Saturday, July 6, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Hope all my US gang survived the 4th, 5th etc. We didn't have anyone close setting off fireworks, so the booms were far away. Mum watched the big fireworks on the moving picture box, they weren't super noisy. I went into her sleepy spot and sat in the window for natural fireworks, FIREFLIES!

The hots are gone for now, not supposed to be so hot or sticky today. That means mum has to get out and do work outside. Time to get the grass eater out and pull a few weeds! Mum says the weeds are almost winning this year. Almost.
Some guys came late Monday afternoon and gooped up the drive. Mum says they were resealing it to keep the water out of the cracks. It lasts longer then.

All done with the metal monster parked in the street. No driving on the new stuff for a day. We should be good for another 2-3 years.

The one nice thing with summer is that I get such wonderful sun puddles in the front window in the morning. A wonderful place to snooze, just protected by the curtain. Still mum takes pictures.
Yes, I heard the flashy box. I'm awake now. Thanks for disturbing me! Oh well, mum feels she needs to document my naps. Not all of them, just the cute ones.
Happy Caturday, have fun and be safe.


  1. Your driveway sure looks nice and all better now. Enjoy your snoozy Saturday!

  2. Paws up for some good sun puddles this weekend!

  3. Happy Caturday, Ducky!! We driveway is all ready for the next couple of years. We know you were snoopervising the work. Thanks fo the share. Enjoy the sunpuddles and have fun.
    World of Animals

  4. Your drive looks very smart now. We have been having a heatwave for the last 2 weeks with the temperature in the mid 80s. I know that is not hot compared with what many are getting, but it is very hot for us when we usually only get mid 60s.

  5. What a nice sunpuddle, Ducky. We’re looking forward to cooler weather too...probably tomorrow.

  6. Those guys did an excellent job gooping the drive Ducky. They were probably working extra hard in order to impress you.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Hey handsome, yeah, the driveway looks nice and all, but that picture of you snoozing behind the curtain is glorious.

  8. I bet all your naps are cute ones Ducky! We get our driveway re-gooped every few years too. Stinky stuff!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  9. We are glad youve been having good weather. It has been hot here. And thunderboomy in the late afternoon. But getting rain is good fer the yard and encourages the mousies out and we are THRILLED about that.

    TBT says he would like to have that sealing stuff done with our driveway. But it is so old, he thinks it needs more serious repair. There is grass growing through it!

  10. We hope you had a great weekend, Ducky. Tell your mum the driveway looks quite snazzy now!


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