Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mum's Crazy, Part 2

She did it again today. She gotted up in the middle of the night and talked on the phone, worked on her work 'puter. She had 4 different calls and did all sorts of stuff on the 'puter. Just when I thought she would be done and we could have a nap together. She wented outside.

Once outside she worked like a mad woman. Got her wind machine out and blew the leaves out of the yard, cut down plants and took them away in the metal monster. Put away the outside chairs, clean the metal monsters room, and got the snow eating thing to work. And feeded all the little birdies. Phew.

She finally came inside and stood in the little room with hot rain on her head. Then she wented out and gotted food to eat. Said she was too tired to cook, duh. But the good news is I gotted a little bit of chicken from her food.

About my little bear and what is on him. Mum says a bison, a cowboy hat and a lasso.
But the one thing mum hasn't gotten the boxes ready to send out the prizes to Smeagol & Strider or Grr, Midngiht and Cocoa. She has the boxes and the stuff, just gotta get going on the actual packing and taking the stuff to the station. Come on mom, the gang is waiting for their goodies.


  1. Wow! Your mom was certainy busy! The Lap Lady is generally pretty lazy about outside stuff. She says on Saturday she is going to have to deal with the leaves. She really doesn't want to.

  2. wow! Maybe it's in the air or something? Momma was up really early today and was working on a bunch of stuffs. Hmm?

  3. Can you eat Bi-son. If so, bring it on. Momma calls me a chow hound. Does that mean I am part woofie? I hopes not.

    Precious Flower

  4. wow - yur momma's bizzy! she needs a nap wif a purry kitty - go hold her down fur a while.

  5. Hi, Derby! My mom says she wishes she had your mum's energy!!! Thanks for commenting on my recent surgery and stuff ... Yr friend, Lux

  6. Sometimes I think all moms are crazy. Mine can't make up her mind whether to be like a cat and sleep during the day, or be like most humans and sleep at night. Maybe your mom has the same problem? I hope she gets better soon.
    Boni Maroni

  7. Yep - she's crazy . . . needs to nap more!

  8. Sounds like she got one of those cleaning bugs that ours gets.

  9. That is a neat little bear. Our Mom was born in Oklahoma. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO


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