow! Well, it can be purrty to look at, but Mom doesn't like drivin' in it at all.

    Your new friend looks furry nice! Our mom goes to the shelter sometimes to visit the kitties, but it does make her sad, too. The note about me (Smeagol) when I was at the shelter said "Not working out in apartment". That made Mom mad, (but she's happy that she and Dad were able to bring me here, to my furrever home)!

  7. Hey,
    You have a fun run too? Well, take the rocks out of the stablizers and just start walking. It rolls as good as a wheel, until the deck railing gets in the way that is. See ya later. Louise and Nugget

  8. As a Norwegian I am supposed to love snow.
    When its snowing here they take me outside to take some pictures of me in that white world.
    I HATE IT.

    But're mom brought you a nice kitty.

  9. The Lady says we get snow here. She says she likes looking at, but doesn't like moving it around. Gizzy says it's COLD.I don't understand, but I guess I will learn when we get some.

  10. We might get the white stuff tonight. The mountains are getting it, that is for sure! There are winter storm warnings posted.

    I like your new friend. I bet it isn't a pest either, like somebody here. EdselsMom gave our Momma one of them "quiet" ones.


  11. Derby, you made Momma family sick for her family in Racine! She said your snowy neighborhood looked a lot like theirs!

  12. Your new little friend is very cute!

    And about that sign? I think it should have said "Owner is a stupidhead."

  13. Hi Derby - I just want to touch bases with you, my friend ...

  14. Just dropping in to say hello. My mom said that S N O W was a four letter word and not to use it to often cause she doesn't like it ha ha.

  15. Our whether was the same as yurs, only more snow an it started earlier. The boy gotted home late an Mom was early, then he bugged her bout leafin fur Mill-walky, but she said it was too slushy outside an gettin colder an so they didn't go passed yur howse until mornin. They still waved - didja see?

    I like yur new furiend. I hope PMB won't be jealous of anofur tuxie!

  16. Ooo, that snow looks like furry scary stuff! I like yur tuxie kitty tho.



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