Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Questions and Answers

I have stored up a few recent questions that some of you have had about me or the blog. So here goes.

1. Yes, I did get ham for lunch yesterday. First I ate what mum gave me and then I wented and gotted a few more little pieces from her sandwich. Today I got some chicken that was left over from her sandwich that she gotted last night when eating out with furiends.

2. A question from some new bloggers up in cold Canada (Fat Eric alerted us to their blog). Ace and Skittles mom bean is from Northern Illinois and they wanted to know where I am. Mum says we are in northern Waukesha County, just outside of Milwaukee. A place called Monotony Falls. Oh, wait, mum just calls it that, she likes the monotony, it is really Menomonee Falls.

3. The Feline Oligarchy asked about my litter box stuff after mum posted my picture of doing you know what. Yes, I likes my litter. It is from Petco and is the scoopable/clumping kind of stuff. Mum says it is less dusty that others, but she doens't want to use the "artificial" litter. The various rugs that are around help catch the extra litter and protect the walls. All gotten at Petco, the colorful ones are called The Perfect Litter Mat by Cat Rules. Then there is this one like astro turf. They sort of get the stuff off my paws before I get up stairs, but I have carpeted stairs from the dungeon to the rest of the house. So by the time I get upstairs any clingon's are gone.

4. Comments on the bed being small. Well, yes but it is like fitting into a box. You just do. Plus it then hugs me and keeps me all warm. Plus it fits nicely into my carrier, so I can be snuggled when I have to go for a ride in the metal monster. So I like it, it keeps me nice and warm.

It is furry nice to have mum home all week. She did spend some time on her work 'puter today. Trying not to have a gazillion e-mails on Monday. But that didn't take long.

Then she wented outside and used the grass eating machine, she says for the last time this year. She also took some of the last flower away and when she came back the metal monster was all nice and clean.

Guess that is all the questions that had been stored up for a while. I want to wish all of my fellow blogging buddies Happy Thanksgiving here in the US. The rest of you have to work, but for us it is a holiday.

I know mum will not be making a big turkey and all, not sure if I will get turkey. Hmmm, I know I got a little last year. We will have to see about this.


  1. Happy thanksgiving to you & your Mum Derby. Sounds like life is just the way you want it!

  2. dear derby: happy thanksgiving to you & Mum! we hope you have a full-tummy day and lotsa warm naps!!

    nels, ed, nitro, & xing

  3. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Derby, turkey or no. I'm sure you'll get something special!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to Derby and his Mom. Derby, if you don't get any turkey, you can teleport over to my house for some. We have pounds and pounds of it.


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