Monday, July 29, 2019

ManCat Monday

A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution. - Hazel Nicholson

Mum likes to do puzzles, but she is still figuring me out! The hots are still here, but mum was brave and did go and do racy cars. Thankfully where they were has two big trees so they could sit in the shade, nice breezes both days and they bring them a very large jug of ice water to drink from. So she did just fine.
 I was sitting on the back of one of the new chairs when she got home. Once she sat down, then I sat down on her!
 Mum saw this sticker on the back of one of the racy cars. She just took the picture, she didn't touch the car. She didn't want to tempt fate.
Plus she found this leaf, one of many, under the oak tree they sit under. She wants to figure out why some of the leaves of the tree were doing this. She will let us know if she figures it out.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Saturday, July 27, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Going to be a wonderful weekend here at Casa de Ducky.
 Mum grilled some shrimpies last night. She did the whole package so then she  has shrimpies to add into salad or pasta. Make all sort of nommy stuff. Yes she has given me some tastes.
 Mum is still working on hats. She actually got one on my head, but I shook it off afore she got a pic. I will not allow myself to be demeaned by getting a pic with a hat on.
So everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. We also survived the hots, back to nice weather, not so humid and just lovely to be outside.

A couple of things to let you know. The cicada's we hear are the ones that come every year. They are not the type that come only every 17 years like a plaque of locusts.We are on the very north edge of their area, at least so far. Maybe as global warming comes we will get more. They aren't due back, if they show up for another 5 years.

Mum thinks she can pick some of the eggyplant to eat in a few days. She will take pictures when she does and we will show you them, cooked and uncooked.
 A few more of our lovely day lilies. Mum even did a few wide shots so you can see how they are looking together.
This week again was a quiet one at the community garden. Making sure everything got well watered, mum even went over on the weekend on Sunday to make sure they looked ok. We got enough rain last Caturday so they were good and the storms hadn't done any damage. Mum didn't take pics but said she saw three baby pumpkins starting to grown, they are for making pie, not for jack-o-lanterns.

Then mum came home and pruned off stuff on the maple and ash trees. The maple  had all sorts of sucker growth on the lower areas, the ash had low branches that mum had to duck under to use the grass monster.

That is about it for now from the garden. See you next week. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tuesday This and That

All is well in Ducky land. I was not at the stabby place visiting the VET, it was just mum trying to find pictures of my looking mad. That was a pic from back in February.
This is a pic from yesterday. As you can see I look just marvelous!

Mum readed a big book all in one day, something about crawdads singing. We hear the cicada's singing these days. That means we are getting to the end of summer.

Monday, July 22, 2019

ManCat Monday

Anyone who claims that a cat cannot give a dirty look either has never kept a cat or is singularly unobservant. - Maurice Burton

MOL, mum was searching for a nasty look from me, but wasn't finding a really good one. I guess I don't give her funky looks that often. Although this is my look from the PTU when I first arrive at the stabby place.
 This last one I had been showing her the back of disrespect. Not sure why though!

The really hots are gone which makes both me and mum happy. We had rain storms go through on Caturday afternoon and after that it was much better. We even had open windows on Sunday, so nice to hear the birds singing in the morning.

I was about to declare an emergency here. Look at the sorry state of my food bin! Empty, I say, just empty. Just a few minor crunchies on the bottom of the bin.
 I guess I should know better, mum is prepared and had a bag ready to open up stored in the metal monster room. She just needs to open it up and pour it in. Ahhh. my tummeh will be full.
Mum went out to eat and for a change came home with leftovers and it was fishy! She had this for dinner last night and I got to sample some of the fishy as well. That made my tummeh happy too.
You all have a wonderful week.

Saturday, July 20, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Hopefully this will be our last day of super hots. Mum knows it will be bad when you wake up and it is already hotter than 80 degrees out. Plus the air is like a sauna.

Ok, last weekend mum was at the races and they had the cat box races. Mum found a few pics on line of the races.They take a box, put a small kid inside and pull them around the very short course. Although this year one team just used a flat piece of cardboard. Mum also found a moovie, but could get to save it to post it here.
 Me waking up mum today. She normally does not take the flashy box/phone to bed with her. She did last night as storms were coming, so she could check the radar.
She wasn't really awake, she kept getting her finger in the pics! MOL.

Stay cool and have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday. The super hots are here and we are doing our best to stay cool. Mum is out early to water the eggyplants and refill the fevver bath.

Speaking of the eggyplant, It is going well. WOW! The first three pics were taken on Monday
 The pics below were taken  yesterday. The one with the mum's finger above and her hand below is the same eggyplant fruit. It grew a couple of inches in the two days. It will soon be ready to eat!

So how about some flowers! The lilies are here and blooming nicely.


The community garden is doing ok. With the hots this week they got there early, watered everything good, harvested some peas and was home two hours after they left. Next week will be the same thing.

Stay cool, see you next week. Love Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

ManCat Monday

Cats aren't clean, they're just covered with cat spit.

Yeah, well, our cat spit is better than human spit. So there.

Mum was off with racy cars this weekend and somehow it all had to do with cats! Ah yes, that race. The one with the chick-hen dinner too.

So they have different themes each year, this one one Red, White and Mew! So mum wore here shirt that had two cats on it. Someone even asked her if she had it customer made for the weekend. Mum said no, she just had it in her closet. Plus she won one of the event shirts which is the logo above.

The theme was on every sheet of paper they used as this is one of the sheets mum has to use to line up cars for each race. Plus they had cat box races! Really, they get our boxes and race them? Mum says no, they actually use cardboard boxes. Mum didn't stay to see the actual races since she comes home at night. Some day she may stay and take pics. They even have there own tech sticker! Mum found one on the jar with the snacks.

 Plus here is the last of the cooking chick-hens and below is where they are cutting them up for the peoples to eat.

Me, I stayed home where it was nice and cool. Mum got home last night and since it was nice she even got the grass eater out and got that done. It is going to be super hot here this week and mum wanted to get it done.

Everyone have a good week, stay cool.

Saturday, July 13, 2019


HiYa, Ducky here. Well some big changes here a Casa de Ducky. Mum went on a cleaning tear yesterday morning. Moving fur-niture, rugs, using the sucking monster a lot. She even uncovered the love seat with taking off the throw and didn't put on a clean one.
 Checking out the old love seat with nothing piled up on it! That alone is strange.
 The rug that was under the little table is now sitting where the furniture will go. This is to cover up the carpet where it was all matted down by the love seat.
 Bye little love seat. The delivery guys carried it out to the curb by the street. Mum figures someone will come by and take it. We got lots of years of use, someone can have it for free. She couldn't donate it as they don't take fabric furniture from people with cats because of allergies.
 First of the new chairs sitting in the drive and then in place in the house.
 Second chair in place. Mum needs to cut the tags off yet. Both of the chairs are recliners so mum can put her feets up. She says she can tell she sits up higher and that she has more firm support while she sits. She likes that.
 Um mum? What's with the change? Can I sit on this stuff?
 Yes, I can sit on this stuff and I jumped up to check things out. You can see some of the other stuff that should be in the living room still sitting in the other room. Mum wants to clean more afore she moves all the stuff back.
 OK, I made it to the top of the chair. I have a good view. Mum needs to move the lamp back as well and get the tags off. 
The hots are coming back, so we will be staying in and be cool. Will enjoy our new chairs!

Happy weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to Garden Thursday. It has been mostly hot and sticky with a few nice days in between. When it is nice mum gets out to do outside work. Pulling the weeds, fighting off the skeeters.

Our eggyplants have flowers but we can't see any actual fruit starting to develop. Plus with the hots weather mum has to make sure she keeps them well watered. One day she looked out and they were all wilty. She watered them good and they look fine now.

Community garden stuff. They have been starting early to beat the heat, so the first pic is of the broccoli and Swiss chard.
 A flower on the potato plant. The big garbage can is full of dirt so that the potatoes will grow in the dirt.
 Lettuce, onions, eggplant, peppers and lettuce.
 The ferns of the asparagus just growing tall. Mum put in the orange tape to help hold them up and then they don't get stepped on.
 Newly planted lettuce, radishes with cucumbers growing up the strings.
 This mess is climbing peas. Mum doesn't care for peas. There were blossoms so not long before peapods.
 A wide view of the garden the can with the potatoes on the right hand side.
That is all for this week. Stay cool everyone.