Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tuesday This and That

All is well in Ducky land. I was not at the stabby place visiting the VET, it was just mum trying to find pictures of my looking mad. That was a pic from back in February.
This is a pic from yesterday. As you can see I look just marvelous!

Mum readed a big book all in one day, something about crawdads singing. We hear the cicada's singing these days. That means we are getting to the end of summer.


  1. Our mom says you are quite the cutie, Ducky!

    Here our crow pals have returned in abundance, way early for them (they usually don't come back until late September or so). We wish that meant the end of summer was near, but the closest we are to it is the local Hobby Lobby (where fall returns in June)!

  2. We are sure glad all is okay!

  3. You definitely do look marvelous Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. No! Summer's not ending soon, is it? It seems like it is just getting started.

  5. That book is on my to-read list, but I'll have to wait for months and months to get it from the library! Glad you weren't at the stabby place, Ducks!

  6. dood ya look handsum.....N we bee heerin em two...day in N day out N whatz nice....sum timez we heer em over burd song ~ ☺☺☺☺☺♥♥

  7. Hey Ducky, we hope everything went well. Hope you and mum enjoyed a day of relaxing and reading a nice book. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  8. Ducky, you always look marvelous. Those cicadas can sure get loud! Wonder when the next 17 year locusts will return.


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