Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chick-hen, Chick-hen, Chick-hen

Oh mum bought a big fat chick-hen that was already cooked last week. She needed it so she could make soup. But the other day she took what was left out of the big cold box and worked on it and we snoopervised.
 Here is all the chick-hen all cut apart but still with the bones and skin.
Then mum pulled it all apart into little pieces, tossed out the bones and pulled off the skin and put them on the plate.See the little baggies of chick-hen pieces?
The the four little bags of chick-hen went into the freezy part of the big cold box. Mum have it when she wants to make soup again. She made two big batches of soup, but only one had some chick-hen in it.
Here is the wishing bone. Mum says that bean when they find it will pull it apart and make a wishes. So she held the left side and we right side. So we made our wishes.

Furever homes for all kitties and woofies.

Lots of treats and toys for all of us. 

Loving beans who treat us nice.
We won! The right side is bigger,  we hopes all our wishes come true.


  1. We didn't see anyplace when you said "and mum gave us some of that delicious chick-hen". (Our wish is that she did)

  2. We hope you wished for some chick-hen and got some!

  3. You had me at chick- *thud*



    xoxo Cory

  4. OMC, look at all that chicky. We are pawsitively salivating over here!

  5. Didn't you get even a little bite?

  6. Oh that looks delicious! I bet it smelled good too...

  7. Our mom used to love the pully bone! She rarely ever cooks a whole chicken anymore. Who's she kidding? She never cooks!

  8. We hope your wishes come true! That chick-hen looks nommy!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. We hope all your wishes come true too.

  10. Oh the chick-hen is great. But we know the "wishing bone" TBT helps us with it but we allus wish fer the same thing. More chick-hen! An we usally GET our wish...


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