Thursday, November 30, 2006

One week ago

Last week mum came home and saw this little fevver in our yard. She wented back out and re-checked and yes it was a robin. This little guy hadn't commutted south for the winter.
He even came back by the window so I could see him. But I hope he left sometime in the past week. Because this is what we are getting tomorrow.

Some of our kittie furiends have already gotten snow and ice from this storm. So stay safe. The snow picture is from last year, I will have to get mum to take some pictures of the new stuff once it gets here. Stay warm.


  1. Oh, Derby, we hope the little robin flew away before the snow! He doesn't have a furry coat like we do! :)

  2. That wuld be vary sad if the little robin didnt go sowth like he shuld. He was probublie just playing Chick-hen with the weathur.

  3. I hope the little robin flew south before the snow. I sometimes have robins spend the winter in the fruit tree next door. I do live south, however, but in the mountains, so I get to see robins in the snow. They can tolerate the cold weather as long as they get plenty to eat.

  4. I'm sure he flew away where he was supposed to! And my mom says - Yuk: snow!" It's way too cold here for her right now, and she's wishing we were in Phoenix or somewhere like that.

  5. Cute Bridie.Stay warm my friend,

  6. maybe the Robin was waiting for the red- eye flight souf. we hopes he's basking on the beach somewhere now.

    stay warm Derby!

  7. That is a tarded robin, I think. OUrs left months ago.

    We seen on the talking picher box that you guys were gonna get the white stuff falling from the sky. We got our share, that is for sure. Nice to stay inside, Derby!


  8. I think you will get far more snow than we did! Wisconsin is rather known to have a bit of snow, whereas it's rather surprising when it actually DOES snow in Seattle!

  9. I stayed warm last night. Meowm put that really warm blankie on my big bed! WOO HOO!!

  10. Everycat is getting snow, except us! It is cold here, Mrs. B is snuggling next to the heater, Bubbles in his blanky with Mom on the couch and LT in the big chair with his fleece blanky in the bedroom. It is unfair that it is cold here but without snow. We want snow!

  11. I looooooove birds.
    But I never had one.
    I can see the "roodborstjes" here also when I'm sitting in front of the window.

    There's no snow either here.
    Its too warm this time of year. 15 degrees. Can you believe it?
    My coat needs snow and cold.


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