Saturday, July 20, 2019


HiYa Ducky here. Happy Caturday. Hopefully this will be our last day of super hots. Mum knows it will be bad when you wake up and it is already hotter than 80 degrees out. Plus the air is like a sauna.

Ok, last weekend mum was at the races and they had the cat box races. Mum found a few pics on line of the races.They take a box, put a small kid inside and pull them around the very short course. Although this year one team just used a flat piece of cardboard. Mum also found a moovie, but could get to save it to post it here.
 Me waking up mum today. She normally does not take the flashy box/phone to bed with her. She did last night as storms were coming, so she could check the radar.
She wasn't really awake, she kept getting her finger in the pics! MOL.

Stay cool and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. You keep cool too Ducky! I think we should all cat box race once it cools down!

  2. We too are expecting a nice cold front on Sunday. That should lower our temps by 10 or 15 degrees and bring rain. (We hit 101 yesterday.) In the meantime, we're trying to stay cool like you, Ducky! Have a fun weekend!

  3. Keep cool Ducky and mum! We had torrential rain all day yesterday and that brought the temperature down to a good level.

  4. To be honest, Ducky, you look like you're not really awake either!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Hi Ducky! The cat box races look fun! It reminded me of the Cat Scouts Derby races where we all make our racecars out of a box or whatever and get prizes for coolest racer.....Great photos of you snuggling with your Mom (and her thumb...haha).

    Hugs, Teddy

  6. You waking up your mum photos are just too cute. We hope also that today is the last day of this heatwave. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day and stay cool.
    World of Animals


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